Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bursting at the seams…

Once the holiday season is will be that time once again to purge and purge some more….

My little office is bursting at the seams..

We have been using it as a temporary storage place once again…

  • the camping stuff
  • Patio chairs
  • an extra desk and chair
  • Air conditioner
  • The Christmas tree box and the bins for the decorations

this  nine by nine room is getting pretty crowded…the walls are closing in…


and then today, Doug brings home an early Christmas present…

a new computer chair for me…


…nice and comfy..and much better than the very old one I have been using…it   was second hand when we got it 8 years ago..

As I say so long to the old chair..I think of all the blog posts that have been done with me sitting in it…how many many posts and how many comments??

Don’t know if Oliver is going to like this new chair but I am hoping he will come  around to  warm my back eventually…


I have organized the room  so it looks a bit better…so for now we will enjoy our decorations and the holiday season…and we will worry about cleaning this up next year!!!


..even Tucker is getting into the Christmas spirit with the help of his ‘jingle collar’…



  1. That looks just like the chair Russ was trying out at Costco. Sure was comfy. Our home office seems to turn into a "junk" room all too easily. Like you, I am not going to worry about it right now.

    Tucker looks like a happy jingle dog!

  2. Whenever my husband would say he cleaned the house, I would come home from work and find everything in my sewing room, which was only 8 x 9 - I never got any sewing done, could not move around in there.

  3. I like the sound of that--let the clean up wait next year--or until January 1, anyway. :)

  4. Looks like Tucker is happy with his collar, Rigg's hates his reindeer horns, but we did get him an xxl Santa jacket.Be safe out there Sam & Donna..

  5. Tucker looks very handsome in his jingle collar.

  6. Just like our computer chair at home!! I love Tucker's jingle collar..he really puts me in the spirit!

  7. Awwww...Tucker looks so handsome. How does he like the jingling??? LOL

  8. Well, now you're ready for another thousand posts or so. :)

  9. I think everybody has a room like that living in a house.

    Tucker's looking good!!

  10. I hope the new chair is comfy and your "back support" approves! :)

    Great collages, I especially love Tucker's! And he really wears the bell collar?! What a happy puppy!!

  11. Ugh - don't remind me that I really should clean out our study. (sigh) But Tucker looks AWSOME in his jingle collar - in fact, he looks rather pleased with himself. :)

  12. Tucker looks really happy with that collar. Just make sure Santa doesn't mistake him for a reindeer and hook him to the sled! ;c)

  13. Tucker looks great with his Christmas collar. We like your new chair, I'm sure it won't be long until Oliver gets comfortable with it. Yes we have one room that gets like your office this time of year also. Wishing you and Doug Happy Holidays.

  14. That is a lot of stuff, have a very Merry Christmas!


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