Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clawing my way out…


Even a bad day is a good one as long as you are above ground…

Since I have been busy ‘clawing my way out of the proverbial bear pit’..this news item  from  a couple of days ago comes to mind…

A bear was spotted in downtown Vancouver..riding in the back of a garbage truck? There he is ..isn’t he a cutie?


can you imagine how the poor bear felt?..wondering what the heck?…why is my ‘meal on the move?’..’hey, just drop me at the mall…I have some gifts to buy!!’


Not to worry folks, the bear was tranquilized and sent back into the Christmas shopping for him!!

Mr. Brown  Bear was not welcome to increase the Vancouver retail economy…


Speaking of shopping and Christmas..I really need to get cracking… state of denial has grown to the point of no return…


Time to get busy..decorating and wrapping the few gifts that I have already purchased…


How many shopping  days left?…10?..where on earth did the month of December go?


..just a few photos from last Christmas to get me in the mood to decorate!!

better get busy….


  1. I do most of my shopping online. Decorating is easier in the RV, not a lot of space for decorations.

  2. Glad the bear wasn't hurt and was returned home safely. Now you've no excuse not to go Christmas shopping... ;c)

  3. I think we are just about done with buying. Now we have to pack and wrap! The dining room is quite a mess.

  4. I understand the problem--I'm not too motivated this year, either. By the time I get in the mood for Christmas, it will all be over!

  5. So, that's where that bear was! I saw a snippet on the news the other night and thought it was somewhere around here.

  6. Glad to hear the bear wasn't hurt. I'm having a real problem getting motivated myself.

    With a new kitten, I'm not eager to put up many decorations and I'm anxious for Christmas to just be over so that we can head to the Keys. I guess I'm just a scrooge this year.

  7. Glad Mr. Brown Bear made it back to the forest safely. Have fun decorating.

  8. The bear thought he had signed up for Meals on Wheels! Hope he managed to get a decent meal before he got hauled away.

    We don't do Christmas anymore so we really have now worries or anxieties about it. We make sure any "young children" in the family get something from us and we send out a Christmas letter to family and friends and we make the phone clls home on Christmas Day but that is it for us. I do enjoy seeing other people's decorations and lights though.

    Hope you shopping is coming along.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. I saw that video of the bear and loved it!! What a cute story. And ugh, I'm with you on the Christmas stuff, except I haven't started shopping at all yet. Luckily the madness will be over before we know it!

  10. Greatest thing ever conceived, GIFT CARDS ! especially for teenagers that no matter what you'll get the wrong thing.
    Do they know how long Yogi was in the truck ? Hopefully long enough to get a good holiday meal.

  11. That poor bear. Talked about being confused. We are done with the Christmas shopping, wrapping, mailing and decorating. We do so little that it only takes a short time to get done.

    Totally off topic - is there any chance you guys might be in Montana next summer?

  12. Here's another interesting story of strange bear sightings:

    Glad to see you've clawed your way back.

    Universal Gift Cards = CASH
    Without question the best gift ever! It won't expire, and you can use it anywhere you choose.

  13. What sad brown eyes he had. as the game warden was pointing the tranquilizer gun at him!!
    I'm glad they were able to return him to the forest.

    I hope decorating and shopping help you out of the hectic Christmas blues!

  14. Watch, It's a Wonderful for me every year!

  15. so glad the bear is ok..we are pretty familiar and close with that species...we have bear stands up country -the only thing we shoot them with is a video camera...I love watching them come to the bait to eat..
    Universal gift cards are my choice this year...prepaid visa is a good one -giving them to our kids...but the little grands always get lots of presents to open from us...this place is hickilty pickility with wrapping paper bows and boxes...but I'll get it all straightened between putting last minute things in the RV and rewriting my lists :) have a good weekend..go shopping then decorate :)

  16. Hey, you weren't in MY bear pit. Don't worry about putting the 'ol feelings out there...That's what makes the world more interesting...The great thing about being away for Xmas is NO big shopping excursions...The bad thing is NO grandkids to beg for cookies...but Thank God for Skype!

  17. Think I would like to be like the bear and just sleep thru it all.

    Wake me up when it's over..

  18. We are driving the kids nuts as we do not have a wish list for Christmas. Even I think that is a little strange but there it is:(


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