Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dealing with…..


The older we get the more we realize that life is full of disappointments..

Be it when you were a child and the reality of the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus comes to fruition..

Then there were the disappointments of not getting what you wanted for Christmas, or your favourite TV show is cancelled or not getting picked for the sports team or not being invited to a birthday party!

Life can be tough…then there are those dreaded teenage years..not getting a good grade on an essay..unrequited love…or not having the perfect date for the prom…

It is a wonder that we ever made it to the disappointments are still happening just on a bigger scale …what seemed devastating growing seems so miniscule in the grand scheme  of things…

Sure life is still tough..some days are good and others we just go through the motions..

The adult disappointments can be relationships, friends/family that move away, material things, employment, or monetary…

What doesn’t ‘kill’ us make us stronger…things happen for a reason…the old adage of the glass half full instead of half empty is a hard thing to swallow some days..but we persevere..


Oh sure our life is fine..we both work..we have our health and our family..we have dreams..but some days it sure would be nice to be the ‘family dog and cat’…


Oh, yes the life of ‘fur children’..the little one wants his ‘fancy feast’ before 5am..and the fireplace on when we get home from work….he is ‘easy peasy’ to please!!


and as for the ‘big one’..a day of daycare is in his book is a  day filled without disappointment…just look at that ‘golden smile’!!


oh yes..the life of the Tuckmiester….we were told when we picked him up today that Tucker just  radiates his ‘golden charm’!!376234_10151030428765096_232570370095_22462889_1524452790_n

The life of a dog..never filled with disappointment because they find joy in everything they do!!


I have now decided that in my next life..which by the way will not have the word disappointment in it..I want to either come back as a ‘dog’ in our house or an employee at Uptown Dawg…the best doggy daycare in Port Moody!!


  1. I just love those pictures of the doggy day care. What a wonderful place. Wouldn't it be fun to work there?

  2. Love your pictures today. It's always nice to see pets that are well loved!

  3. What handsome boy, I just want to hug him!!! I've always said I want to come back as a dog or cat owned by someone like us. What a wonderful life that would be eh???

  4. Well, sounds like a few of us are coming back as dog's alright. I generally get myself into some trouble for saying this but I'll say it again and know that true dog lover's and true friends will understand...Never met a person yet that I loved more than my dogs.

  5. We loved our dog and cats too. They give unconditional love back, unlike us humans. I do love people too, but it's a different love. Yup, life is just a bowl of cherries, without the pits removed..

  6. Life wouldn't be the same without our furkids.

  7. I'm sure Rigg's would love a day at doggie day care with Tucker. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. Great pics of the doggy day care center...boy are those dogs lucky! I know Tucker enjoys himself there and then comes home for even more and better love...what a life!

  9. As much as I love our dogs, I would never want to be one because that would make life much too short.

    I kind of have the opposite view about getting older too. The older I get, the luckier I feel about life and the wonderful, fun things we get to do now. Not much time to dwell on any disappointments as they are way outnumbered by happy events.

  10. I do recognize some of those disappointments along the way. I always try to remind myself when I feel less than happy that while life has its ups and downs the alternative is not to be rushed.

    It fact, we feel very lucky and understand that there are many folks that have it a lot worst than ourselves.

    This helps to get those less than postive events in perspective.

  11. I just think about what Rick and Elaine are going through with family health related issues (back in New Brunswick), a very good friend who is coping with ALS, recently departed family members, recent world events filled with insurmountable economic and social problems - including the dreadful fact that 2/3rds of the world's population live in abject poverty - and I relish our lives, our opportunities and the fact that we get to live in an awesome country. I truly appreciate that we have endless opportunities to travel freely in most international countries and especially in our only neighbouring country, the US of A.

    I want to be reincarnated as a PGA pro golfer - and play at the same level as Ernie Els, Phil Mickleson, Mike Weir, etc. It is fun to dream! I would be happy with a 10 handicap!!!!

  12. awww there is always disappointment in life...but the good usually outweighs the bad...sometimes..I try to focus on the good and ride the wave of dreams and excitement...and hope for the best...
    No doubt he does radiate his charm :) hes a golden boy after all...have a super weekend...

  13. Nothing finer than a Golden Retriever, they are just pure Love!
    Belly rubs to Tucker
    Chin scratches to Prince Oliver :)
    Hugs to Sue for a great post


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