Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th, 2006


On this day five years ago…our ‘first boy’ was born…

Born in the town of Sooke, British Columbia at the home of Briar Glenn Farms.

He is a ‘Blue Seal Point Ragdoll’…

What is a ‘ragdoll'?’

A Ragdoll is a large (up to 30 pounds), minimal-shedding, non-matting lovable bundle we equate to the feline equivalent of the dog. They follow you everywhere, even to the loo.

Now, getting a cat was not in our plan nor was getting another dog..after our first golden retriever  passed away..we were a fur free/pet free house….

We only had to vacuum once a animal hair on our clothes or on the furniture…it was heaven~~

Then it friend Melanie adopted a ragdoll cat..his name was Blue..


Blue  was my first introduction to the ragdoll  breed…big and floppy… he was..just a great all round cat!!

fast forward to the land of internet searches…Found a breeder in Sooke, British Columbia…

Had to do some convincing for Doug to say yes to the commitment of getting another pet…we had said at the time that we would not get another dog but a cat?..well, maybe…

Oliver came home with us in March 2007…meowing all the way home..he was a noisy boy…what have we done???


none to pleased with us?…where am I going??..where is my mommy??..and my brothers and sisters?..who are  you people?



He settled in fairly quickly…only a couple of accidents and then he finally figured out the litter box situation…


soon he had the run of the house…flopped himself over every chair he could find…


are we happy we adopted him?..of course..he is our ‘po-man’..short for Prince Oliver..


Happy Birthday PO!!!


he may be a lot smaller than Tucker but this one rules the roost!!..he is the boss and he is in charge!!


  1. LOVE that first kitten picture! He looks like he's already barking orders!! :))

  2. We're just fooling ourselves when we think we can live without a pet, or two. Happy Birthday, PO

  3. He's gorgeous !! Especially love that first day kitten pic. We travel with our Arthur, a cat we resecued 1 1/2 years ago, after we lost our Jeremy. As long as he has his food and toilet, he'll go anywhere.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    We understand about the pet hair,never ending battle..

  5. I love cats! Our family had 2 Siamese, Chang and Suelyyn. When Den and I married, we had several over the years. The Siamese were Beautiful Joe, Sam, Ralph, and Dirty Harry. We had a tiger named Cyclone. We had a St. Bernard named Bruno, and a Black Lab, Gypsy..not all at the same time of course. No pets since Gypsy died..maybe when we settle down, which I hope will be never!:-P

  6. What a beautiful cat, I love cats Skip is allergic to most cats so we haven't had one for years, now we've got three dogs..I don't think so.

  7. Pretty Prince Oliver... I know how much you must love him and he is beautiful.

  8. I have always loved ragdoll kitties, and used to wonder if Jeremy had some ragdoll in him, but probably not. He isn't nearly floppy enough, but he does follow me to the loo. Happy Birthday to PO!!

  9. Happy Birthday PO, you are a good looking fellow.
    Sadie only weighs 7 lbs and Riggins weighs 105 and she rules the roost also...
    The two of you as they say dynamite comes in small packages.

  10. Happy birth day, Prince Oliver. It's always good to know there's a boss in your household!

  11. I may have to hide your blog from Jeanette. She is a cat lover. We've had three Main Coon purebred cats and after our last one died, we decided to hold off on getting another. When Jeanette meets cats, they instantly gravitate to her. I am always conscious of the fact that a new kitten could arrive here when I least expect it!!!!

  12. Blue looks alot like Bandit, a big old cat who adopted us and lived in his little cat house on the front porch (the neighbors had decided they didn't want him anymore, he had been given to them by our next door neighbors who were worried he'd be killed when they moved out into rural eastern Oregon) and he decided to move in with us (tried to follow us in the house more than once).

    Since we already had Dickens the Tuxedo cat, who had issues with other cats in general and wasn't allowed outside) Bandit couldn't come in, so we got him his own house and stocked it with some old bed pillows and he moved in and was happy as long as the food kept coming.

    In the really cold nights, we'd bring him in the garage, but most of the time, he would plop his 30+lbs of cat into his little house and stay there when he wasn't being "The Cat Father".

    It was like a little mafia of cats, he was the biggest and everyone followed him or got gone.

    The old neighbors who didn't want him anymore's pit bull was scared of the cat, even though it had no front claws, it punched like mohammed Ali and tormented that dog.

    He passed away a few years ago from something, we never figured out what, he just wasted away to nothing, couldn't eat, Vet was worthless, and passed on one night in the garage (when his health started going down hill we moved him in the garage because he didn't have any body fat anymore).

    Our little cat cemetery is out back amongst the boughs of three giant flowering bushes with a little cement headstone.

    Dickens was buried next to him earlier this year when he passed on from old age and kidney failure.

  13. We never have had a cat. Prince Oliver is a beautiful one. Happy Birthday Prince Oliver.

  14. Happy Birthday're certainly a handsome fella. But please be nice to Tucker, he's so sweet!

  15. I predict that you will never be fur free again:)


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