Saturday, December 3, 2011



First off.. I just have to say..’I so appreciate my blogging peeps..thanks for being out there in blogville…. I don’t thank each and every follower as they join along so this is my thank you to all of you who  have persevered through the growing process of Bigdawg and Freeway.

There are days when it seems like we are just ‘floggin’ a dead horse’..and then I post an entry and you all show up!!..thanks for being there! are all a bright spot on a dark day!!!

Now onto our Saturday… Girl’s day out…

Carlie and I are off to the Westcoast Christmas Show at the Tradex in Abbotsford. 

This is the fourth annual Christmas show but will be our first time attending….

I know I sure could do with some help in the Christmas spirit department so I am hoping this will help.

The Tradex is filled with everything Christmas..from festive  trees and music, food, decorations and gift ideas.


 Did this trip east on Highway 1 do anything to improve my Christmas spirit?..I was very  hopeful..

We entered the Tradex and there was a display of poinsettias…now this is a good start..


there were Christmas Carollers…trying ‘really hard ‘ to sing!!…


and there was the display of Christmas trees…this was looking good!!…festive holiday spirit here we come..


We wandered through the displays…there was some seasonal Christmas items but it was more of the usual steamers…jewellery…flax seed…jams and jellies…it reminded us both of the PNE..and all the ‘stuff’ that is sold there…no purchases were made…

needless to say we were out of there after 40 minutes…


wallet was $14 lighter…and parking was free…onwards to lunch…Christmas spirit improved?..not!!

Olive garden and the famous salad was on the agenda!…

We then wandered through the shops in Langley…Bowring's, Bombay company and Michaels..just to name a few….now at least these stores were all decked out in their Christmas finery!!!

A lovely day spent with my darling daughter is never wasted..

Doug and I a spent the evening  at the Keg Restaurant in Burnaby  with our friends Steve and Melanie.

Wine..conversation and a great meal rounded out our Saturday..

the weekend is half over already!..where does the time go??


  1. ♫♪Deck the halls with boughs of holly ♫♪♫ FA-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la♫♪♫

    Just me singing for you...a little way to get you in the holiday mood. Hey, you're lucky you don't actually have to HEAR me sing.

    Glad you had a good day with your daughter.

  2. I think the fine dinner and wine will go a long way to making your holiday spirit up. In my case a Millers High Life Light. Have fun it doesn't take much to get into the spirit, Tell Tucker Rigg's will be wearing his Santa coat soon.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. I get that 'floggin a dead horse' every once and awhile as well. Shouldn't, but I do. I well know how discouraging and frustrating it is sitting at home day after day stuck in a routine. Happens to me every summer. Tougher for folks like yourselves though who are waiting, waiting, and waiting to get your RV dream on the road. Tough some days to stay positive and keep an eye on the ball. But, I can tell you from experience that it does get much better once you get on the road traveling. Just a whole different mind set for sure. Keep on blogging and tell us how you feel about things:))

  4. Olive Garden..yummy. So sorry that they all closed in Canada. We hit them several times while south. I find when I see houses lit, decorations in stores and such it really starts the old Christmas spirit going. This is the very first year we have been away from our family, so not sure how I'm going to feel Christmas day.

  5. I want to know the answer to the question at the end of your post. There are times I appreciate the passage of time ... especially as it speeds up the time to retirement ... but most of the time I find I need just a bit more time each day to really get everything I want to finish done.

  6. We know how you feel we are in the same funk and winter just started.

  7. Hope you get some of that Christmas spirit soon!! Will be here before you know it!!

  8. Here's a little something to cheer you up: I get to work the little cramped VIS this afternoon, and it's supposed to rain all day. That means no visitors. Ugh!

  9. Why when you are working, do the weekends fly by so fast... never could figure that out... I called it "living for the weekend"...

  10. I think one of the problems with the Christmas spirit is that it started back in October. We went to a Christmas dinner and party last night at Church and that definitely helped to start the season for me this year. We're also going shopping for a needy family and that is exciting for us. Knowing that we will bring some joy into their lives. We also put our small tree up this week-end. So I am getting into the spirit. Hope you can find your joy also.

  11. Shopping with your darling daughter and 2 meals out that you didn't have to cook ~ what more could you want! I hope your day lifted your Holiday spirit!

  12. Good to get out of the house and see some festive Holiday decor...That always helps..Funny how sometimes the holidays lift some people up, and for others it is a sad, hard time...We are blessed to enjoy them, even away from the family, we keep them in our hearts and skype..:-)

  13. Give it time and hopefully it will come to you!!! I've started with the deco's and the feeling is growing...

    We went to a Christmas show in Nashville and it was definitely different... food,clothes,jewelry,purses,southern decorations which seem to come in lime green and fuschia and large size bows and nothing of a traditional Christmas nature. Ho Hum!!!


  14. What a nice way to spend quality time (and money) with your lovely daughter.

    We made it to permanent weekend status, hope you get there fast, too. :c)

  15. My my gadabouts in our neighbourhood. Ah soon though, soon.

  16. Nice having a little mother daughter time. I always enjoy Olive Gardens salad and bread sticks. How is her elbow healing? When in BC I always want to go to the Keg but for one reason or another never seem to make it. I am starting to feel that Vortex again, where do these weekends go?

  17. nothing like a girls day out..and two meals you didn't have to cook..usually when we decorate up the place here at the stix and bricks that motivates me to get the shopping done...thankfully the grands were over last weekend and they prodded to get the decorating now I figure I'm 1/2 way there...:) have a super week...spirit or no spirit you will be ready come the big day...

  18. Keep on blogging, Sue!
    Yes, we can feel for the "same old, same old" feeling, but your posts are never boring!
    We've never been in Canada this time of the year, how fun to see it through your photos!
    Envy, envy: Girls Day Out!
    May you experience the joy of Christmas spirit soon!
    Hugs from California
    PS Give Tucker a hug from me, too! :)

  19. The Christmas Spirit has always shown up, just seems that the retail part has overshadowed the true meaning of this time of the year. Give it a little more time and it will come. On the brighter side looks like you had a grand day with Carlie and a great lunch.
    Take care and have a good week!

  20. Shopping is never likely to get me in the holiday mood. Decorating and family arriving is what makes it feel like a holiday for me:)


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