Sunday, December 25, 2011

It’s a wrap…


Or is it an ‘unwrap?’…..

Christmas morning was spent at Carlie’s..armed with our coffee and steamed vanilla milk we went over to see what ‘Santa’ had left for all of us…2011_12_25

with the ‘fireplace’ going on the TV..we had everything unwrapped..making quick work of all those pretty packages!!


Christmas breakfast was the standard..eggs benedict with a few potatoes on the side…delicious as always!!!


..even Oliver was wondering what was up this morning!!


..not exactly a normal Sunday at our house…

..well , normal for the other four legged boy…we broke a rule up at Mundy leash time ends at 10 am but we didn’t arrive until 12..

a quick run on the trail for our ‘golden boy’..we weren’t the only ones breaking the rules..I know it doesn’t make it right…but it’s Christmas, after all!!!


The wind was blowing and rain was coming down but Tucker doesn’t long as he has a stick to carry and some water to  swim in he is one happy boy…


…our family portrait …one wet dog and two soggy dog owners!!..and we are standing in a muddy area filled with ‘landmines’!!! where you step……

This afternoon our Christmas dinner is at my parents in Coquitlam..

but not before a ‘clean up’..and we clean up pretty fine!..


..time for the token family in black to have their picture done…


dinner at my parents was a lovely affair..the food..the wine…the company was all good!!


an all round great evening to end Christmas 2011!!..we couldn’t have asked for more..

We had some laughs about the family history and the comment of the night seemed to be ..’this is why I _____’..I guess you had to be there but we all had some fun!..thanks for a great evening Mom and Dad…we love you both!!

so that is a wrap of our 2011 Christmas!!..thanks for reading along!!!


  1. Looks like you had a nice Christmas with the family. Nice to see Tucker had a good day also. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.

  2. What a great family Christmas, and Tucker even got to run and swim. Glad to see you had such a good day and the pictures are great, especially the family one. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  3. Christmas not once but twice with family ... couldn't ask for more.

  4. Sounds like a full and fun day with the family.

  5. What a perfect day, eggs Benny and Christmas dinner with family,

  6. Nice picture, Doug...where ya gonna hang it? Did Tucker get a new stuffed bear? That's a cute picture of the bear on the pole. Enjoy Allen & Lolita, they are really nice people, you'll like them.

  7. That breakfast looked especially yummy!

  8. Great pictures Sue. Carlie is definitely a combination of the two of you and a very attractive girl.Food looks yummy.

  9. Looks like a great Christmas. Love the family portrait at the trail. Tucker is very camera friendly anytime!

  10. A wonderful day with family. Glad you were able to enjoy it. And you gave Tucker the best Christmas present of all - water and mud. You are such good fur kid parents.

  11. Family, food, fun! That is hard to beat at anytime of the year but it's special at Christmas. Nice!

  12. Your Christmas sounds like it was delightful, your pictures were great, and you even remembered to take a picture of the food before it was eaten. Good job!

  13. Were those brussel sprouts in that dinner??? I just LOVE those ugly little things...Looks like a great the photos!

  14. What a great Christmas Day you had. Presents, a walk with the Tucker, cuddles with Oliver and food and drink with family. Can't ask for anything more than that.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. What a great Christmas day! Eggs Benedict is also a standard breakfast at our family get-togethers. Love them!

    Your family portraits are really nice - they will be fun to have from year to year.

    Happy Christmas! :)

  16. Looks like it was a grand day for you and the family. Sounds like you guys had a wondrous time...we are glad.
    Take care and on to 2012!

  17. What a wonderful day with your family. Great pictures! Blessings to your both for the New Year. We always enjoy reading your blog.

  18. What a wonderful day with your family. Great pictures! Blessings to your both for the New Year. We always enjoy reading your blog.

  19. Nice time you had for Christmas, even Tucker got a "gift".

    May your New Year be a great one, we look forward to your posts, you are so clever with your thoughts. :c)

  20. Looks awesome! And Oliver even got to have a photo op!! wOOt!

    Thanks for sharing everything!


  21. You're all clean up well!! That Tucker is one happy dog. I think Goldens are always filled with joy.


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