Wednesday, December 21, 2011

my day job…


Working full time has it’s advantages…although part time would be nicer..but that is not to be…

I have been going to the same place or employment for more than 35 years…never did I think that when I began my ‘career’ of working that I would be in the same place for that length of time..

On the whole it has been a good place to work..sure there have been some issues…that is what usually happens when you  work in a union place..

There is a great pension plan,  vacation time,  sick time benefits, and medical benefits are all aspects that have kept me there for such a long time..

I consider myself most fortunate …those 43 days of vacation and the 1100 sick hours that I have banked are the perks that have made this journey worth while..

This past week, I was given the task of ‘training a new employee’…not one of my favourite things to do but I will do it..

There are many things that I do in a day that I don’t even think about..that is until you have to explain to someone else how and why you do things that way…

My job is one of those ones that is easier to do than to explain..sort of the old ‘watch and learn’ and then you can do it..

Now don’t get me wrong, this new employee??…she came from another trained as a ‘resident care aide’..but she has never pushed a bed or a stretcher… or worked in our she is like a ‘fish out of water’…doesn’t know her way around the hospital so that in itself is a major issue…

I did survive her two days of she gets two more days in a different area of our department..

Me?..when I started?..I got four hours, not even..and she gets four days?? things have changed over the years…

so my day job? it my passion?..nope..just a means to the new beginning…I do wonder how  many more staff I will have to train before it will be my turn to exit the building and never look back?




  1. Pretty much the same with me. One guy I trained many years ago is now Vice President - Operations in HONG KONG!!!

  2. I've trained many, many people over the years. Hopefully they learned something...

    One day you'll be really glad you put in that time on the job, it will make retirement that much more enjoyable.

  3. Training may not be your favorite job, but I'll bet that you are very good at it. I suspect that you are going to be hard to replace once the time comes!

  4. It will be a grand feeling to exit the building and never look back. Hang in there.

  5. good job on the training...was never one of my favorite thing to do either...but necessary none the less...have a wonderful Christmas

  6. After almost thirty years at my job I share your same feeling. My job has provided me with a great pension, and all the other benefits. I have trained many and seen many retire. But I too look forward soon for my turn to exit the building and never look back. onward to the next chapter.

  7. Glad you got through the training day ~ it is hard to explain jobs sometime. Also the days of staying with a place for many years is pretty much over... so the training is more. Both Ralph & I were many years at our jobs before we retired!
    Have fun & Happy Holidays

  8. Wow 35 years is a long time at any health care job. I too have trained new people, sometimes it is hard to explain things you do automatically, but I also found it a good refresher for myself at times.

  9. After 35 years on the job you will have earned your pension and benefits. Before you exit the work world, I would bet that you'll be training others. Cheers!

  10. Sue, your perseverance will pay benefits to you in the future. When you retire, come on down to Oregon, and we'll gladly help train you to enjoy case you need any help in that, of course!

  11. I was a nurse's aide at age 19, (back in 1967-8) on the weekends at our local hospital. Then I went back to college during the week. My training was 2 weeks working with NO pay at all...And when I did get paid it wasn't much...We bathed patients, emptied bedpans, changed beds, emptied foli stuff.:-( When Den and I got married he worked I changed to them too..Now that was NOT fun..
    Sounds like you do enjoy your job,and that's what counts..Retirement is just around the corner!

  12. One of my sons once said that working was just a way to support his life - it was NOT his life. It's nice if you have a job that inspires passion but so much nicer if you have a passion for life. I know you have that, and it will be so nice when you can retire and enjoy that passion.

  13. Glad you made it through training day! Seems it takes more time to train new folks these days. After being ther for those 35 years, it will be hard to replace you..probably will take two folks to do you job...the new ones just don't work like those in our days.
    My hat is off to you!!


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