Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oh geez…


Now I will be the first to admit that my previous post seemed to create a differing of opinions.

We are all entitled to our opinions and I would never begrudge someone theirs.

Oh sure there was the usual banter back and forth and a difference of opinions…

I even received a  private email disclosing some family facts, with regards to a ten year old who already has a cell phone, a laptop, xbox,  wii, dirt bike..etc.. ..a very lucky boy to have all these items at such an early age…

One of the first comments I received did not agree with what I had written..they had said that my wording was a bit confusing..and a bit generalized..or as someone else called it ‘ painting everyone with the same brush’..

‘Fast forward to 2011 and we have what I want to call the ‘now generation’..kids that are between the ages of 20-30 and seem to think that they should have the best of the best..’

They are correct..it could be taken out of context..what it should have said was …some of the young adults between the ages of 20-30 that we have met seem to think that they should have the best of the best..

I am not apologizing for what I wrote..we are all entitled to our opinion…as a parent of one of these 20 something young adults..I was  just observing some behaviour that made me wonder about why it was happening…

As I said yesterday…is the commercialization of our society that makes ‘some young adults’ feel the need to indulge in the designer clothes, purses..etc…??

Now at first I was just going to stay silent  and not continue  discussing this..that was until I got a this comment from ‘anonymous’

I agree completely with YsMum that you have painted everyone 20's something with the same brush. This includes all those fine young men and women serving in the military and giving their lives in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan - they are the young people you are talking about too.
My feeling is that people who attack younger generations are doing so because they are unhappy with their own lot in life and regret not having achieved their own dreams so lash out at others instead.
That's sad.

Now, this comment brought tears to my eyes..to think that someone would think that I was including the fine men and women that are serving in Afghanistan.. 

I would say that you, Mr. Anonymous are the one who is taking things completely out of context…..

did you just say it for cause and effect?

How dare you even think that I am that heartless?

And then there is the next sentence to say that …I am jealous of the younger generation because I am so unhappy with my own life and that is why I am lashing out..…my dreams are just fine thank you very much…

and if you were a regular reader you would know that..

once again someone who hides behind the dreaded ‘anonymous’…has put ‘black mark’ on what was only meant to be an observation on my part..

Will I delete the post from yesterday?..definitely not!

I will just be more careful not to generalize..

So the only thing I will apologize for is not proofreading a bit closer.

My life is not perfect and neither am I.….I am just a blogger putting my thoughts and observations out there in blog-ville…read if you want and if you don’t?…so be it…. my feelings won’t be hurt.

‘nuff said on that subject..now back to the regular programming…




  1. Well said, I knew you had more than one paintbrush. No apology needed from you. Perhaps some others should. Okanagan Al.

  2. And good for you for having thoughts and the courage to share them!

  3. Sue, those who know you very well understand where you're coming from. Because you have something to say, you are entitled to say it in your own way. The fact that some readers might not understand the feelings associated with the thoughts you write, just means that they don't really know you very well at all. For those of us who do know you, Sue, you are still one of the nicest people we know!

  4. I would just like to say that if your anonymous reread what I wrote, he or she would realise that I said I had felt that you had 'painted everyone' but then din't think that is was you had meant.
    I have known you and Doug for well over 30 years and I know that you are a kind and caring person but was a bit taken back by your post last night.
    I was not going to post a comment last night and maybe I should not have...I tend to get my knickers in a knot when people start generalizing and was a bit surprised when I felt that is what you were doing.

  5. We love you, Sue! Don't worry, you did have some very true points in your post.

    Don't sweat it. Life is good, and you're a good blogger. We look forward to your blog and can't wait for the next post. :c)

  6. You know you have a good post when you good conversation going:)

  7. I'm in full-on grandma mode right now and behind in my blog reading but "someone" alerted me to your last post! Sue, perhaps you should have said "some" young people, but golly-wolly, we know what you meant, and if anyone reads your blog, they should know your heart. I took it to be a question of causation of a known model of behavior, not a general condemnation of young people. It's a blog for heaven's sake, not a political platform or a call for reformation. Why can't we just let people express themselves and their thoughts without getting all uptight about it? Polite discussion is one thing, but SOME of the comments I read on yesterday's post went beyond "polite disagreement" IMHO. Lighten up folks and let's allow people to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of falling into the Bear Pit. Keep writing Sue, you share from your heart and you have a great blog.

  8. The only thing that should be omitted or ignored is any comment from "anonymous." Anything this feckless coward could possibly contribute is of less value than flatulence. Just keep writing, and we'll keep enjoying!

  9. It's fine to agree or disagree, but I find that when having to resort to disparaging remarks, the value of that disagreeing opinion becomes worthless.
    Any further comment (re: Mr. Nony Moose) would only serve as an example of what I just said, so 'nuff said.

  10. Good blog you sure know how to wake up the bears. Keep it up..

  11. Have to agree with Mike and Sandy, just keep writing and we will keep enjoying.

  12. It never hurts to stir things up and put it out there for chewin' on. As for "anonymous"..Is that just one person, or a conflaguration of peeps plotting to wipe out free expression?? Maybe they should check their jet fuel, cause it didn't take a rocket scientist to see you DIDN'T include our military, didn't intend to...Good, thought provoking blog..and good to stand up for your own feelings...Keep it up!

  13. Sue hang in there...I knew what you meant!!! As did some others..I for one minute did not feel you were 'painting' everyone of them with the same brush...after reading and following you that is NOT your nature or personality....it is pretty sad that we will possibly have to scrutinize our blogs before hitting that publish button- to ensure our wording is 'politically correct' so as to try and assure our readers will not take it all of of context..that is total BS....
    It seems some readers just sit and wait to read..(Notice I said SOME not all-so don't take it out of context readers)...then the 'nit picking' starts...this is not kindergarten ..its real life...I knew exactly what you meant Sue...and kudos to you for such an interesting post...and you are RIGHT on the money in my books...and I will say it - the NOW generation seem to want it all fast and furious and they want it now!! Some (not all) have no concept of a 'rainy day' fund...or emergency fund...sadly some do and some don't ....
    Keep on blogging Sue I love your blogs and your gentle nature.

  14. Sue, I think your blog was excellent, and most people understood what you meant to say. I appreciate the fact you do express your thoughts and opinions, and I agree with a lot of what you said.

  15. As Bob said anyone that takes a discussion personal and gets vinidictive is not very intelligent and the fact that they wont even sign their name..well says a lot. Political correctness is getting to the point of the absurd when someone cannot express their opinion/belief without having to have a Harvard editor go over their words.
    If we all had the same opinions wouldnt this be a dull world

  16. Not worth sweating the small stuff....such as 'Anonymous' and his/her comments. What a chicken eh?

  17. you stole my comment! but it's okay....


  18. Asshats will be asshats, I give them the mental middle digit and use that great Comment Delete feature that blogger provides when the occasional occurs :).


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