Thursday, December 1, 2011



Once a year at work we are given a self-evaluation form..

A critique of your

  • work habits
  • work ethic..
  • organization
  • productivity
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • abilities
  • interpersonal skills
  • communication
  • attendance
  • punctuality

Now do you have any idea how hard it is to self-evaluate?


you have a few options..

  • improvement required
  • competent
  • commendable

just chose one the three options and be sure to make some comments or it will be deemed incomplete and you will have to re-do it..

Now I was not all that generous with myself using the competent column all the time except for twice…two commendables..


The comments were the hard part..yes, I am a good worker..punctual…very rarely call in sick…organized..blah blah blah…

Its a union place for heaven sake…you can pretty much do nothing and still have a job!…


A co-worker thinks pretty highly of herself and used the commendable column on all her selections..

boy oh boy talk about ‘tootin’ your own horn’…thinking she is ‘all that and a bag of chips’!!

She may be in for  rude awakening when it comes time to do the review with the supervisor?..we will just have to wait and see…

me?.. I am more of a realist….no where near perfect…but I try…


How would you evaluate yourself as a blogger?..

some days I ‘need improvement.’. and some days…

‘Competent’…is my choice…some posts are better than others…some flow off the cuff…some just fall flat..

I can make something out of nothin’.. I am good at that!!..kind of like this post!!


Some days I feel very confined…can’t say what I really want to say..some topics just are better left unsaid or unwritten!!

Sure hope my evaluation goes well…



  1. I think you are a great blogger. I wish I had more pizazz with my blogs, they seem kind of boring to me and I am no good at putting sentences together - and to think - I would like to try and write a book. For the self-evaluation may as well be honest with yourself. I do self evaluation all the time, but I never have to show them or give them to anyone.

  2. As a blogger, I would have to give you a commendable. You always have something good to say. Perhaps your co-worker will find a little reality when she comes face to face with her supervisor!

    As for my own blog work - definitely need improvement! But I'm teachable!!

  3. I think doing a self-eval is like giving your boss a cheat sheet :-))) Hey they get paid the big bucks; they should do the hard work :-))) I never liked doing a self-eval and am really glad I haven't had to do one since my former boss retired. Haven't suffered as a result, if I do say so myself :-))))

  4. I love your new header picture. My favorite kind of dog is #1 a Golden and #2 a Beagle!

    I like your blog and think you do a great job. Doing your own evaluation seems pretty pointless to me.

  5. I, too, enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. Well it is a good thing I ain't employed as a blogger! I would say I am competent but erratic. Only come to work when I feel like it! I know what you mean about sometimes not writing on some subjects. I'll say anything about myself but have learned to be aware of other folks privacy.

  7. I guess I would say I am adequate... or less! When I travel I am better but when home for the winter it is harder for me! I am not a very good writer. You on the other hand are very intertaining... Applause ` Applause! Give yourself a big atta girl!

  8. I generally always enjoy reading a realistic thinking person and your topic today deals with the reality of self. I can especially identify with your evaluation of yourself as a blogger. I am the same. "some posts are better than others…some flow off the cuff…some just fall flat.." I always have a look to see what you are writing about and it is often the introspective posts that catch my quick attention. Not everyone is able to evaluate themselves honestly and that is where the realistic thinking person has an edge. Good for you in having the courage to blog about your thoughts and feelings:))

  9. I disliked those self evaluations and when I advanced to management it was even harder to be the one doing the evaluating. Good luck!

  10. I'm afraid to self evaluate too much...It can get very deep and I don't want the baggage..I IS WHAT I IS!! You are a fabulous blogger, and make peeps feel like they know you...Keep it up and never beat yourself up over dumb little is too damn short.

  11. I guess I do a competent job at blogging, but then it's not a job. It depends on what day it is. I definitely need improvement in the deep thinking department. Not sure I'll seek improvement in that department though.

  12. Commendable! You made me smile. Yes, I am all too familiar with self evaluation but we sat opposite each other - Supervisor and Me - and compared. Sometimes interesting.

  13. You are commendable, all the way around!!!!!!!

    Like you, I'm not too fond of self-evaluations. Don't miss them a bit!

    As a blogger, I need GOBS of improvement. My travel blog is nearly three months behind!!!!!! No raise for me!

    Hope your evaluation goes well. I know it will!

  14. are definitely commendable as a person, as a blogger, and I'm sure as a worker. Although working is never as much fun as travel, writing, and's a necessary evil. The fact that you do it willingly and cheerfully every day is in itself commendable. You are on the right path...and we're right there with you. Sure happy that we're friends.

  15. Evaluations? Useless and time wasting!

  16. I love your blogging style. Somewhere above commendable. My blog is like me, more of an introvert. I'm really not good about sharing feelings and thoughts. So if I don't blog about what I'm "doing", I don't have anything to blog about. I can remember refusing to do a self-eval at work. Told the boss I didn't care what kind of review I got because I really thought I was doing a good job, I was a good employee, but it was their job to tell me if that was true or not. Didn't get fired and still got a good review. Makes you wonder.

  17. Wow I remember agonizing over self evaluations, I was HEU and we were told that was managements job. Some people did them, most refused. I think you get a commendable for your blog.

  18. I agree with Rick. That said, good luck with yours!

  19. Self evaluations are the hardest. I am always harder on myself...just don't have that HUGE ego!! I also feel there is always room for improvement...isn't that what life is?? Anyway, glad my days of "work" evaluations are over!!

    Now, as for the blogging evaluation....I would say you should receive a commendable without any question!! Love your blog...always have!! As for my blogging evaluation....perhaps I need the improvement required. I just haven't blogged much lately. So now....I hope to improve!!! :-)

  20. As you say, union members do nothing and still have a job ! That is what is wrong with the whole damn country! High costs, low production and I don't care attitude. Take what you can before its all gone. Think about it! Evaluate that!

  21. I remember doing those back when I worked in retail grocery as part of the UFCW 555, kinda glad not to have to do those anymore as a contractor, but I do miss the job security (Just not the lack of hours or pay).

  22. Have to agree with Rick and Rene' pretty useless. I get to write them for my staff hate it. Only thing I could say I liked about them is that it usually was step increase and pay raise time. My evaluation of you Sue is excellent Blog Writer.

  23. In my book, you are commendable in all areas, Sue, especially your blog!

  24. I have to agree with the others pretty useless...I used to have to write them for my staff and didn't like it then are definitely commendable in all reading your blog!! Can't evaluate myself...I'm so off the cuff...harder to blog when home can't wait to get on the road when I have some interesting stuff to blog about :)


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