Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soaring with the eagles?


This month is just flying on by…

  • is the tree up?
  • decorations out of the boxes?
  • wreath on the door?
  • shopping done?
  • wrapping done?
  • baking done?

That would be a resounding NO to all the above questions..I am in a bad state of denial…I thought for sure that this weekend I would at least get some stuff done..but it didn’t happen…

What did we do instead?

  • housework
  • grocery shopping
  • laundry

That was Saturday the evening we had a dinner engagement with Doug and Toni..a lovely evening filled with good food, and conversation…


Sunday was the usual  stuff..a walk in Mundy Park for the ‘stinky boy’..we think he got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.. he has not been his usual self…

Tucker managed to roll in some form of ‘excrement’ that he found deep in the forest on the walk this morning..

Doug was none to pleased with our ‘poop boy’…when he got home…

This afternoon we packed a lunch and headed east in search of the large groups of bald eagles that were calling the Harrison Mills area, home for the past little while…


When we arrived at Kilby Provincial Park..the parking lot was full of cars ..everyone had the same idea as us....


There was dead salmon all over the beach…but the ever elusive ‘eagles’??..had vacated the premises…we looked and looked and saw a few way off in the distance..too far away for my camera…



One lady we spoke with said that ‘there was hundreds here yesterday?’..geesh missed it again…kind of reminds me of the tulip fiasco..two years ago…


no eagles here within picture taking distance so we ate our lunch in the sunshine..


‘Stinky boy’..guarded the campsite..waiting for the ever elusive eagle to make an appearance..


..who you calling ‘Stinky boy’.. all I smell is dead salmon..let me at ‘em!..then I will be the true ‘Stinky boy’..


lunch was done..our bellies were full…there was a chill in the air as the sun was setting behind the mountain……so we figured we would head back towards home…

Just before we pulled out onto Highway 7…


there it was…the ever elusive eagle in the tree..can you see him?


… in all his glory..looking down on all of us…then there were his buddies..over near the mountain top…


the soaring eagles…look like little specs to me…but it was them…


not a total ‘bust’….we continued on our way…turning right off the Highway at the Sasquatch a new subdivision that backs onto the Harrison River..maybe?..there is more?



now this is the camera lens I need???..look at that big one?


the shoreline was filled with avid photographers..with their big lenses.and tripods..aimed at  the mudflats waiting for that ever elusive eagle shot!!



there is a few eagles  out there..

and then one decides to come in a bit closer..


time for a snack..



There you have it…our reason for driving all the way from Coquitlam to Harrison Mills..a few bald eagles..and a  small dose of vitamin D..IMG_7467

..sorry ‘Stinky’ swimming here for you…


This house faces the mudflats and the mountains..perfect view today for the residents of this lovely home…


you know some days you ‘soar with the eagles and some days you fly with the turkeys’…


..onwards to yet another work week..we are holding on ‘tight to the dream’..the last few  days have been  filled with roadblocks…..maybe we should learn to ‘jump the  hurdles?’..or just continue ‘flying with the turkeys’ until it is our turn to ‘soar'?’


  1. I can't believe they didn't let you roll in the dead fish, Tucker. Our beagle used to love deer poop. Thought she was bringing us home the best present ever and we just never did appreciate it.

    Love your eagle pictures. He really is beautiful and worth the wait. Glad you got a chance to visit with Doug and Toni. I've about decided that the definition of life is: obstacles.

  2. I never tire of eagles ... will have to go check out the pair that nest at a nearby wildlife reserve. You sure had a beautiful day for your eagle outing.

  3. Bright sunny day and eagle sightings as well...what more could you ask for? Well, maybe a nice clean Golden Boy. Take heart Tucker, I'm sure they'll get over it...

  4. You and Doug had a wonderful outing with great scenery. Glad you got some good pics of the eagles. Not only was it worth the wait, but the weather looked really good and the sunshine fresh.
    Then there's Tucker and all his aroma...
    Hope your week is a good one!

  5. I know all about those Turkey feelings. Someday I hope to soar with the eagles, not those ones on that football team in Philly...

  6. Cleaning a pooped dog does not sound like fun;(

  7. Great pictures of the eagles... I am sure Tucker would have loved to chase after them... looks like a great day overall!

  8. Yeah! I'm glad they made an appearance for you!!! Travis and Sam would have loved that!!!

    It's been a long weekend for Mombi and I here by ourselves..... she misses him too...

  9. Soaring eagles (and sunshine) definitely take precedence over mundane Christmas chores. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  10. Well, I have to agree with Carol K on this one. Nice to be out in natural settings even if you hadn't seen any Eagles:))

  11. Looks like you had a few good reasons to avoid your list of things to do and I think that what you did is far more fun than the list. These things always seem to have a way of getting done in time. So glad you got to see the eagles.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Great news that one of the gorgeous eagles decided to show up!
    Soaring eagles is always a treat!

    Funny to know somebody else has "super lens envy" like me!
    But I want to know: does the sherpa come along to carry it for you? :)

    Don't panic, you still have 12 days until Christmas Eve!

  13. Nice pics of those Eagles - looked like a perfect day to be outside too!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Great picture of Parker. Doug said "oh, I look so fat" and I said "it's the shirt dear!"

  16. I think you know how to set your priorties very well. Christmas chores vs searching for eagles. Great photos!

  17. Loved the photos and story of your day ~ maybe you didn't see a lot of them but it looked like a wonderful day!!! And your photo of the Eagle was GREAT!
    Have a great week my friend!

  18. We golf an average of two to three times every year at Sandpiper Golf & Country Club right there on the Harrison River. During their heavy feeding seasons there, the sound these eagles make is beyond amazing.

    Nice day out!

  19. it seems every year we always worry about being ready for the big even on time...and every year we are ready..what you did yesterday was much more fun and more refreshing than working on the list...great the ones of stinky tucker :) have a good week..

  20. Glad you found the eagles we sure enjoyed the pictures. Beautiful winter day. Hope the work week goes well.


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