Saturday, December 31, 2011



As the year 2011 draws to a close today we are heading out this afternoon for the  final  meet and greet of 2011….hard to believe that we are at 13 bloggers  already…

Each blogger we have met has been like meeting an old/new friend..and we are sure that #13 will be like all the others before…

Lucky # 13 on our blogger meet ups?? is Allen and Lolita from Corona, California..


We are meeting at the Olive Garden in Langley…a favourite restaurant of ours and theirs…

armed with our token gift for our new ‘blogging friends’..


We dropped Tucker off at his favourite place..for a  New Year’s eve “paw-ty’!! ..and then we headed towards Langley..


Allen and I had spoken on the phone on Thursday night to confirm the lunch date…We waited outside for a seems that the directions they had gotten had them a bit ‘lost’

Doug was thinking..oh no..the number 13..were they actually going to show up?

But a few minutes later they arrived..the #13 is once again a lucky number…

We all headed inside  the restaurant  and we were  seated and chatting  in no time…the subjects ranged from life, working, rv purchasing/rentals, kids, travelling , blogging and bloggers…not to  worry it was all good, of course…


Our thirteenth meet and greet was a success.. I really had no doubt that it would be…


Another set of new ‘friends’..our list is growing….

Some have said.. ‘won’t you be lonely when you hit the road?’..and our reply is..’not a chance we have ‘friends’ all over the country’…


Thanks for taking the time to meet with us,  Allen and Lolita!..we hope that our paths will cross again, one  day soon..

Safe travels to you as you head south towards home and sunny California..

and thanks for treating us to lunch and the bottle of wine!!!

Cheers to you both!!!IMG_7752


  1. ...and a Happy New Year to you and yours...See ya on the otherside!

  2. 13 is always a lucky number. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year ... see you in blogland next year.

  4. Nice--sounds like you a great "meet and greet"!

  5. Hopefully someday soon we'll be added you your list of "meet & greets" . . . Happy New Year, Sue!

  6. Happy New Year!

    Nice way to spend a day, we're looking forward to meeting many blogger friends in 2012. :c)

  7. Thirteen! Lucky you! Wish you could make it to Texas one of these days!

  8. So nice that you "bagged" Allen and Lolita. They are very nice folks.


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