Saturday, December 17, 2011

Under pressure…


I will be the first to admit that I do work better ‘under pressure’…give me lots of time to accomplish something  and oh, yes I will get it done..

But put me under some pressure ..and a time restraint..and I am a ‘woman on a mission’..

I was determined that this weekend I would make a ‘dent’ in the  Christmas ‘chores’ that I have been procrastinating about..

First on the list of must do’s….was to venture downstairs to the storage locker and bring up all the bins of Christmas decorations and the ‘famous tree in a box’…yes, I know..actually there is two trees …one little one and a bigger one..

We have opted for the larger tree this the hopes that the ‘boyz’ will just ignore it..


One day we will only have one bin of decorations, so for now I will enjoy decorating the tree…


Within a few hours…viola…


first the mantel was done.. I just love this ‘White Father Christmas’…he will make the ‘cut’ when the time comes…

I was going to stop here..but out came the tree..the mangled branches after it being stuck in the box for two years…

I struggled to get the lights just so…not perfect but it will do…


well, I got this far..but now it’s late…onwards to Saturday..

Doug was working part of the day… it was me and the tangles of outside the need of detangling and yet another extension cord…I wrapped the lights around the sundeck railing…


not going to win me any awards but at least it is starting to look like Christmas around here…

We put all our Christmas cards on the fridge…there is still some people who believe in the old fashioned way of saying ‘Merry Christmas’…I love getting the mail this time of year…Do you see your card??


The rest of Saturday was spent shopping with all the other ‘crazy shoppers....and then tonight I gathered all the gifts we have purchased thus far..and out came the wrapping paper, ribbon and tags…two and half hours later…

this is the result…so pretty, if I do say so myself…


…at least now I can say we are getting close to be ready for next weekend…only a few more items to purchase and wrap..yahooie…

I am glad I work better ‘under pressure’….that procrastinating can sure get me into trouble…


  1. If those presents look half as good on the inside as they do on the outside, somebody is in for a real treat! Everything looks just gorgeous. My grand girls decorated our tree tonight and more to do tomorrow.

  2. I can see my card...I made all my cards so it's one of a kind ya know!!!
    Your place looks lovely as usual! ;-)

  3. You have done a lot more then we have. For some reason were just not into Christmas this year. I think being the first one without my mom may be it.

  4. Your place is really looking great, You have the spirit going just fine.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. Looking good ... I'm still going to enjoy the decorating efforts of others :-)) I've mostly transitioned to e-cards that I create from my photographs, but I still have some people for whom I don't have email addresses ... I'll be asking them this year for that last bit of information for my fulltiming address book.

  6. Very festive! Enjoy the rest of the season.

  7. Wow! You do great work on a deadline!

    Do you mind if we enjoy your lovely decorations as our own? We won't "land" until the 23rd, so our tree and stuff will be in the "basement" until then.

    Meanwhile, we're going to enjoy the glow of your festive decor! Hope you do, too!!!!

  8. You remind me of our daughter, Terrie..Her house looks like Martha Stewart moved in for Xmas..Ours looks like that when we are home, but I need to weed out some of the decor..I intend to do that this summer and donate to the Goodwill Store...Love your cozy house!

  9. I've put up a few things this year, but they can't compare to your lovely display!

  10. You did a beautiful job, Sue!
    Lights on the deck rail definitely make it look Christmassy!
    Elegantly wrapped gifts under the tree!

    Yup, you do very good work under pressure! :)

  11. I don't see my card. Nope, coming to a computer near you, soon.

    Your mantle and tree are beautiful.

  12. Everything looks so pretty, I love the mantle and the way you wrap the presents.

  13. You definitely have the knack for making your presents absolutely gorgeous. Mine are lucky if they get a stick on bow. And your white Santa is wonderful on the mantle. Looks like Christmas has arrived at your house.

  14. Your Christmas decorations are lovely. The beauty of all is it's the "Spirit" of Christmas that matters and you share that as well too!

  15. It is great to see all the decorations going up, Sue, and the packages are just gorgeous. Maybe in the future there will be a digital frame looping through all the Christmas ecards that we are now getting. I might succumb to an ecard myself this year. Still haven't decided, but I guess the deadline will get me moving as well!

  16. Nice! Now I feel better about our late start :)

  17. way to go fancy pants!! what awesome wrapping! is that the gift?

    I've been considering quitting my blog... thoughts?

  18. Everything looks lovely :) Our decorating this year was bitter sweet since we are selling off most everything when we pack things up this coming spring. It's amazing how attached we can be to objects sometimes. I am looking forward to the purge though as with it, it brings us closer to our new life :) Hope you are both doing well and enjoying this Christmas season! Merry Christmas!!!


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