Sunday, February 27, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like…???


Baby!! it’s cold outside and very white!…on our agenda today is to get a Christmas tree??..


the snow is falling and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas..or pretty darn close..this was the view outside our condo this morning..



we know that spring is only  three weeks away but it  sure doesn’t look like it…

Mundy Park this morning!..








only Tucker would go swimming in this lovely weather!!…his 'girlfriend, Emmi..nope!!! not gonna go in!!


hey…who put the ‘lid on the lake?’…


We hope that everyone enjoyed our ‘winter wonderland’ experience today!..have a glorious Sunday!!..

Monday, February 21, 2011

winner winner!!!


after a busy weekend..the bright spot this morning was the fact that I was deemed a winner in Rick and Paulette’s contest!!…

What did I win?..a Microsoft Streets and Trips  program…


I thought it was funny coincidence that I won one of the 5 programs  and that Rick won the Olympic Mitten contest that I had on my blog a few weeks ago!…..thanks for picking my name out of the hat, Paulette…whoohoo!!!!

Some days I spend so much time perusing the blogs and trying to absorb all the information that is out there on the ‘information highway’..and then I think to myself..

I really need to stop this!…but now I see that it is not a waste of time..I have new found ‘blogging friends’..a head full of Rving information..and a box of Chocolate Cheerioes that I won on Paul and Marti’s blog..and now this latest prize!!

The contest prizes are just a ‘perk’..the important part is being a huge part of this ‘blogging family’!!..thanks for writing your blogs and keeping the ‘wheels on your homes’ rolling down the highway!!!..we are enjoying riding along in the backseat!!..and seeing all the great scenery that you  share with all of us out here in ‘blogville’

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a weekend recap…

The weather this weekend was picture perfect…blue sky..not a cloud in sight…but this perfect weekend was filled with the ‘moving of our daughter’….


on Saturday we were so busy getting things organized that there was no real time to enjoy the view…the photos above are from her old apartment..only a few blocks from us..7th floor with a ‘downtown kind of view’..lots of apartment towers and city lights…where is she going???…a side suite in Maple Ridge..a new subdivision not far from the Golden Ears Bridge…

One of the moving men called it a ‘Fonzie suite’…remember Fonzie from Happy Days…he lived in a room above the garage at Richie Cunningham’s house…

Fonziegarage apartment

of course, her new suite is much nicer than Fonzie’s ever was…but once the mover’s left this is what we had to deal with..a ‘big ole mess’

2011-02-20-1850-171within a few hours  she was ‘kicking us out’ but by the time we left it was pretty well all set up…

2011-02-20-1850-172yes, we all work very quickly…when we ‘left’ all that was left to do was hang some pictures…and put a few things away…I went back today to see how she was doing and all the pictures were hung up…it was like she had been there for a week already!..she has been taught well,  to get things done and over with…never mind living out of boxes for weeks on end….

This suite is  much smaller than her previous apartment but cozy…Carlie seemed happy so that makes me happy!..  ..

The balance of the weekend was spent doing housework, laundry and grocery shopping…see, I told you it was not very interesting!..onwards to another work week…have a good one everybody!..

sure hope I win the prize on Rick and Paulette’s blog today!!!..a girl can dream!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Moving Day!


Bigdawg and Freeway has been dark and quiet all week…

what have we been doing?.mostly just the usual  ‘unblogworthy’ things…...

But our lovely daughter is moving this needless to say there has been packing, unpacking and organizing filling the evenings…trips to her new abode…and then returning with empty boxes to be refilled again…

Tonight was oven cleaning time…almost choked my self with the fumes from the oven cleaner…( I am very thankful that I have a self-cleaning oven)


Tomorrow morning the movers are arriving to load up all the large items…and then it will be more organizing…should be  a fun day!!…

I just noticed my countdown widget is at less than 1200 may not be very interesting but the days are flying by….soon we will be down to less than 1000…one day at a time….

We are ‘keeping an eye on the prize’!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

heading north…


This is my first time doing an entry from the ‘shotgun’ seat of the jeep…

We are heading north on the I-5 towards the land of red and white….Canada…and our life in Coquitlam..

We had a leisurely morning….heading out towards Fall City and the famous ‘oatmeal blueberry pancakes’..

With Linda behind the wheel of ‘Ace Yukon’ we drove to Fall City…through the area that Steven loves to photograph..the farmland of Carnation…


Our destination was suppose to be a little diner in Fall City but due to some unforseen circumstances it was closed…

Next best thing was the Fall City Roadhouse…IMG_5496


after we indulged in our ‘breakfast’…eggs all round and one plate of buttermilk pancakes..our next stop was


the view of the falls was spectacular…IMG_5500

as the mist started to clear ..the raging torrent of water became more visible..




the token tourist shots…



we meandered up the stairs towards the Salish Lodge and the beautiful gift shop..filled to the brim with all types of lotions, potions, blankets, t-shirts, hats and photographs..


no credit cards were removed for the benefit of the Salish Lodge…we just did some browsing..and touching all the lovely fabrics…

As the  weekend was coming to an end..we knew it was time for us the say ‘see you down the road’ to our new found friends!..

So long Linda and Steven..many thanks for sharing your  beautiful home and being  so welcoming….we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you both….


enjoy the ‘Canadian Olympic  gift’…till we meet again…


Saturday, February 12, 2011

I go where I am ‘towed’



our weekend adventure began with the border crossing at Peace Arch in Blaine, Washington…


Where do you  live?


Where are you going?


what are you doing there?

visiting friends and going to the RV show.

Is this your vehicle?


When are you coming back?

Sunday afternoon.

You aren’t going tow much of an RV with this vehicle? will be towed behind an RV… you go ..have a nice day!

First stop after the interesting questions was the Walmart at Tulalip…what did we buy?

2 pay and talk cell phones…$14 each..not a bad deal…our first step in our longer visits the USA…

onwards to the house by the lake….



...dinner, wine and meeting old friends …the class of 2014….

Friday night is done..we are all tucked in our lovely guest room..onwards to tomorrow adventures…

Saturday our plans are to head to downtown Seattle and the RV show at Qwest field…





we spent a few hours kicking some tires..sitting on a few couches…and imagining life in an RV…


Steven and Linda looking mighty comfy in the lazy boy chairs in this great home on wheels…


then there was this one..with the rear entertainment center..we all liked this model..

there was a few used models..that were not too bad..could be workable…did we buy find our dream RV…no not this time..but it was fun to dream…


next stop on our tour of Seattle was  Pike Place Market..






then..there was ‘gum alley’…pretty disgusting  in a weird sort of way….Smile


Washington State…this was the first ever Starbucks coffee shop…lots of street entertainment…



We headed to an Irish pub for a lunch…hungry from all that RV looking….





one last stop before we headed home was Beecher’s Cheese..



as we were heading back to the house on Pine Lake..there was a storm  a brewing…the rain was starting..the wind was blowing…whitecaps on the water….onwards to another great evening!!..

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...