Tuesday, June 28, 2011

our dirty little secret?..


the other day on the way home from work Doug and I were discussing his wardrobe..and the fact that he has a ‘ton of t-shirts’…too many to count…IMG_1951-1_thumb[1]

(I would need a wide angle lens to get them all in one photo)...and the fact that when we are south of the border we will be making a stop at a one store in particular   for a few more t-shirts to add to his collection..I, in turn called him a ‘t-shirt w#^*e’…and then you know what he said to me???..

‘I was a ‘blog w#^*e!’..what the heck???…yes, I follow over 100 blogs…I now have 100 followers ….have done 387 posts and received almost 2600 comments…

You know of course this was all in ‘jest’!…we both  have our addictions ..his is t-shirts, baseball hats and jackets!..mine is blogging!..so there you have it..our ‘dirty little secret’!!!

What is yours ?..shoes, purses, chocolate, quilting??..do tell!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I solemnly swear…


We only have a few more days before we head south to the Oregon Coast..we have been going there for the past few summers…it is one of our favourite places….


the views are amazing..and there are so many picture taking opportunities….


I was reading my posts from last July..and I am publicly apologizing to my darling husband…I cannot believe how much driving he did in those four days..and how many stops we made along the way…


we stopped at every lighthouse we could find along the coastline..


Doug drove the coast every day just for me..with a smile on his face..never complaining….’can we stop here?..more pictures…it was all about the scenery….and seeing everything we could…


and the blog posts that would be created when we got back to the hotel…



so where is this going??..well after reading  the posts from this trip to Lincoln City  last year…I have come to the conclusion that we need to stop and relax this time round…grab our chairs..sit at the beach or at the rv park..and breathe!


So I solemnly swear that I will let my darling husband do just that!…not to worry we will be going places but just not every day…there will be days when we will ‘stop’…read a book..listen to music…walk the dog..just enjoy life..isn’t that what a vacation is for??





Thursday, June 23, 2011

working to live..living to dream…


Bigdawg and Freeway has been experiencing a ‘black out’..a ‘blogger’s block’..writer’s block..whatever you want to call it..I have had nothing blogworthy to write about for well over a week…feeling rather sad about that…I miss all my ‘peeps’…


We are just working  to live and living to dream…dreaming of different life…a life filled with new views out the windshield..


Now Tucker on the other hand?..he has a life filled with adventures…well, at least once  a week anyway…

His favourite place to go when we go to work..Uptown Dawg…


its a day filled with wagging tails…lots of toys and lots and lots of friends to play with..oh and a pool party when the weather is nice..


there is even time for a suntan…


and lots of hugs…the girls are great that work here!!


and then it could be naptime..if he felt so inclined..


it’s a dog’s life…how I wish I was a dog right about now…some days life as human is not all that great!!

how much does this day filled with fun cost?..$33.60…Tucker get’s dropped off at 6am and picked up at 430 pm..once a week a day filled with friends and good times!


He is one lucky boy!!!..and we are lucky to have him!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It has a been a wild ride….


as I write this the score is 4-0 for the Boston Bruins..and only  a few minutes left to play…will we win?…not this time…..


The 2011 hockey playoffs are coming to a close..now what are we going to do now that it is over?..no more hockey nights…no more jerseys


..no more flags….no more ‘Go Canucks Go’….....until next year…we will be waiting in the Fall to cheer on the Canucks again for another year!!!!..113086_fc

once a Canucks fan always a Canucks fan…hold your heads up high, boys…this year is history but there is always next year!!..thank for the ‘ride’!!!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the case of the missing…?


My job is one thing I try not to write about on my blog..there has been the odd entry with regards to my place of employment and the ‘people’ I work with..it is the kind of job that you go to work..do your job and when your day is done..it is done..until the next day....that was until yesterday…

What happened yesterday?..well, my job is to bring patients to the Medical Imaging department for their x-rays and other assorted exams…on average a normal day involves at least 40 transfers…times 5 days a week..200 a week or 1000 in a month…with each patient we are to bring the ‘chart’…I have never lost/misplaced a chart in all the years that I have been doing this job..

that was until yesterday..A ‘stat transfer’ right after lunch..pre-op patient..the operating room was waiting..

I went upstairs to get the patient..it  wound up being  an isolation case and a bed instead of a wheelchair….wrapped the chart in a towel…put on my gloves and yellow gown on...put the chart  on the bed..and waited for my helper…within 20 minutes of arriving in the department..the operating room porters were there to pick her up…and the chart?..no where to be found?..where is it?…did you bring it?..we can’t find it ??

We searched and searched..everywhere you could imagine..in the laundry hampers....on the ward..in the patient room…no chart?..did I really bring it with me??..I felt like I was going crazy?..

The patient went to the O.R waiting area…the surgery wound up being cancelled ..why?..no chart?!!

This chart  cannot just walk away?..someone took it and put it somewhere it didn’t belong?…there were numerous phone calls..did you find it????..no results…the ever elusive chart is still ‘AWOL’!!

Fast forward to this morning..this ‘chart losing episode’ was still on my mind…..

I went to the infamous ward of the lost chart…the charge nurse told me that they had found the chart late last night in Emergency Department?…

how did it get there?..no one is ‘owning up’….I was just relieved that it was found…it didn’t get there by itself..someone took it on a trip to Emergency and never paid any attention to the name or the ward!..

The mystery is partially solved…at least the chart was found…and hopefully the patient was able to have her surgery today!

Needless to say I was very careful today..keeping close tabs on all the charts and patients that I was in contact with..not that I am not normally but yesterday was an ‘eye opening’ experience…

I am the one who always thinks..’what if the patient died because of this?..what if the family found out?..what if the media got involved?..I can only hope that this incident will not happen again!!..at least not where I am involved.

a Tucker update…the sores are healing nicely…he still has the two bald patches..the medications are being taken every day…our golden boy is on the mend..and thanks to everyone for the get well wishes!..woof woof!!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

a new hairstyle?


Our golden boy is sporting new hairstyle?..We have been doing battle with a  couple of ‘hotspots on his neck and face and today we came to terms with the fact that a vet visit was going to be necessary…he was scratching and licking constantly..and when I left for work this morning the sores were bleeding…

What are hot spots?..I found this picture on Google..( most of the pictures are of golden retrievers..I think we are doomed to have issues with this)


…the medical term is ‘Acute Moist Pyoderma..it is a bacterial skin infection that can appear very rapidly. These can happen in any local area and either itch or create an inflammatory response. The dog may scratch, itch, rub, lick or chew the area which only aggravates  the problem. Hot spots should be treated at the onset in order to prevent them from spreading to other areas.’

this is the top of Tucker’s head..


and the side of his neck…


we are now ‘armed with cream and medication’..in the hopes that he will be better in a week or so…

Cost of these HOT SPOTS?


examination.. $59

sedation was deemed necessary.. ( no shaving for our wide awake boy)…$53

one injection…$33

grand total…taxes in…$198.13

knowing our boy will rest comfortably  is priceless..our poor little ‘buddy’..he is worth it ‘tenfold’!



Sunday, June 5, 2011

I’d rather ride around with you…


The sun finally came out for two days in a row!!…we spent Saturday doing our usual weekend chores..so Sunday we were FREE!!…

the roof is off..lunch is packed..and we headed west….and then north…


destination for this beautiful day…and only 75 kilometers from our house…Fullscreen capture 05062011 83158 PM


“Porteau Cove has been very popular with Squamish and Vancouver residents for many years. The name “Porteau'” (porte d’eau) when translated from French to English means “water’s gate'” 

The day use area was very busy..parking lot was full of all kinds of people enjoying the sunny day..this is a popular place for divers..so there was quite the collection of oxygen tanks, fins and wet suits…

We managed to get a parking space and a picnic table..this was our view for lunch…


Tucker made a couple of new ‘friends’…they looked kind of like him…

meet ‘Udon and Noodle’..



sorry Tucker..no swimming this afternoon…unless of course you want to go to  the ‘slammer’..darn government rules…poor ‘little buddy’



At Porteau Cove there is also a campground..44 sites ….some on the waterfront..all with 30 amp power, for a nightly fee of $38??…a bit steep in the $$$ department but by the look of full sites on a Sunday..must be worth the  money…


these two were our favourites..#21 and #22..


we strolled through the campground…and headed to the lookout and view point…it overlooks Howe Sound and Porteau Cove…


IMG_6143now it is time for all the ‘birders in blogland’…can you tell me what these are ???IMG_6144


one last look at the water…sorry Tucker…we will find you another place to go swimming..


and so ends another Sunday drive in the lives of ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’…this won’t be the last time we visit this lovely shoreline park….thanks for riding along….

Aww nuts…

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