Saturday, September 24, 2011


I do have to admit that our daughter is the best organized mover we have ever met!…


less than two hours after picking up the cargo rental van..her ‘Fonzie suite in Maple Ridge was empty and the new home was filled….


from the closets…to the bedroom…



We worked for a few hours and within that time frame..everything was put were hung, the bed was made, furniture dusted….

Carlie made us proud today..working so hard to make this process as easy and painless as possible…




and she was busy planning her first ‘party’…just the ‘young ones’ were invited……a few drinks…and some appetizers..…

Welcome back to the neighbourhood, Carlie!!!



since our dear daughter was busy with her friends tonight…we had our first date night in a long time….

an early dinner at the Olive Garden and then a trip out to the Tradex in Abbotsford for the RV Show…tire kicking time once again….

there was a couple of our favourites there…

the Georgetown 37…fireplace..big TV…opposing slides..but the CC was not too great…so this one has been knocked down to the bottom of our top three list…

our other favourite is the Bounder  35H…one we saw last year…with the one and half bathrooms…

We enjoy the ‘tire kicking process’..and we can just  dream…and see ourselves living in one of these beauties…

remember the Winnebago Adventurer from a few weeks ago…that one is a contender too…

Dreaming is half the fun…reality will be the other…one step at a time…one day at a time…


We have a long list of ‘must do’s’ before we get to the point of actually being able to make a purchase!!..but we can dream…dreams never die just the dreamer…

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is blogville big enough?


There are many popular baby names…the predicted most popular boy names for 2011?


and the girl names?


Now it seems here in ‘blogville’ there is a  name that keeps popping  up…

There is a  cute little cocker spaniel from the East Coast of Canada…belonging to Rick and Elaine


and then yesterday I was introduced to a new ‘golden in blogville’…


He is a ‘houndsome boy’…belonging to Don and Gayle….pop on over and see what this golden boy is up too!!

and then we have our ‘chosen fur-child’..


what do all three of these beautiful four-legged fur children have in common?…well the name ‘Tucker’ of course…is there enough room in blogville for three ‘Tucker’s’???

I would say that blogville is big enough for all the antics that these four-legged ‘kids’ can get themselves into!!

Welcome to the world of Tucker’s!!..the fur will be a flying if these three ever get to meet!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An expert mover…


If you are one of our regular readers you may remember a post with regards to the condo next door?

The condo has been empty since we cleaned it at the beginning of April..there was a plan for new tenants but that plan never happened….that was until the past couple of weeks...


We are getting a new neighbour….who you ask?..well, our dear daughter is moving in..these past few weeks have not been quiet for us…She has slowly been moving her ‘stuff’ from Maple Ridge back to Coquitlam it is amazing how many items you can fit in the back of a Ford Focus…..and this weekend is the move of the ‘big stuff’….

We are hoping that Saturday will be a painless process and by Saturday night she will be all settled and relaxing in her new ‘home’..


In the process of helping with the reading has been on the ‘back burner’…along with all the other ‘job’s that are normally done…so I am now playing catch-up…

there will be photos once she is all done…but until then just picture a ton of ‘stuff’..scattered through out…if there is one thing we have instilled in when you get unpacked and done as quickly as possible…


never mind living out of boxes for weeks on end….so stay tuned…for the before and after…


Saturday, September 17, 2011

“Willkommen in Kanada”


This past week my Dad’s youngest sister  and her husband came from Germany  for a visit…

Screen Captures

My parents spent a most enjoyable week showing them the sights around Vancouver…from Stanley Park ….


to Whistler and all the places in between…

My parents came to Canada from Germany  in the late 1950’s and the past few years we have been lucky  enough to meet some of the relatives as they venture over to visit Canada…

This photo was taken in May 2009 when my cousin, Astrid and her husband Manfred came to Canada..Astrid is the daughter of my Dad’s oldest sister…


Tonight was the final night before the plane takes off for Germany with my Aunt and Uncle on board…so the ‘last supper’ was a barbeque at my sister’s house… Dad on the right and my Uncle  Detmar on the left…



my Aunt Waultraud and my Mom..

Dinner was barbequed hamburgers with a salad and Black Forest Cake for dessert…


the first bite of  the ‘Canadian hamburger’….

then there was the discussion of the motorcycles…what did we ever do before cell phones filled with pictures??



even with the language barrier the conversations managed to be understood…


it was an evening filled with wine, beer and cameras!!…nothing like the universal language of ‘smile’!!!


lord only knows what they are laughing about?..maybe the screen door that they both walked through??


waiting for the group shot to be set up…not quite ready just yet… a few of us are missing in action??..IMG_7217

setting up the tri-pods…IMG_7222

now I am waiting to be sent in an email the ‘group shot’..we couldn’t figure out how to use the timer with our camera…so I have to wait for someone who doesn’t understand the need for a blog post!!??..this big empty space will be filled soon….

it finally arrived!!…





So long…. farewell..’alvederzane’….good bye….

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what are you doing???


Life without camping?..pretty darn boring and not very blogworthy….


What have we been doing?..not much..just working, cleaning  cooking, sleeping and repeating…


I am now into my third week of being back to work..


How is it? I never left…I have gotten use to getting up early…being semi organized with lunches, laundry, dinners..etc…


How many more days of this to I have to endure?…only 993 give or take…

How is it that some bloggers can blog every day and always have something to write about??..when most of the time lately I have ‘nothin’??..I am once again in a blogging funk…the creative juices have dried up…

what’s new with us???


  • one horse race this weekend a $50,000  Stakes race won by our favourite horse….Classic Alley Kat
  • Doug has a new laptop..gone is the old ‘boat anchor’ that had a mind of it’s own
  • remember the post with regards to the refund cheque?…well we got another cheque in the mail for exactly the same amount..dated July 15th…this missing cheque was found..and mailed on September 1st…very tempting to just go ahead and cash it and see what happens??

That’s our recap..told you it wasn’t very interesting…maybe this weekend will be more blogworthy??

Sunday, September 11, 2011



ten years since that fateful day..


our thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones on this day….

Monday, September 5, 2011



Today our camping season came to a end for this year..


these ‘Weekend Warriors’ or ‘weekenders’ or ‘campers’..whatever we want to call ourselves have packed it up for the last time this season…


yes..we know the sky is still blue and the daytime temperatures are actually ‘summer like’…but the nights are cool…


and there is no guarantees with the weather…packing up the “little dawg” in the rain is not something we want to do..


are we sad about this fact..of course…but such is life with a ‘popup trailer’..


of course we wish we could be like the ‘snowbirds’ and head south for the to the land of fun in the sun while the rest of working folks bundle up and get ready for the rain, wind and the snow..


and then there is the life of the ‘full-timer’….head to where ever you like…sun, sand, ocean, desert, mountains…the campgrounds will be peaceful..all the kids are back at school..summer vacations are done…


as the sun sets on the 2011 camping season..we are looking forward to next year…soon we will be making reservations for 2012…

So if you are a

  • weekend warrior
  • a weekend camper
  • an any-timer
  • a snow-bird
  • a work-camper
  • a full-timer

you know which one you are…and we know which one we are at the moment…


we are working our way down the list…and according to my  ‘widget’ we have less than 999 days till I could retire…


we wish you safe travels as you head out on new adventures..we will be sitting back and reading all about it….

Sunday, September 4, 2011



what are we ‘guilty’ of ??

  • we have left our little ‘fur kitty’ at home to fend for himself…not to worry his food bowl is full and his litter box was clean before we left…


we can only hope he hasn’t locked himself in some where?..we will be home soon ‘Po-man’..

now onto what else we are guilty of..

  • invading our local Fort Langley Campground..


the campground is full of ‘weekenders’ and a few full-timers..

this is our neighbour…’not to worry you can come out of your bus after Monday at 11 am’



here we are ‘nestled in the trees’ in Little Dawg and the big ‘Bohemeth’ beside us..40  foot tag axle with two occupants who don’t come outside..’the weekenders are here’....our list of guilty pleasures continues…

  • trying to squeeze as many things into this weekend as we can


there is a nice big lounge chair to sit in…and read a book..



  • Tucker will swim in the river numerous times…


  • we will take many walks around the campground..
  • have a few naps..
  • and just relax…
  • have a few campfires
  • and barbeques
  • cook bacon outside


so, yes we are guilty as charged..we are weekenders and proud of it…



  • will we be ‘those kind of fulltimers’ who hide in the big rigs..until the weekenders are gone?..I don’t think so…
  • we will embrace all aspects of the RV lifestyle..
  • weekenders..  we are guilty as charged..IMG_7184

we will pack up our campsite and head down the road towards home…and leave the ‘fulltimers’ to hold down the ‘fort’ until the next weekend…but wait..this a long weekend ..we have one more day of being ‘guilty’!!!


Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...