Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap…


2011 is almost over..another year closer to 2014…what were the highlights of this year?


we spent the weekend visiting our friends Harry and Elaine MacFarlane at Maderia Park on the Sunshine Coast.



and the first winner of the Olympic mitten contest too



and then I won the Chocolate Cheerioes from Paul and Marti…


the year started off on a good the shortest month of the year..February..

was filled with our daughter moving to Maple Ridge…I was a winner again..of a Streets and trips from Rick and Paulette..but the real highlight of the month  was the meeting of the class of 2014…we spent two nights in the company of Steven and Linda…in their beautiful home in Sammamish, Washington..





we had a lovely visit spending time in their lovely home by the lake…going to the Rv Show in Seattle, Pike Place market and the Snoqualmie Falls…

We only hope that one day they will venture north to British Columbia so we can show them the same hospitality!!



spring has sprung …the grass has riz…March is here..

the month of March was pretty uneventful…we spent almost a week cleaning the condo next door for our was a lovely mess…2011-03-27-1602-211[3]2011-03-27-1602-21[3]

in comparison to ours…


we also found a contender in our quest to find our ‘home on wheels' for 2014…


even as I write this almost twelve months later..this is one we still like…

April…showers … started off with the dreaded anonymous with regards to stinkin’ pancakes and went from there…

I hit a  comment milestone..and the winner of yet another pair of Olympic mitts was the Bayfield Bunch.. favourite post this month was titled ‘unconditional love’..and we all know who the subjects were…



so after April showers..comes May flowers…and a meeting of bloggers…


we spent the night over on Vancouver Island and visited with Rick and Paulette..everyone’s ‘go to guy’ in blogville!!!

the other highlight of the month of May was our ‘camping trip’..


it was more of a lowlight in the grand scheme of things but it was a lesson learned..

June was filled with with a whole lot of  nothing…only eight posts for the whole month..blogger’s block was the theme …although we did take a day trip to Porteau Cover..


July was our time for summer vacation..and blogger meetings!!!…the Oregon coast for two weeks…

We met Russ and Donna Krecklow in  Eugene, Oregon..


and then it was on to Port Orford, Oregon..


and Gordon and Juanita and ‘Abby’ Pierce..


we had two glorious weeks in on the Oregon coast!..

on the way home we met up with Dave and Carol Krajcar, in Vancouver, Washington..they treated us to a delicious lunch and some great conversation..once again meeting a fellow blogger is like meeting an old friend!!


once we arrived home we thought this month couldn’t get any better…then we made a purchase…


our beloved ‘Little Dawg’!!!..welcome to the family!!!


the summer was going by very quickly and we were busy getting our little house on wheels ready to use…

August we used our little trailer a few times ..making one trip to Mount Vernon, Washington…another meeting of bloggers..Judy and Everett Ross..



new friends that we felt like we have known them forever!!..we had a lovely visit and wished it could have been ‘blogging sister’…~~hugs to you my friend~~

..This month was filled with visits too…yet another meet and greet at Monck Park in Merrit….Doug and Toni Laird..fellow BC’ers!!


we had yet another lovely weekend..roughing it in the heat of the Nicola Valley!!..a new found favourite campground!!!..every campsite has a  view of the lake!..can’t get much more perfect than that!!

September..back to work..

but more weekend….this one was our last with our little pop-up  trailer for 2011…


and then our lovely daughter moved into the condo next door…


and finally there was a family dinner with the guests of honour being my aunt and uncle from Germany..


October was a month filled with work ..walks on the dyke and a blog nomination!!


November..the highlight so far this month ..being my least favourite month of the year..

is the Radial Head Fracture that Carlie suffered with…


I can only hope that there will be a better highlight? this was it…more like a ‘lowlight for her’…


the month with a controversial post with regards to ‘what was deemed a generalization of what I call the ‘now generation’..

It just proved that we are not all the same and we don’t all agree..we can agree to disagree and move on…

..Christmas arrived …ready or not…



..a day filled with presents, food, fun and family…



and one last meet and greet for the year 2011….our lucky number  13…

Allen and Lolita DuGuay..


..I wonder who we will meet in 2012?

What was MY favourite post this past year?..

I like the one titled ‘the shoes of life’ was an ‘off the cuff’ kind of post that was developed from an email my Dad sent…

ATT00002[9] many miles did we travel??..give or take a few side trips while we were on vacation..

from January to mid-July…3574  kilometers..

Fullscreen capture 28-Dec-2011 200920

and then from mid-July till December…2447 kilometers..

Fullscreen capture 28-Dec-2011 202452

for a grand total of 6021 kilometers or 3742 miles..all in the name of seeing this beautiful country that we live in!!

So there you have our re-cap of 2011…

Happy New Year to all of you in blog-ville..may 2012 bring you good health, happiness and safe travels!!..may our paths cross one day soon!!

Cheers to you all!!..thanks for following along with Bigdawg and Freeway!!..we hope that 2012 will be  blog-worthy!!!!!


  1. Wow.
    Nice effort. I've been too beat or distracted over the last few days to even think about writing anything more than a few paltry words.
    I wasn't quite sure why the camping trip was the "low light", but my memory is dim. I may have to go back and take a look.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Nice to look back isn't it ... especially when shared memories bring a smile to our lips. I do that when I write the letter that I send out with my holiday cards.

  3. Great recap of the year, I'll have to start keeping notes as I could never remember 12 months worth to put in a blog.Love the thought that we are all getting closer to our dream. We can't wait to be able to make a trip with the fiver now. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Wow, great recap! How long does it take you to go through all the months and add all those pictures?!

    Happy New Year!! :)

  5. Fine job on the re-cap. I know how much work a post like that requires gathering all the facts and figures together. All the best in 2012:))

  6. You sure did meet a lot of bloggers in 2011. Cheers to you too!

  7. Great post of the past year events ~ I remember them all...
    Wishing you a year that brings good friends, good health, good luck, good things & safe travels!
    Happy New Year

  8. Whew.... what a year you had, and good job putting it all together... I can never seem to find the time...

    Happy New Year!

  9. Great recap! Now for the new year adventures:)

  10. Wow what a year you guys had. Hope this year is even better..

    Happy New Year!!

  11. Loved re-reading about your year. We sure enjoyed meeting you and Doug...hope we can see you again sometime. Although I love all your posts, some of my favs were the ones about the doggy day care and of course the "shoe" post. Happy New Year.

  12. It was great riding along with you on the blog this year! So many fun things, and some of the other kind too! You must have a good source for those Canadian red mittens...they are great to have!!! The Bounder looks real nice, and you'd fit right in. Bet Tucker and Oliver would like it, too. Getting closer...keep kicking those tires!

  13. You know, Sue, even though I read your blog most of the year, I still really enjoyed reading your summary of the highlights and remembering with you. Nice getting to know you and hopefully one day I will be on that growing list of "met bloggers".

  14. Great job on the re-cap which was full of a lot of events and a meeting of several bloggers. Hope you and Doug have a very Health, Happy 2012.
    Take care and be safe.

  15. That was a great re-cap, Sue. I enjoyed following your blog this year and it was a highlight of ours to get to meet you and Doug in person this summer. Take care, my friends!

  16. May 2012 be just as rich and full for you both as 2011 was.
    Happy new year my friends!!

  17. You'll never be acussed of letting the grass grow under your feet.

    We'll hang on to see what you do in 2012. :c)

  18. You were almost as busy as we were!!! Can you imagine how busy you'll be once you retire and fulltime??? You'll burn the tires right off your rig!

    ~hugs~ right back to you and Augie!

  19. Whata great year!

    Stop on by for a visit

  20. what an excellent year!!! Great job putting it all together!!! all the best in 2012...


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