Monday, January 2, 2012

BC Jeep Club…


December 27th 2011

A four wheeling  Jeep day for Doug and the boys from the Jeep club…

It was a rainy  wet day..a typical December day…post Christmas and pre- New year’s adventure …I did not go along on this muddy, snowy ride…..


just the boys and their toys…


lots of jeeps and even one from California…the pretty yellow one…



..Doug said this jeep didn’t last too long..the driver took one look at where they were heading and high tailed it back to the pavement..My  guess would be is that  he is use to sunny California skies..not the grey, rainy, snowy weather of the west coast…

IMG_7673IMG_7675IMG_7677 pretty…with the snow on the trees…


..these BC Jeep Club boys are very adventurous…


out of the snow…and into the rain and the mud….note the umbrella…only in British Columbia  do you see that??!!!


IMG_7698and yes..that is the road..looks more like a river to me..but what do I know??…IMG_7702IMG_7704

jeeps doing what jeeps are meant to do…at least we know that no one can call our jeep  a ‘pavement princess’…or a ’mall crawler’…


..Doug made it home safely…just  dirtier than when he left home!!

A dirty jeep is a ‘happy jeep’…nothing like getting some ‘mud or snow on the tires’!!!



  1. Wow, Doug really knows how to have fun with his Jeep!! My son John would love that. Too bad you missed out on all that fun, Sue! Bet Tucker would have loved to be there, too!! Hope Doug is all warmed up and dried out by now. Happy Day.

  2. My son-in-law belongs to a jeep club like that and they posted some pictures on facebook of him on a "river like" road, also. I'm with you, I think I would stay home.

  3. I think you made a good choice Sue. Looks like fun for the "boys" but I would rather stay warm and dry I think. Great pictures.

  4. OK, now that looks just awesome, even if there is snow in the pictures. I bet Doug had a great time! As the saying goes... "It is a Jeep thing, you won't understand!"

  5. Men and their toys fun ... I think you were the smart one staying at home with the furkids.

  6. I sure miss my 97 jeep it was a lot of fun.


    That was on the back window

  7. 'A dirty jeep is a ‘happy jeep’

    That's one of the reasons I bought a Jeep...don't have to waste all that time trying to keep it all shiny shiny sparkly sparkly. That looked like quite a Jeep trip in the snow and water. I would have really enjoyed the winter scenery and photographing the colorful Jeeps. Driving through rocky cold flowing rivers, not so much. But hey, it beats slogging through axle deep mud. You will one day love desert Jeeping for sure. High, dry, and dusty:))

  8. We had a Jeep once, but it was an older military issue job..It never WAS pretty like those Jeeps. Looks like a good time except for the river...NOT ME!! Best wishes in this New Year!

  9. beautiful scenery! and looks like wicked fun!!! girls aren't excluded are they? cuz that would just be too, um, sexist!!! and girls can drive jeeps, just sayin'!!!!!

  10. Looks like a very fun jeep kinda day! It is amazing going from a snowy road to rain washed roads.
    I bet Doug and the Jeep were quite dirty upon returning home!
    Take care...

  11. Not necessarily my kind of fun, but glad the boys enjoyed themselves. I think your Jeep might be a boy, too, what do you think?

  12. Looks like Doug had a great time with the boys. Some of the scenery looks beautiful with all the snow but just a little to cold for us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. way too cold looking for me but it looks like a blast of fun...maybe I'm just getting old :(....have a super week

  14. I've seen umbrellas in the states, in fact I actually own one. It's usually safely stored away in a closet, especially when I need it.

  15. Wow, that is the gnarliest Jeep trip I've ever seen!
    A river that is a road, through rocks, snow and rain!
    I hope you have good suspension!
    My back is having sympathy pains for yours! LOL

  16. Hi Sue!
    I loved reading this post! I came across your blog while reading about Donna and Stu's adventures. My hubby and I became Jeep "Wranglers" ourselves after we put our motorcycle adventures to rest. I'm new to the Jeep world and we are always looking for great places to drive it.

    Unfortunately, Alabama does not have as many mountainous roads to play on. The challenges that you have in your neck of the woods are far superior for 4X4 fun!

    Hope you don't mind if I hang out over here from time to time. It looks like a real nice site.

    Lovin' my Jeep
    Lady R

  17. OMG, how much fun is that? I went on a few Jeeper Jamboree trips out of Georgetown, CA over the Rubicon Trail (and a few other places) and those trips were a blast! Luckily our weather was good, but the rocks and boulders and river crossings were really fun. I don't know if I'd enjoy the extreme cold your guys had.


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