Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead calm?


Is my blog ‘dead in the water?

Is it just lying dormant?

Or maybe just ‘hibernating’ till spring?

Or is it on ‘hiatus’


hi·a·tus/ hīˈātəs/


A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

What ever I want to call it…and it seems there are a  few names for having no ‘action’ or ‘re-action’ what so ever…

This blogger has been inactive in the writing and the reading/commenting  department this month…

No real reason..just focusing on life in general…and taking a break from the land of computers.

My view every night after dinner has been this…


I have been enjoying my new/old hobby..the art of creating something with my own two hands is quite enjoyable….


the blanket is growing slowly as I knit away the winter doldrums..


so much so that I have two projects on the go now…

My second project   is called the ‘potato chip’ scarf…


so as you can see rather than sitting at the computer in the evening…


I am enjoying my new found interest…

that is of course until camping season is upon us again..and for that we are counting down the months…


soon our beloved ‘Little Dawg’ will be freed from his underground enclosure..


and our 2012 camping season will begin…


  1. I've gotten back into knitting, as well. And scarves are so much fun; can get one done in no time hardly. That's more fulfilling than a larger project like an afghan. I like your "potato chip" scarf. I'll have to try one like that.

  2. I for one have missed you! And I really need to learn to knit again.

  3. I should dig out the "smoke ring" I was knitting before the move ... I wonder where I put it?

  4. Looks like your making progress, I'll bet Tucker is snoozing while you knit.were going to try for a trip south in March. You will still be cold up there then. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. I probably need to put down the computer for a while too, and work on some projects around here.

  6. We have the same nothing going on here also,may be I should learn how to knit..

  7. It is a little disconcerting at times when one really thinks about how much of our lives & our time revolves around computers. I'm sure many former interests have dropped by the wayside as computers have taken over our lives. I, like pretty well every one else, enjoy my computer times but I am aware of how much it has, and is, cutting into other enjoyments that have slipped. Instead of early morning walks I am at the computer. Instead of spending time outdoors at night like I used to, I am now at the computer. And so it goes and so it goes. Good for you in taking back some former interests and picking up some new ones....that are not computer related.

  8. Whew! For a minute I thought I had missed your blog.

    PS No problem paying Canadians. It's daily and cash!

  9. Silence is golden. Tucker is golden. Be still and enjoy the silence and peace. Life can be enjoyed without having to report every move to the world. You're doing just fine, thanks for the update. Glad to hear you're enjoying life, Sue.

  10. I love knitting too but for me it is "socks". My favourite. Right now I am knitting felted clog slippers and they give me grief ☺ I am doing almost as much "frogging" as knitting. I really like your scarf. Nice pattern and colours.

  11. It's true, it's very hard to use the computer while knitting, sewing, etc! I've found that out. We miss you, Sue, but we know you'll be back to blogville in time. I like to see the pictures of your works-in-progress! :)

  12. Not such a bad idea to back off the computer. It is time taxing for sure. Now you have something equally productive that is tangible.

  13. your readers will be waiting ...

  14. I always enjoy reading your blog but I sure understand what you mean about taking a break. I have started to sew and crochet again and I really enjoy the creative aspects of it. I like to write too but sometimes I get "stuck" on the computer to the exclusion of everything else. Write when you can and enjoy your knitting.

  15. Glad ti see the title has no relationship to the movie. That was pretty scary:)

  16. Good to hear from you! :) Glad that you have found something to occupy your time during these dark winter months, but it was also nice to see your blog pop up on my blogroll today.

  17. Sometimes we all need away time from the keyboard to re-group and freshen up outside interests...I totally understand. Sure do like your plaid happy pants and slippers...want me some!!

  18. its nice to be able to see something for your effort like that pretty will blog when you feel like it again :) stay well-camping season is just around the corner

  19. Hope the knitting helps the time until get to go camping go faster!

  20. Won't be long for camping season... our winter down here is now 1/2 over!

  21. Miss your blogs, but am glad your enjoying the break with something you enjoy. February tomorrow, camping days are getting closer.

  22. It's so easy to be engulfed by the computer with what little free time life grants us all lately as we get carried away in just living our lives.

    While parked I find keeping the blog alive hard and hope readers will be as faithful as you in continuing to read and sometimes even comment :) I am looking forward to the next chapter of our lives and always know that in between packing I can come and read your blog and smile!

    I long for the days where I can create again as everything goes into boxes...I've never learned to knit but I do know how satisfying creating can be whether it's a painting, a card, a great photograph, a fun blog post etc...but there is something amazing about taking something raw and turning it into a wonderful creation. Yeah for creativity...

    May we all find more time to pull ourselves away from everyday life...from computers...and just slow down and enjoy life! Here's to blog hibernation's every once in awhile :)


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