Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Priorities in life


My life is filled with what I deem to be my priorities..

  • my husband
  • my daughter
  • my family
  • my pets
  • my friends
  • my peace of mind
  • my happiness
  • my dreams

Is this the right order for me?..or should my happiness come first?..and then my peace of mind and then all the others will fall into place where they belong?



life is indeed too short …to be wasted worrying about what others are  thinking  or are doing…

We are all individuals with our own thought processes and our own ‘crosses to bear’..

We have no idea what is going on inside someone else’s head unless they are going to share..

I am not a mind reader…and never claimed to be one…

I have spent most of my life always worrying about what someone else thinks of me….

  • did I say or do the wrong thing?
  • have I offended someone?

if I have,  I will apologize?

Is that a sign of weakness or is it a sign of needing to be liked?….


People come into our lives..some stay forever and others move on….so be it…

As we embark on a new year…I am re-evaluating my list of priorities…



  1. The older I have gotten, the more important it has become to make myself the number one priority. Some may thing that sounds selfish but if I don't take care of me, who will.

    I have also worried less about what others think of me.If you are happy within, does it matter what others think.

    As for being liked, there is no mistaking that you my friend are...just a look at the comments on your blog and the list of followers and the bloggers you have met speaks volumes....just keep being you.

  2. I think you've pretty well figured it out. The actual order isn't so important, and the list might flip around from time to time.
    It often better to be a little more concerned with yourself, which is NOT selfish at all, since it then allows you to continue getting the rest sorted out.
    We find that "friends" and "acquaintances" from years ago, who perhaps haven't "evolved" are best to be avoided. Everyone is bound to have some "baggage", but a seasoned traveller learns to keep the luggage to a minimum.

  3. Hear, hear ... Bob said it well enough, so I'll just say "ditto." If we don't make ourselves a priority, it is difficult, if not impossible, to figure out the rest of our priorities.

  4. Amen to all the above. I would like to think of those priorities of yours kind of in a clear globe -- they are all there, floating free. Sometimes one will rise to the top, sometimes another one, but they can all be equal overall. One priority may even bump into another once in a while and reshuffle the rest on rebound, but that's only temporary!

  5. ditto to all of the above...I was always a pleaser and a fixer...I felt I had to fix everyone problems for them..which caused stress in my life..then one day with a select few I realized "I wasn't really a fixer I was an enabler" so now I try to stop and smell the roses and give myself some me time and attention...the list order doesn't matter as long as you include your self and what is important to make you happy!!! Your blogs always make me 'think'..I love it..

  6. Good post as usual - stops and makes us think. I like the comments as well. I learned after a divorce years ago, that I needed to make myself happy and not expect someone else to do that for me. I don't think that is being selfish - it helps me keep my life in balance.

  7. Your making me think again and its early in the morning..good blog

  8. You have made us all think with this post. I have to agree with much of what has been said above.


  9. Can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said. :)

  10. Well said, my friend! Sounds like a perfect thing to do this time of the year!

  11. I am so glad I found your blog!
    You are a kindred spirit to many, including me!

    Too bad we can't have the wisdom from being older when we're young and need it the most! :)

  12. Yes, the older I get, the less I try to please other people..It's like seeing the sun beginning to set, and rushing around trying to get important stuff done before it gets dark... Prioritize, we tend to do this more as we age..the natural time to "rethink" things, eh??

  13. I was reminded recently of the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is sometimes more elusive than joy. Joy is more deep-seated than happiness and stays with us longer. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with your post about priorities, but it's what I thought of when I read it! :)

  14. I really can't add anything. But, since I've never actually been caught "speechless" I'll just say that it's been good to know you, and Doug and Tucker and Oliver. We'll savor our time together, and look forward to more adventures. By the way, it's sunny here in Eugene again today! (just sayin')

  15. There are worse things in life than wanting to be liked. Its really not such a bad trait as long as we love ourselves first. But I hear you. You're evaluating how and where and with whom you're spending your precious mental and emotional currency. Here's a toast to your success!

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  17. Really good thought provoking post Sue. Always a good thing to re-look at priorities as we get "more mature" lots of things in our lives change.
    We always enjoy reading and sharing in your blog.

  18. Great comments so far, especially noting that if you can't take care of yourself FIRST, you won't be able to take care of anyone else. I can only add that it often takes too many decades for us humans to stop basing our "happiness" on one or more events. Being happy is simply a choice you can always make. If your glass seems to be half empty, just get a smaller glass - and choose to be happy!

  19. Nothing like a good re-evaluation at the beginning of a new year...

  20. Great post Sue and some really great comments as well - not much to add that hasn't already been said. ♥

  21. This post was very moving to me. I have always been a little like you I think and this gives me a few things to think about changing. Thanks for sharing!!


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