Wednesday, January 11, 2012

inside the ‘vortex’


January is almost half over…there have been no pictures taken..that was until this morning…

I was riding on the sky train..plugged into my ipod..oblivious to the surroundings..that was until I glanced out the window…

The sunrise was an amazing array of pinks and blues..but I had no camera..only the one on my phone…


..not bad for a cell phone photo….so pretty …too bad I had to go into work..would have been a great day to keep on riding the train to the end…going for a walk on the seawall at Stanley Park..


..and then maybe  take the little ferry over to Granville Island..


but it was not too be…work was calling..this picture perfect day was going to have to be seen from inside the ‘vortex’!…

The only view I really liked today that I saw was…


my feet up on the coffee table …lunches are made..dinner is ready to go…time to relax after yet another day at work…

onwards to Thursday…soon the weekend will be here…

…maybe it will be a picture taking opportunity….


  1. Hoping you have an enjoyable, picture perfect weekend.

  2. Keep focused on what awaits you outside that will be here in no time!

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  4. Hope your weekend has at least one day that is as good as our Saturday was last weekend ... two would be even better. Have been caught up in my work vortex and have not had a chance to blog it yet.

  5. Hang in there, the weekend is coming. Beautiful sunrise.

  6. I feel your pain this work thing is getting in our way. Cold and about 16 deg here.

  7. Beautiful sunrise pic Sue. Hey, the weekend is very near and each day has it's own beauty. Who knows the positive impact you will have on someone at work today.
    Take care and thanks for the pic.

  8. Love the "feet up" picture. We sure would like you to be able to put them up in front of our fire. Hold on to that dream Sue!

  9. That's a great picture of the sunrise, Sue. Glad you took the time to notice it and snap a picture for all of us to enjoy. Feet up at the end of the day--what could be better? Have a great day at work!

  10. the only good thing about working is the pay check. Stash just a little extra from time to time. Just think of it as get away. cash, even when getting away seems far in th future.

  11. Reflecting on all the good things that have been and are to come must make the day go faster:)

  12. Pretty good cell phone pic! YOur feet up and resting looks like the best pic of the blog though. LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. Pretty cool blanket with Tucker's picture on it. Tucker sure has a great life!

    Hang in there. Your day is coming!

  14. Hope the weekend doesn't bring on the forecast snow I heard while watching our Shaw Direct satellite dish, this morning, here in the Mojave desert.

    Enjoy the presents temps though....and the quasi sunny skies too.

  15. I have a pic of my feet in the same position..only mine are bare and my toenails are painted blue...I do crazy things when we travel...I don't see the relaxing glass of Vino, is it sitting on the table next to you?? Don't let January get you day at a time..Carpe Diem!!

  16. Almost TGIF hope the weekend weather turns out nice. We enjoy sharing your picture taking outings. Beautiful sunrise you captured. Tell Doug hi from the two of us.

  17. It's Thursday night as I write this so perhaps by the time you read it you will be able to say TGIF!! Hang in there...

  18. Who's that "flat dog" on the red blanket at your feet there, Sue. Looks sorta like Tucker, but he's too flat and too quiet. Hope your week passes quickly now, and your weekend is nice and sunny!


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