Sunday, January 15, 2012

A wintery weekend?


Now we all know that it is mid-January..but here on the west coast of British Columbia the weather has been more spring like than winter…

That was until today…

this morning I opened the blinds..and viola…


oh sure I know it is only a minimal amount of the white stuff…but it is white still the same..the skies were gray and the snow was still falling…

A wet and slippery morning…

Me?..I stayed inside….the windex, paper towel, swiffer, Mr. Clean and the dirty laundry were calling my name…

I had  ignored the housework long enough, time to get at it..

Within a few hours…all the  inside chores were  done…and the view outside  was much better…perfect blue sky…


Tucker and I headed to the park so he could  chase  the ball..the bright  orange ball should be easy to find in the white least one would think so?…

It was not so easy…after a few throws I managed to lose sight of the ball..buried in the snow..and the nose of our boy was not working as well as it should have!!

He did manage to finally sniff it out…after much circling and back- tracking..he had success!!


”who me?..I didn’t lose my ball..I knew where it was the whole time?”..just having some fun!!!

..a cold winter day is a perfect day to sit by the fireplace and re-teach one’s self how to knit?..

Google is the best for learning how to …cast on…knit and purl…

oh, sure I have knitted before …maybe 27years ago..

a new found/old hobby…


..soon this ‘scarf’ will be a blanket…only eight more balls of wool to go…maybe it will be done by the summer?


  1. Pretty scarf, soon to be a blanket. I love to knit. Will be looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. After a warm weekend last week, we had snow that covered the roofs and grassy areas for a couple hours before disappearing. Now, we have normal seasonal temps ... a good excuse to do things inside. Have fun re-learning how to knit. The only time I seem to take up the hobby is when my mom is visiting.

  3. A clean house, blue skies and a Golden by your side...what could be better?

  4. Tucker, what kind of Golden Retriever are you boy?!
    Probably like our Raider was.
    I think he figured: you threw the ball YOU go get it!

    Lovely knitting project, great pattern, it should keep you toasty as you're working on it!

    Does your kitty get into the yarn?!

    Hugs to you
    Belly rubs to Tucker

  5. Why stop at a blanket? If you keep knitting, you could cover Little Dawg! :)

  6. Den's Mom was a beautiful knitter and made all our babies wonderful blankets, hats and sweaters that they still have. I tried to knit, but if I had to rip out stitches (and I did lots of that), I had to have Den put my loops back on the needle. He was brought up watching his mom knit and he could do it too...Sheesh!

  7. What a perfect day to pick up your knitting again!!! Good for you! Love the pattern. It'll be a beautiful blanket. And, something tells me it'll be done before you know it!

  8. That's going to be one gorgeous blanket. And if your weather continues to be winter like, that should give you lots of time to work on it. Tucker, you need to work on those ball skills. I know, and you know, it was just an excuse not to have to go home so soon. LOL

  9. I agree--knitting is a good winter hobby, only I crochet instead of knit. This winter I'm sewing, but knitting/crocheting is much more portable, until the project gets to be blanket-sized! Your "white stuff" is very pretty!

  10. Got a website for you. Great patterns of EVERY type.

  11. We have been spoiled with the weather here but winter has found us. Snowed most of the day yesterday and now this week we are looking at clear skies with highs of -23c and lows of -37c....can you say "brisk"!?

    I always wished I could knit like my mom but I just never got the hang of it. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

    Don't get lost in all that snow now..hehe

  12. That definitely does not look like spring weather:)

  13. yup a clean house and a golden to entertain you life doesn't get much better than that :) have a super week

  14. Looks like we missed your white stuff by just two weeks. Glad Tucker made the best of it. Enjoy the knitting looks like your off to a good start.

  15. Brrrr that looks cold

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. Sounds like you and Tucker had a "ball" in the snow. Goldens are so precious and a love. Glad ya'll had a fun,cold day.

  17. Tucker sure brightens up any day, no matter how cold and dreary. :c)

  18. Brrr! It sure looks cold, but the blue skies sure help. Enjoy your knitting project. I like the pattern.

  19. You sure are having yourself a long wintery week-end but I probably do understand your need & desire for blogging changes.....

  20. I can't believe this got away from me, Sue! You are knitting and it looks yummy! I have discovered a bunch of really good videos and have subscribed to the #knitting stream on google+. In the midst of work and knitting and snow and shoveling, blog reading has slipped a bit. Just a "hi"....waving


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