Monday, February 20, 2012



How hard is it to be a ‘couch potato?..

first off..what is a couch potato?..

COUCH POTATO is "Lazy person who sits all day watching TV"


..not exactly my idea of a good time that is for sure..

..we call it ‘recharging our batteries’..

a weekend filled with a lot of sitting and relaxing….watching TV..knitting..yes the blanket is growing…slowly…


as is the ‘potato chip scarf’..


..oh sure there was a walk in the park…on a rainy afternoon..


throw in a few naps just for good measure…and ‘voila’ you have a nice quiet weekend..batteries recharged and ready to go for yet another week…

if only life were that easy all the time…


  1. It's strange, but even with life on the road we need to take time to recharge our batteries also. Of course, with Jim still recovering my batteries are getting overcharged. LOL

  2. How do you plug a meter in the the potato to know when it is fully charged? :)

  3. That would be nice if things were always that way. Time for my nap..

  4. I don't watch TV, but probably spend too much time on the computer, in between walks of course. I also try to do some sewing while sitting around. I'll be starting a summer job on April 11 so I'll probably need more couch time.

  5. Rainy days are the worst..Den and I do lots of "tag team" crossword puzzles..We both work on one at the same time...Of course, we are in our recliners and eating pretzels, but our minds are going 100 mph...Does that count???

  6. I'v been spending far to much time reading and on the laptop lately! Got to get up and moving. 1/2 hour on the treadmill in the morning just isn't enough.

  7. Some people don't like to admit that they ever watch TV, but we do and we like the shows that we both enjoy, like Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, and some of the food shows like Worst Cooks and Top Chef. We also like Gold Rush and Flying Wild Alaska. I'm glad that you got a (re)charge out of the weekend!

  8. Except for a few series and the news, we don't watch much TV. When I do, my hands have to be busy with something ... it's a good time to be crafting.

  9. What else would a couch potato make but a potato chip scarf?? Glad you are doing some re-charging...wish I was that wise...

  10. we all need a recharge every now and then even while on the road...and we watch TV too but I'm usually on the puter at the booth so would I be a 'booth potato'? lol have a super week

  11. Nice work on the blanket and scarf. The time change is coming soon March 11, won't be long til your getting Little Dawg ready for a few adventures. Have a great week!

  12. Recharging is good, accomplishing something while recharging is better.
    Spring will soon be here.

  13. Recharging is good, but being retired and fulltime we never get a day off, so when do we recharge? Maybe a rainy day? We have had one rainy day since the fall. Hmm... We do a bit every day, putter around every day and read a bit everyday, maybe even a few minutes of tv when I am ready to fall asleep. We can now pace ourselves and plug in the charger everyday.

  14. I admit I am a reality junkie, work a lot of hours so I want totally mindless entertainment.
    Now as far as the potato...remember back to science experiments you did in school on electricity??? Even a potato generates so current. So even as a 'couch potato' you are generating.

  15. It's OK to be a couch-potato every once in a while. We all need to recharge our batteries and when it is deary day outside it just makes it that much more cozy. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


  16. Sometimes you just need down time... Hope you tried to enjoy it!!!
    Have fun

  17. Nothing wrong with recharging the batteries. Naps, TV, walking, knitting.....or anything else, for that matter, works if one finds it relaxing rather than taxing.

  18. We all definitely need to have our batteries recharged before starting another week!
    Time to rest, relax and catch our breathes!
    I love how the knitted blanket is coming, such a great pattern!


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