Saturday, February 4, 2012

Staying focused…


The long days of winter can be cold, wet and white…

Today on the other hand was a day filled with sunshine, blue skies and  warm may even call it  ‘balmy’!..hardly a normal February day..

and the best thing about today was the fact that Doug has the weekend off..after working the whole month of January with only three days was time for some fun..


We headed east towards Abbotsford and the RV show at the Tradex..


…filled with anticipation..more tire kicking and cupboard door slamming was in our future..whoo hooo…!

We paid our admission…$7 each…two coupons..for a dollar off…what a deal..

The place was packed with everything a RV’er could dream about…even my parents were there ‘dreaming right along with us…’

We meandered the aisles..perusing a few of the fifth wheels…and the motorhomes…did anything really strike our fancy?…

not really…sure there was some very nice rigs..too nice for the ‘bus load of dog and cat hair we are going to have’..

Within two hours we were back in the car…heading for the cheap gas at Costco…..$1.12 a  liter…$4.21 a gallon for our American friends..

…all that tire kicking made us hungry so we headed to..


..lunch was delicious..sure have to love when salad, bread, main course, dessert and tea or coffee are included in the price..

P2049102 more RV stop for us ..we continued east towards O’Connor Rv in Chilliwack to have a look at a  new 2012 Bounder…


..sure is hard to stay focused…so many motorhomes and so much time to look and dream…

IMG_0109 is difficult to want something … you can picture it in your we just have to make it happen…

One day at a time…our ‘afternoon date’…draws to a close as we head west towards home..both lost in our own thoughts…wishing and hoping…


..onwards to the reality of our life for now…as we say so long to the white capped mountains…

Tucker is waiting patiently at daycare…


..we are holding on tight to our dream…


  1. Great Blog!!!! Stay focused it will happen!! :) before you know guys had a great day-

  2. Nothing better after all that work than kicking tires and dreaming of the future on the road:)

  3. All your talk of Abbotsford and Chilliwack brings back memories. I used to live in Vedder Crossing back in the 70's. There was no McDonald's in our neck of the woods so once a month we would drive to Abbotsford with the kids to go to McDonald's.
    Keep looking, you'll find your dream.

  4. So glad you got out and enjoyed the day together! Always fun to dream about something that's coming in the future. Keep kicking and dreaming, and one day you'll find yourself smack dab in the middle of what you always wanted!

  5. Even though we are not in the market, I always enjoy the RV shows. And as long as you are doing something fun together, then it's a good day. Keep holding onto that dream! Love your photos and header.

  6. Dreaming and planning is good, helps to get through the work days. Finding "the one" will happen. Lots of nice, fancy RV's out there, but we all don't need such a large fancy rig.

  7. Good blog, Sue. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and floorplan of the 2012 Bounder. I'm prejudiced, but I like our 2010 model better. I didn't see a spot for the washer/dryer? We use ours every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I'm not sure that I like the new setup with the couch and TV located in the middle, but I know coaches seem to be leaning towards that layout.

  8. We are headed to the RV show here next weekend...we have been considering selling the trailer and going back to a camper so we can pull a boat.
    I would never recommend O'Connor though (we purchased our trailer there)...their customer services sucks!!

  9. Dream it and it will come. WE have the rig, now to just get Donna retired and head out. were heading that way too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  10. Keep the dream alive. We've had a couple of 60F+ days --- even getting to 70 one day ... but all during the week when we had to work ... bummer.

  11. I think for all of us the RV lifestyle has started with a dream.

  12. Nothing like kickin' a few tires to "kick" the dream up a notch..I love RV shows. We really love our Hiker LS, but they quite making them..Most everything now has a full bath...We don't like that. It's a separate shower, sink and "outhouse" for us..Glad you had fun..Dream's coming!

  13. Even though I had owned a variety of RVs in the past, I remember the excitement of shopping for my first full time rig. Enjoy working on the dream. :)

  14. Dreams keep us going towards the future. And spending an afternoon with your sweetie is one of the best ways to work towards that dream. It will happen.

  15. Keep on dreaming! Tucker goes to daycare when you go to the rv show...what a good life he has!

  16. Reality is first a thought (dream)...the only way to make it happen is to stay focused! You are on the right track...stay focused and it will be your reality as soon as you make it happen!

  17. We did it. We did it the first time and we have done it again. Back on the road. Hold Tight to the Dream - find that song on iTunes it will encourage you.

  18. Hold on to that dream,we our. So much to do and so little time to do it. Work keeps getting in my way.

  19. We are not going to any RV shows this spring. Love what we have and don't want to see anything else! Done with window shopping!

  20. We are not going to any RV shows this spring. Love what we have and don't want to see anything else! Done with window shopping!

  21. Hold on to that dream. It will happen before you know it!!

  22. The right RV is out there, you just haven't found it yet. The main thing is you're out and about looking. One day, it'll be there before you know it.

    And don't worry about having a cat and a dog in your RV. That is why they come with "Fur"niture. ;c)

  23. I remember those dreaming days... loved it! It does happen!

  24. We know the feeling well, thanks for a little inspiration. Glad you had sometime off with Doug after all those OT weekends he worked. Wishing you more nice weekend weather in the coming weeks.

  25. So many floor plans to choose from, isn't it overwhelming?!
    I am glad you two got away to do some "research" and enjoy lunch.
    Tucker must have had fun with his buddies, but really glad to see you when you took him home!

    35 F here in Benson, AZ these mornings, though that might be balmy for you! LOL

    Have a good week!

  26. It's true! To dream is a part of the process that leads to the reality. It's a reality that you and Doug will achieve. Nice Bounder Class 'A' too.

    All the best.

  27. Hi Sue and Doug,
    I've missed you! Sounds like you had a great day off the other day! RV show, dinner our, back to the doggie at day's end! Hold on tight to your dream. You can make it happen. I hope you have a very great week. Take care then, Levonne


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