Friday, March 23, 2012

The color orange?


Black, white , red, green, blue, brown, purple or yellow are all just fine colors but….


I love the smell of oranges..and the actual color reminds me of Fall…my favourite time of year…

  • the leaves
  • pumpkins
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • the red, yellow and orange colours..


Anyway back to topic at hand…I ‘googled’ orange and this is what I found..

  • Orange is a power color.
  • It is one of the healing colors.
  • It is said to increase the craving for food.

     “is candy corn a ‘food   item’?”


  • It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Orange means vitality with endurance.


People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere.

Orange Energy:

While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun.

A dynamic color to be sure, orange offers a more thoughtful control than explosive red.


Curiosity is a ‘driving’ characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new’ things.


Put some orange in your life when you want:

  • to spice things up when you feel like time is dragging
  • to become more involved in something
  • to increase creativity
  • relief from things becoming too serious

and life is most definitely too serious…time for some fun…


  • Wearing orange during times of stress, or shock can help to balance your emotions.
  • It can bring about the willingness to embrace new ideas with enjoyment and a sense of exploration and creative play.


Maybe we need  to find some ‘orange’?..I am all for embracing a new sense of exploration and some new ideas?


What is your ‘color’?..and what does it mean to you?


  1. I love the blue of the sky and the green of newly mown lawns ... both of which remind me of the freshness and rejuvenation of spring. Happy Spring!

  2. I like orange--oranges, love some of the clothing in orange shades but my true color is red!

  3. Blue skies, green grass, palm trees - those are my happy colors. I want the ceiling in the nursing home painted blue with big puffy clouds to make me think I'm outside, haha. Orange was my least favorite color - reminded me of fall which led to dreary winters. However, now that I have an orange tree in my yard, I'm beginning to like orange. Another good post Sue!

  4. If orange means eating some Cheetos, count me in!

    My favorite color seems to change often. Right now it is turquoise blue. :)

  5. Leave the Cheetos and Orange Crush out of it, but I'm all for orange. The taste more than the color. Give me orange Jello, orange candies (heck, ANY candy, just about!), orange flavoring in my chocolate milk, the smell of orange blossoms. Orange was my mother-in-law's absolute favorite color, but for years she was reclusive. But I certainly agree with what your research says about an orange favoring person! Yay for us.

  6. Candy Corn is one of the major food groups in my diet! Now I have to head out to the supermarket to get some more... ;c)

  7. Boy, there are sooo many shades of orange...ya gotta be careful. We had orange shag carpet in our bedroom when we were first married...YIKES! lIKE LIVING IN A CITRUS TREE!

  8. When I was younger, red was my color. Then about 5-10 years ago, it was purple. Now my color is blue, a bright sky/ocean blue color. Lately my daughter has been attracted to purple. I think purple has to do with changing. Great post.

  9. This was a really fun post - I'll bet it was fun putting it together.

    I don't have a favorite color, never really did. If I HAD to choose, I guess I'd say white, but that's not really a "color." I think it's the total of all colors.

    I've never really thought about the color orange, but I'm addicted to Cheezits, and they're orange. So I usually have a little orange in my day. :)

  10. I am allergic to most scents, perfume, chemicals, etc, so things like orange peels in the disposer are wonderful...can clean the air a little and still not have my throat close up.
    Funny Donna C..I had orange shag in my first apartment

  11. Orange, that's me in all ways. You should have seen our stix and brix. Way back when there were "colour" parties, orange was my best.

  12. Purple, purple, purple, when i grow old i shall wear purple!!!

  13. Orange you glad you did this ingenious post on color? I red it until I was blue in the face; in fact, it made me green with envy!

  14. I love orange...bright orange, burnt orange...all kinds of orange....poor tucker...glad he got to swim..imagine a place that won't let a golden in...grrr....never met a golden that 'didn't' smile....

  15. We cannot show this post to my wife! She will drag me to the Jeep dealer to buy one!

    She loves Jeeps and if she knew they made them in orange I would be done for!

    AAAAAAggggghhhhhhh!!! :)~ Have fun!



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