Friday, March 9, 2012

“how about a cup of… ???”


A few months back I had done a post with regards to being nominated for a Canadian Blog award…


Well, needless to say the award was not to be…..I know, it was an honour to be nominated…

I also had the privilege of being one of the ‘jurors’ in this contest…


Now this was not an easy process  to organize  for the person in charge..but he did a fine job, giving everyone a list of blogs to judge..and a spread sheet to mark the scores on.

There was certain criteria and each section was given a score and then placed on the spread sheet…

Now  I was not the only one doing the judging. There were 40+ other jurors/bloggers who were also  assigned a list…

..we did the first phase..a list of 35 blogs to read…

The whole judging process was based on..


  • usability and accessibility
  • functionality
  • interactivity
  • aesthetics



  • originality
  • intelligibility and clarity
  • currency
  • transparency and authenticity
  • attention to detail
  • engagingness

Now it was pretty difficult to be critical of other bloggers..who am I to judge?…

I am so use to reading my small list of blogs and to be exposed to many so  different types of subjects was very interesting and difficult at times…

The second phase of the judging we were given a smaller list to judge and the criteria for this section was the same except they added an extra criterion..

Category fit:

if the blog had it’s own domain address.. “” rather than just “” extra point was added.

The categories were numerous..

from Arts and Crafts, Photography, Business and Career, Comics, Crafting, Family and Parenting, Food and Drink, Political, Religion, Humour, Travel, Disability..,just to name a few…

This whole process was to be based on the quality of the blog as a whole and not on the popularity. 

Having been a ‘juror’ in this award contest has introduced me to many different types of ‘blogs’..some very interesting, enlightening and some?..well they left a bit to be desired..

There is a big world of blogs out there in cyber-space..some are award winning and some are…

just not my ‘cup of tea’…


So in closing, I just want to say if you are sitting on a rainy day and looking for something different to read..

here is the link..

Canadian weblog winners for 2011

..keep an open mind..some are very different than what we are all use too…








  1. It'd be like have a bookstore right at your fingertips. Nice idea for a rainy day. I wouldn't want to have judge any blogs, though.

  2. That's quite a long list of blogs ... and so many categories. Gene and Judi is right ... good place to go on a rainy day . Judging them ... well you're a better person than me for agreeing to be on the panel; it couldn't have been easy.

  3. It's really raining here in Mississippi today, and if I didn't have to work I'd be checking out all of those blogs. Maybe I can squeeze a few in before I head in. Thanks.

  4. I wouldn't want to judge, but I bet the process and experience was priceless. You are so very right, there are a multitude of blogs out there and I bet very interesting reading.

  5. I certainly wouldn't be a judge..I can hardly proof my own...Sometimes I let McGyver proof it for me...Thanks for the link..

  6. Since it is raining here today, I will check out the link:)

  7. Now I see what you have been busy doing, besides knitting! I don't even want to look at the list of blogs, lest I get interested in them!

  8. I really don't think they left out any category. You could spend more than one rainy day reading from that link.

  9. I follow a lot of blogs. Quilting, weaving, farming, homesteading. All things I have interests in. Don't know that I'll full time forever.

  10. Sorry to hear you didn't win, but your blog is at the top of my favorites!

  11. If I had been a judge - you would have won for sure!!

  12. Oh my goodness, Sue, so many criterion to keep in mind while reading so many different types of blogs...absolutely mind numbing but interesting at the same time! LOL

    Very flattering for you to be a juror! That proves recognition for your great quality blog!

  13. Completely agree that to be nominated is very worthy. It can be so hard to choose a winner when there are so many close competitors.

    Valiant effort though!

  14. Oy, that's a lot of reading!!

  15. Your blog is one of the first we started following and will always be one of our favorites. Will check out the link on one of our slower day's. Wishing you and Doug a great weekend!

  16. Wow, you had quite the job to do. Sounds like it was quite the task to judge them. I sure hope that you enjoyed reading them. Sorry that you weren't a winner, you do a great job on your blog!

    Kevin and Ruth

  17. I love it! What a great way to stretch and grow! Thanks for doing that. You made a difference in some person's life, I am sure.

    I've been thinking that I am going to start looking forward to meeting you two in 2012. At this point, we are turning the keel in your direction.

  18. wow that is alot of blogs..I have trouble just finding the time to keep up with reading my rvblogs...I would never want to have to do the judging...have a super week...


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