Tuesday, March 13, 2012

in like a lion?


The month of March is almost half  way over…soon spring will be upon us…

…as for our activities?..they have been few and far between..

a short walk on the dyke this past weekend..


..the weather wasn’t too bad..a bit of sun and some cloud..


..and of course we all know ‘who’ went for a swim..


..yesterday was a bit windy here in Coquitlam..but on Vancouver Island there was a major wind storm…downed power lines and trees…gusts of 135 kilometers per hour in Campbell River…


Me?..I like a good wind storm..just not one that creates so much damage…..

..kind of like Winnie the Pooh..who loves those blustery days..


..and then today?…we had a winter wonderland..


..just ‘freaky  Tuesday weather’..


and then within an hour or so?..blue skies??


March is coming in ‘like a lion and hopefully going out like a lamb’!


  1. The weatherman is excited here. It just might rain a little on Sunday. And the temperature.....going from 85 to 65. Ohhh, get out the longjohns.

  2. Eugene, OR - same song, second verse!! My daughter lives in Oregon City and they had 4" of the white stuff on the ground this morning. SNOW: The tribe has spoken, it's time for you to go!

  3. The weather has been really odd this winter. Ouch on that damage from the wind.

  4. Same as Toni & Doug. Cold front coming through and high on Sunday of 62. I am so not happy with that. I am really enjoying these 80 degree days.

  5. Snow in January or even February=fine. Snow in March=not acceptable. I guess we can't complain about wind in March, but I hope the next wind storm waits until we get home tomorrow. Pooh on blustery days!

  6. We came from Anacortes this morning there was snow on the ground, also Blaine and Bellingham, we almost turned around and headed south. We were really happy the sun was shining when we pulled into Departure Bay. I sure hope it turns into a lamb soon.

  7. Wow, that looks like a whole lot of damage from that wind storm.

  8. Spring is coming...hang in there.

  9. We've got the opposite problem ... March has come in like a lamb with temps reaching into the 80s this week ... makes me wonder what the weather's going to be like for the rest of the year since we definitely did not have a normal winter.

  10. I love the wind too but not real bad! Great photos and wow that tree is big!!! Hard to believe it went down!

  11. Wow!! Those winds are surely from the Lion's mouth...Spring is here in Northern Texas, tho...and we are lovin' it...

  12. Hey Sue, your province was on the Weather Channel here in the US! Somebody sent in a video of the snow storm! Oh my, what great big flakes you had!!

    I won't tell you we had blue skies and 82 degrees here in Arizona! :) It's like we're on a totally different planet! LOL

    I can't imagine who that was that went for a swim in that freezing water! He must have been a "pup-scile" when he got out!

    Hopefully you weather will be more "lamb like" soon!

  13. With such variety in your weather, how do you know what to dress for?

    About the only thing you can be sure of is not to use an umbrella. With those winds you'd be making the news as a UFO... ;c)

  14. I'm going to rub in the fact that the sun is still shinning here!! :P

  15. Brrr, it sure looks cold in your neck of the woods. That sure was a lot of damage. Be safe!

  16. A little rain and cold weather coming our way for the weekend and into next week. March looks like it provided you with a little bit of everything. Only one more day to TGIF.

  17. I love the big trees, right up until there's a huge wind storm. Still can't get over the damage done to Stanley Park a few years back. It was mind boggling.

  18. Hmmmm, bad weather at home? Not sure we should continue our journey northward.

    Here in CA, the weather is failing too...and the weather girl is calling for rain, rain, snow in higher elevations, rain and rain. YUK!

    Oh well, it is what it is.

  19. We sure hope that the weather is okay for our return trip to Regina in a couple of weeks.

    I bet you are getting excited to go camping this summer !!

    Enjoyed your post today ... TnT


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