Saturday, March 24, 2012



Three little rivets missing from a fender and an opportunity came upon us….


I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason…and sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity and go for  it…CARPE DIEM…

Sometimes it is a deal that just can’t be passed up…

Weigh all the options:

  • gas mileage
  • engine
  • transmission

and go for it…that is the best thing about being an adult!!!


Are we happy with our decision?….you betcha..

  • no coercion
  • no regrets
  • no buyer’s remorse
  • no explaining our new  ‘crush’


At first we thought it looked like..

  • a pylon..
  • a pumpkin.
  • a safety vest

…then someone called it the ‘General Lee’..


But it is our ‘Freeway’…a 2012 Jeep Sahara Wrangler Unlimited…


..and the color is like a ‘ray of sunshine’…

2012_03_24 onto our Sunny Saturday…

…off to the Sea to Sky Highway and the town of Squamish..


..the views were amazing..the mountains capped with snow..the blue sky…one couldn’t ask for a more perfect day!!… was perfect for us..not so perfect for Tucker…our stop for lunch was Alice Lake Provincial Park….and at the picnic area we came upon this sign…

IMG_7890 dogs allowed at the lake?..

IMG_7888 it was a picnic in the parking lot….tied to the bumper for our golden boy…

poor Tucker..


..not to worry ‘little buddy’…after we are done our ‘egg sandwiches’ we  will find a place for  you to go swimming!!


..heading back towards home…


we stopped at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver…there is  a great dog area…with lots of dogs to play with…

Tucker was so happy!..our ‘boy’ really does smile!!…


..he has just spotted the water!!


..time for a swim in Capilano River..


IMG_7901_1 as our Saturday draws to a close..we are glad that Spring has finally arrived…


Happy Hour on the sundeck rounds out our picture perfect day!!..Cheers!


  1. Gosh, don't you love the excitement of getting a new, Jeep? And what a great color! Congratulations on your fun vehicle!

  2. Congratulations - what fun!! Glad you got what you wanted. Nice that you found a place for for Tucker to go swimming. Our daughter picked out her new puppy today - a Golden she named Ricky. He will be ready to go in another 10 days. He's so cute - just like Tucker!!

  3. Awesome looking Jeep... As they say, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand!"

  4. Aahhh ... the sudden post on "orange is now explained." That's a great looking vehicle! And you won't lose it in the parking lot :-)))

  5. Nice looking jeep. Congratulations.

  6. Should be easy to find the jeep in a parking lot - just look for the glow. Congrats, looks like a great ride. Sure glad Tucker got his swim - he looked sad being tied to the jeep.

  7. And On the "bright" side ... It will be easy to spot in the mall parking lot!!

  8. Now you need a pink motorhome to really stand out!

  9. Great looking Jeep. It will never be lost on any trail you choose.

  10. Great looking Jeep, Orange is a safe color too. Hope it turns out to be a great trouble free vehicle for you,Tucker has already grabbed his seat. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  11. Love that new Jeep! We'll certainly be able to see you coming.

    Enjoy that new car smell before it gets overcome by that (happy) wet dog smell. ;c)

  12. Love that last shot! Very peaceful and serene.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. Wow wow wee! Love it! It is a ray of sunshine! And if our doggies don't have fun, we don't either! Beautiful last shot there. Is that off your sundeck?! I want that view!

  14. Wow. We will definitely see you coming. I mean because it's a lot less common than the silver one. Congratulations. I love the smell of new cars.

  15. Orange you glad you bought it? :)

  16. Not being an orange person...I absolutely think it totally fits that vehicle..I cannot imaging you and Doug zipping around in any other color..LOVE IT! IT'S A FASHION STATEMENT ABOUT YOUR GREAT ATTITUDE!!

  17. A delightful looking vehicle, a delightful seeming day, except perhaps for the parking lot picnic. We have actually had many of those, but then we don't have a Tucker to worry about.

  18. certainly won't get lost in the crowd! Nice ride!

  19. No wonder you were posting about orange-colored things! This one didn't make me hungry. Congratulations, Sue and Doug!

  20. Congratulations!! :) What a beautiful looking new jeep! So exciting!! :)

  21. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations on your new Crush!

    We're right there with ya! That new engine on the 2012 is supposed to be awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing that dream motorhome with the orange accents to match!


  22. ok you said Tucker really does smile and then you give us a photo of his backside ! :-)

  23. What a great Jeep you bought !!

    Congrats to you ...

    We camped at Alice Lake a couple of years ago, and loved it.

    You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful spot.

    Take care ... TnT

  24. Congratulations! we like the new Jeep. Looks like it's going to be a fun summer. Glad you had a nice weekend to enjoy it. Nice to see Tucker got his swim in also.

  25. Love the new jeep, especially the color!! We are Clemson fans so orange is a favorite for us! And so glad you managed to find a swimming 'hole' for Tucker. Have to keep those fur babies happy!!

  26. That jeep will be easy to find in the parking lot:)

  27. Congratulations, Sue! That new "crush" will look great on the back of your motorhome the next time you go RVing!

    Poor Tucker! How could they?!
    I'm glad you found him some water to go swimming in!

    Loved your pics of "Super Natural" BC! (After 3 months in AZ I'm craving green! :)

  28. You will certainly be easy to spot going down the road. I'm not usually an orange color person but I sure do like that color on your jeep.

  29. I LOVE your new Jeep! There's nothing like getting a new car, that great smell... You always feel like everyone on the road is looking at your new car, well, with a brand new ORANGE Jeep, they ARE! (When I was in my 20s, we got a new orange VW convertible, LOVED it.) Enjoy. :)

  30. Congratulations on the new Jeep and what a great color you will be sure and always be able to find it. Enjoy!

  31. Just realized you guys got yourselves a new Jeep Pumpkin. Neat-O. Love the color for sure. If you park it in a crate of Oranges nobody will ever see it. Everytime your neighbors to the west look out their windows they will think it's sunrise & of course that big orange ball seen from neighbors to your east is going to mean a sunset. If you go to the Orange Bowl parade in California you could be Parade Marshalls & while in California you might want to drive through Orange County to the delight of all the locals. But, a word of caution while in California. Might want to take a GPS reading if you happen to park the Jeep in an Orange orchard or you may have difficulty in locating your new ball of Sunshine.....:))


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