Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A spring in our step…


Spring has sprung..well, maybe?..

a week ago this was our view..


and now today…it is still a bit chilly outside but the trees are budding and crocuses are coming out from the cold..


..spring is the start of new beginnings..


..it is a time for birds to be chirping and flowers to be blooming…

..also time for some spring cleaning…that’s always a fun chore…

but first..I have a book I want to read…

Donna and Russ  had a book give-away on their blog a couple of weeks ago..they drew a name  from the list of commenters  but I was not the lucky winner..Bob and Sue were..

A few days later Donna emailed me to say that Russ had found another copy of the book and would I like to read it??

Donna put it in the mail and it arrived today…


..so needless to say I am going to be kicking ‘Tucker' out of his chair..


so I can settle in and enjoy ‘The art of racing in the rain’..

thanks for sharing the book Donna..I will be sure to  ‘pay it forward’ when I am done..

and we are the  ‘rain experts’ here on the west coast..but we are hoping to find a ‘ray of sunshine’ this weekend!!..so stay tuned..

I am sure the skies will be a little bit brighter as Spring 2012 progresses…


  1. Happy reading and happy first day of spring tomorrow, ushered in by...rain!

  2. Congrats. Enjoy the book...while waiting for true spring to hit. Maybe this weekend with predicted warmer temps and sunny skies.

  3. I thought Spring came for you Canucks some time in early August, then Summer mid August before winter hits first week of September.

    Maybe I need to visit the great, frosty North?

  4. We will be back soon. Fix the weather, eh. See you around the 20th of April.

  5. We LOVE spring !!

    Funny thing for us this year is we had summer in Canada, summer
    ( winter ) in the US, and now we are returning to summer in Canada !!

    What a life ... LOL

    Take care ... Tnt

  6. Congrats on the book, and happy reading. Sorry Tucker has to give up his seat...maybe a move to the sofa for him.
    Spring is a beautiful time of the year and you are so right, a time for new beginnings!
    Sue, you guys take care and enjoy the spring season.

  7. Hope you enjoy the book! We've got the rain down here today...all day. I know, I should go out and race around in it, right? Say Hi to Tucker and Doug. Sorry Tucker had to give up his seat, but it was for a good cause. Happy Spring, Sue!

  8. And I thought MY view had changed in just a few short weeks. Wow!

  9. Just the tiniest hint of spring is enough to put a bit of oomph in our step, isn't it? A time for rebirth ... enjoy!

  10. Nice seeing those first signs of spring with all the new flowers. Enjoy your book, and we hope some sunshine finds you this weekend.

  11. At least we don't have rain this morning (Wednesday) - we have SNOW!! Can you believe it. So we won't be out Racing in the Rain today. Enjoy the book and enjoy spring (when it REALLY, TRULY gets here)!

  12. Hey Sue, we were just the opposite of you! Spring started with snow flurries in Benson, AZ, only to be followed by a storm at 5 PM! Didn't Mother Nature get the memo?! LOL

    I think you need to have Tucker cuddle up right next to you while you read. I used to say, "some people throw on an Afghan, I use a Golden instead!" LOL

    I just saw an RV with BC plates and guess what town they were from?! YOURS!

    I love your flowers coming up and hope the skies lighten up soon there!

  13. The flowers are beautiful ~ the book looks great and it's time to jump in that chair with a nice cup of tea and read... Tucker won't mind ~ he probably thinks it's about him since it looks like him on the cover...lol lol
    Have fun

  14. I loved that book. Little word of warning - be sure to put a box of kleenex next to your chair. You are going to need them. That being said, its a wonderful read for any pet owner or wanna be pet owner.

  15. Bob and Sue have promised to forward their copy on to me when they're done. I'm looking forward to that. :)


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