Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ho hum…


Another weekend draws to a close…the two days off go by so quickly..

I spent the morning doing the usual chores…laundry, washing floors, dusting,  bathrooms….

and then this afternoon we went in search of a new place to take Tucker for a walk..


an off leash park/trail on Eagle Ridge Mountain, called Ridge Park.

It was a rocky trail at the start..and the view was amazing of the north end of Coquitlam..


..and then it heads downhill into the old growth forest…

Tucker of course, had a great time exploring all the tree stumps..finding sticks to carry and a ditch to swim in..


..doesn’t take much to make him happy…at least there was no new ‘perfume’ to roll in…

..there was a lesson learned today though: BRING THE CAMERA..even if you think it isn’t going to picture worthy!..

..sure I had my phone…but it just isn’t the same…

so as we embark on yet another work week…..ho hum…

..I leave you with this…


..made me smile..hope it does the same for you…

..oh and by the way the lucky recipient of the Art of Racing in the Rain is…drum roll please!!!..

Janna, blog keeper of Tin Teepee…we will be in touch!!!


  1. I never go anywhere without my camera. My point and shoot always gets popped in the glove box and my DSLR comes when there's a walk just never know!!

  2. At least our phone cameras will do in a pinch! I like your "Thinking Cat" picture!

  3. Know what you mean by a phone cam not being the same. I generally wear blue jeans with a belt so my Canon point & shoot travels in a case looped to my belt. I specifically bought that narrower Canon for the purpose of carrying it with me everywhere. It will also fit comfortably into my 'buttoned' shirt pocket. For me, to go anywhere without a camera on my person feels exactly the same as stepping out the door with no pants on.....

  4. The copy of Racing in the Rain (such a great book) that we are passing on, we are putting the name and city/state so we can see how far it is traveling. and emailing each oher the next destination....its fun to see the path

  5. Oh, I'm excited--been a long time since I won anything!! Thanks Sue!

  6. very cute made me smile too.

  7. Always hard to see the end of a nice weekend come to a close. Cute picture of Tucker and the kitten.

  8. Love the "thinking Cat on" pic...i did get a smile from it. glad you and Doug and Tucker got out and enjoyed a good hike! I've been guilty of not having my camera with me too. Phone camera just doesn't always do as good!

  9. Love the dog with the cat on his head...Instead of the Cat in the Hat, it's the Dog with the Cat Hat!!

  10. Returning to work - especially on rain drenched Mondays like today - is more taxing; that's for sure. To find new places for Tucker's workouts is great.

  11. I finished the book in two days. I was a bit disappointed. Towards the middle it became pretty standard, lost some of the comedy. All and all an 8 outta 10

  12. love the cat dog pic...cute cute...

  13. Another animal lover! YEAH! Love Tucker and the picture of the kitten on top of the pup's head!

  14. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)


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