Saturday, April 28, 2012



Last Sunday we did venture east on Highway One was a ‘topless’ drive…


..nothing like the wind in ‘our  hair’..and a view of Mount Baker!!.. a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

We survived the work week..and now it’s Saturday?..what are we going to do?..

Well, the decision was made late on Friday night that we were going to head either east towards Kelowna or south to the Cabela’s Store just north of Seattle in Marysville/Tulalip area..

…anyone who knows us knows that I am a planner?? so this  impromptu trip was in the making…decision was made.. we are heading south in the morning…

To the land of red, white and blue and cheap gas…


we crossed at the Sumas border..only a short wait of 20 minutes..and we were heading  through all the rolling farmlands of the Nooksack area..

Within an hour or so we arrived at our destination!..the brand spanking new..


a large sprawling store filled with everything for the outdoors man/ woman…from clothes and shoes camping gear and household items..and weapon or two if you are so inclined!

..oh and then there is the  ‘Dead animal’ display..


..from deer, moose, polar bear, elk to wolverine and squirrels..

..a taxidermist’s little piece of heaven…


..Doug made a few purchases…three t-shirts, a jacket and a pair of shoes..

…a new wardrobe just in time for being a year older  next week….


yes..that is gravel that our ‘pavement princess/ mall crawler is parked on…

.. but it was time for Tucker to go for  a run before we head north again…


….a quick turn around and we were heading towards the rain…IMG_8033-1

….Where is the receipt for the Cabela’s purchase?….Doug struggles to pull the receipt out of his pocket..and this is what I got…


a scrunched up piece of paper…the ink is barely dry and he mushes it into his pocket..knowing full well that I am going to ask for it..

as you can tell I have a wee bit of OCRD…what does that stand for?…

Obsessive Compulsive Receipt is a self diagnosed aliment that Doug has to put up with…

I like the receipts handed to me  looking like this…not looking like a ‘mushed up’ mess..


..all in good least he had the receipt!..I will give him that much…

..along the I-5 corridor there is a couple of RV we stopped in to have a quick look…

The doors are all open …feel free to take a look….

We saw this Winnebago Adventurer…a 2005….needs a bit of updating but it could work?..if only it had dual pane windows…


Tucker was a patient boy…sitting and waiting outside while we took a look…

We kicked a few more tires…and slammed a few doors..and then we saw it…at the end of the row..our ‘dream RV’ …there she was in all her ‘glory’…

Perfection in the making…our jeep would look so great behind this ‘beauty’…

What a ‘treat’ it would be to be driving down the road in this rig…

All our ‘Rving Friends’ would be so envious…you will only wish you could be as lucky as us…

I can see it now…life on the ‘open road’…it was so ‘perfect’ I didn’t want to go inside for fear of being disappointed…

Meet the new ‘Bigdawg’….isn’t she ‘lovely’!!..


..oh  the ‘stories’ she could tell..we can only imagine the miles and the adventures she has been on…

She is a ‘beauty’ alright…she just need a ‘little work’..and maybe a wax job….oh and a ‘giant overhaul’..too bad she is bit smelly!..

Sorry old aren’t the one..all the ‘febreeze’ in the state of Washington won’t help…

I think we better keep ‘looking’…..sure we like a challenge but I think ‘she’ is beyond our scope of capabilities!


  1. I swear those dead animals are watching you!!!
    I'm guess you'll be getting little Dawg out in the open soon...?? I'm getting the itch to get the trailer from the storage yard and getting her ready to go since we didn't make it out once last year.

    1. the May long weekend will be our first trip!!

    2. Sure, I come to town and you leave

  2. It's fun looking at RV's, I'm sure you will find your dream RV when the time is right. I try to be organized with receipts, but sometimes end up with crumpled receipts.

  3. Nothing like a topless drive just don't think I could get Angela to go for

    She also has OCRD I can't even get out of the store and she makes me hand it over.

  4. Looks like an awesome outing! We have been trying to get to Cabela's for a couple years now - hopefully this summer!

  5. Hey, a topless drive in nice weather is always good --- not doing that around here anytime soon. I can empathize with your OCRD ... I too like my receipts wrinkle-free, but I'm just glad to get them most of the time :-)))

  6. We love Cabela's, and every one we've been in has that huge dead animal display. Makes you wonder if there is any game left to hunt...

    Too bad you missed out on that Bus conversion, I agree, a little wax and it would be just like new! ;c)

  7. OCRD !! Thats what it is! Recognizing it is the first step to recovery. Thank You!

    Sharon at Princess and Cowboy

  8. We have yet to stop in at the new Cabela's. It's nice to have one close by.

  9. We aren't really in the hunt for a new RV,but you never know when one will just jump out in front of you and grab your lapels saying "I could be YOURS!" to kick those proverbial tires....

  10. Oooooh! I love the sound (and smell) of a ol' Detroit Diesel firing up in the morning!

    Actually, I miss it. Our "home" FMCA chapter is a group of converted bus enthusiasts. For those folks, that classic beauty is a dream RV to them. Those old jewels are something. And, the owners are always tinkering!!! :-)

    As for the OCD and receipts. We actually have an app that chimes at same time each day and asks for our receipts! So, we're right there with ya!

  11. It is sure fun to look. We were looking at a 2006 Adventurer in Yuma, it was gorgeous.

  12. I always wondered if it was actually possible to get the "bad" smell out of some of those old RVs! We are still partial to our Bounder, but we might have considered buying a Winnebago if they weren't so much more expensive.

    You probably know where all the cheap border gas is (I know you go to Sumas), but the northernmost Fred Meyer store in Bellingham has cheap gas, too, or at least it used to when Jonathan worked there.

    It sounds like you had a fun day in the good ole USA, and I'm glad you had your (wrinkled) receipts!

  13. Glad you got out for a topless drive, and on to Cabelas. Glad you had a great day and could "kick" some tires. Your rig will come!!

  14. Nice to see you had some nice weekend weather, looked like a nice drive. Always fun fitting in a little RV browsing.

  15. I always love looking at RVs even though we're not in the market for one. You'll run across the perfect one for you one of these days.

  16. Loved your post today. Your lbog is always so enjoyable to read and full of fun and adventure. What a hoot - OCDR. Thanks for the chuckle.


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