Saturday, April 14, 2012



Yesterday being Friday the 13th..not that I am normally the superstitious type or the one that thinks something ‘bad’ is going to happen?…

For the first time in Tucker’s short life..I got ‘mad’ at him…yes this would be a first…my golden boy, not so so golden…

What did he do?..well, he rolled in ‘poop’..he had a grand old was stuck his his collar..

So you know of course he had to have a bath..not a nice warm one with the garden hose..cold water and shampoo!..He was not worthy of a ‘spa treatment’..

It was like he knew…I am going to the ‘doctor’ tomorrow and I need to a bath!! he got his wish!

..this morning we loaded up the ‘boys’..

Tucker in the back of the jeep..


and Oliver ‘aka PO-Man’ the back seat…


….now as you all know, Tucker travels very well..never wines or complains..

Oliver on the hand..very noisy…

meow meow meow..MEOW!!


..he did finally settle down after about 20 minutes…


..yes, we travel all the way to Surrey for our ‘boys’…


..we have been coming here since the days of our beloved Ledger…

..Today it was time for their check-ups..

..but we had to wait..


Dr. Douglas is a busy man…so we wait and wait..and the ‘boys’ are very patient…

finally it is our turn..

..Tucker was first..

weight: 82 pounds

Yearly booster

Kennel cough Vaccine

teeth cleaned

ears cleaned

ultrasound of bladder and spleen

..and a box of Flea Prevention..


..then it was Oliver’s turn…

weight: 15 pounds

checked over..teeth good..ears clean..

Rabies vaccine..

and we are good to go for another year…

Tucker.. $196.75


‘Family discount’..$58.00

knowing our ‘boys’ are healthy for another year…

PRICELESS… on to the rest of our Saturday…home we go to drop the kitty off… and Tucker to daycare to play with his ‘buddies’…

We headed to Langley  for IMG_7988

..some tire kicking and a free hot dog lunch..


..the sun was shining ..the motorhomes were all dealing with salesmen!..whohoo!..did we find our ‘dream rv’?…not today..maybe next time?

….now one last item today…

If you made it all the way to the end of this ‘priceless post’..good for you…or if you eyes have glazed over and you scanned quickly?..

I finally finished the book I got from Russ and Donna..enjoyed it immensely..

‘Enzo is a special dog…’


..time to ‘pay it forward’…if you are interested in receiving this book~~~please leave a comment, and I will draw a  name and send it off to the lucky ‘winner’!!


  1. I have a question. Do you always get an ultrasound of Tucker's bladder and spleen? Sounds like a good idea but just wonder if he'd had problems in the past with them. I know here an ultrasound starts at $150. So you got away really cheap with all that he had done. Gee think I'll go to see your vet because Jackson's yearly is due next month !!!!!

    1. this is the first time that the vet has done one...said he now includes it in all the yearly exams as a precaution. We are lucky he is a family friend that is for sure!!

  2. You're getting closer to that perfect RV. Just make sure it has plenty of room for the "boys"! ;c)

  3. Sounds like you have a very thorough vet...that's a good thing. Glad the boys are healthy. Poor Tucker - he just wanted to show you what he had found haha!! Glad you liked the book.

  4. Our beagle used to love to roll in deer poop and even with all the cold hose showers she never seemed to learn her lesson. I'm dropping my name in the hat for the book.

  5. Don't you love the "free lunch" at those RV places? We used to go out to Valley RV in McMinnville, OR for their free lunches (before they went out of business ;( -- maybe they gave away too many free lunches?) They had the place all jazzed up like a diner. We always enjoyed our tours of the RVs, especially when a salesman wasn't following us around!

  6. Yes, that rolling in poop or dead stuff is always a nasty bit of disgusting behaviour on the part of our best doggy Pals. A caring, knowledgeable, seasoned, & 'trustworthy' Vet is sometimes hard to come by these days & worth their weight in gold. I am not impressed with some of the younger vets we have come across fresh out of school. I get the feeling it's more about money these days than the welfare of our treasured Pets.....

  7. Awww...poor Tucker...he was just having fun! I don't know why dogs do that, or why they like to nibble from the kitty pan either.

    Glad they both got good check-ups at the vet!

    I'd love to read that book. Please put my name in the hat.

  8. I ordered the book used from Amazon, then my order was canceled as the seller no longer had the book and I haven't gone back to re-order!

  9. "It" happens!!
    Poor Tucker...he was only having fun you know???

  10. It's that time of the year we need to get our two hounds in for the yearly check up..

  11. Our Black Lab, Gypsy, loved to roll in fish guts after the neighbor cleaned his bounty from fishing...She also loved poop...But my daughter's Chocolate Lab, Homer , found his own poop an edible delicacy...and his breath was terrible..:-)

  12. Dogs can surely be disgusting at times! :P

  13. Guess what I'm reading!!! uh,huh. Hard to read it in the middle of the night without waking Doug what with the laughing! And wow, I sure am looking at Parker differently!

  14. Tucker sure seems to live in the lap of luxury!!! But, he's such a HANDSOME fellow that he deserves it.

    Jodie, Coco,and Sandy

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  16. What a responsibility it is to have pets. We've never had dogs but we've had three Main Coon purebred cats. You are very responsible pet owners who look after them well.

  17. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)


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