Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sea of Orange?..


Saturday morning dawned bright and early for those of us who were heading south of the border for a shopping adventure..


..where we going, Dad?..I am all my cookies, water and my food..oh, and my ‘chuck-it’..


..the usual questions at the border with a couple of new ones thrown in just for good measure?

  • Any prescriptions?
  • more than $1000 in cash?

We escaped the confines of the border and headed south on the I-5 with all the other shoppers from British Columbia..

Fullscreen capture 07-Apr-2012 165535

..first stop was in Mount Vernon at McDonalds..

the token mango/pineapple smoothies..


..sure we can get them at home now..but a road trip isn’t the same without them!


We continued southward towards the town of Burlington…noticing that there were quite a few RV’s heading north..lots of snowbirds coming home..lucky them to have spent the winter in the warm sunshine!!

We arrived at the Walmart in Marysville in record quick stop for a few supplies, new chairs and some  ‘starbursts’

IMG_7936 we didn’t buy any Cheese Balls..”you have your own orange ball, Tucker!’


..does anyone actually buy these??? stop was the outlet mall…the place was packed and it was barely 10:00!


..our mission here was to find some runners for moi!..two pairs for under $86..what a deal!

..the other deal we got was gas at Costco!.. $3.99 a gallon..considering it is $5.38 here at home!

..with our picnic lunch of  egg sandwiches’..we headed towards the border… stopping at our all time favourite beach…Birch Bay State Park..


..we haven’t been here in almost two years…the only downside was the fact that the cost for parking was $ thanks..we found a free spot..that was just fine !!


the sun was shining and the wind was blowing but it was perfect still the same..


..we set up the chairs…


..and ate our lunch..

Tucker played on the beach..


..he ran and ran until he could run no more..and then he rolled in the mud!


..we sat in the sunshine….taking turns throwing the ball for the  ‘dirty golden boy’..

IMG_7970.. A Winnebago  Journey  pulled up behind us..


..stopping to admire the view..


Now wouldn’t our ‘orange jeep’ look just fine behind the motorhome?


..not to be…not yet…wait your will happen soon enough!


….time to head home…

Stats for the ‘Sea of Orange’ road trip..

  • 204 miles
  • one thumb’s up
  • ‘two jeep waves’
  • lots of looks..’yes we know it’s orange!!’

Thanks for riding along on this beautiful Saturday…till next time…


  1. I love distinctive colored cars! They are more fun to drive because people notice you. Make you feel special!

  2. a great shopping day...and a dirty happy golden doesn't get much better than that...

  3. What a great day made special in your fun orange jeep. Life is good!

  4. Susan Its not Orange it's CRUSH

  5. Vanessa and I spent the day at West Ed mall...what a zoo...darn tourists! hehe

  6. Great day to enjoy some sunshine and a nice road trip. I think the orange make a very cheerful counterpoint to all the blue sky. It's a great color, and Doug does a great job keeping it all nice and shiny!! It looks good anywhere.

  7. Yeah, all of our Washington State Parks cost $10/day now, or $30 for all year. Supposedly it's helping to keep the parks open, but it seems like a high cost to me when they used to be free for day use.

    I'm thinking that the mango pineapple drink at McDonald's was a precursor to your love of all things orange!

  8. Now that sounds likes a great day. Tucker, you old mud roller you, I think I see some serious grooming in your future!

  9. I still love the Orange Jeep; it seems to fit your persona perfectly. Although we didn't exactly have a choice in the color of our fire-engine-red HHR (we bought it used), we've grown to like it because it makes us feel younger!

  10. Your orange Jeep would fit in well with all the colors in the Southwest. And, you wouldn't have to worry about loosing it in a Buffalo Herd. Nothing like a change of pace & scenery to make a good day trip come alive. Looked a little cold but what the heck, that's what Orange jackets are for. Maybe won't be too long before you Orrange another day like that:))

  11. Your orange jeep is great. It'd sure be a hit during football season here in Tennessee "orange country".

  12. Surely you wouldn't get an orange motorhome?? Sounds like a perfect day!

    1. maybe? wouldn't that really stand out!!

  13. I feel better about the high fuel prices here!

  14. What a nice Saturday trip. Glad some of the beautiful spring weather has found you. Glad Tucker got in a little beach time. Have a great Easter.

  15. Wow - nice to see SOMEONE excited about $4 gas, although at the rate we are going, $5+ can't be that far away. And yes, sadly, people actually DO buy and eat Cheese Balls. (ugh)

    1. doesn't take much to excite us Canadians! gas will do it!!

  16. No doubt that you'll be standing out where ever you go.

  17. I absolutely LOVE your new Orange Blossom Special!! What a fun day in the USA...and ending up with a picnic lunch by the water...perfection!

  18. Love the sign entering Blaine - thanks for a picture from home!! Enjoy your time in the USA!!!

  19. I'm so glad y'all got to do a "day trip" to Washington in the big orange Jeep! Such a pretty day, too!
    Tucker has a big comfy bed back there.
    Such a deal on the gas at Costco! Wouldn't it be funny if you found out it was Canadian oil refined?! :)
    I hope you get to hitch the Jeep up to your Motorhome soon!

  20. I have a tendency to be very conservative, but love y our orange jeep.
    I noticed our Gateway Arch on the welcome sign.

  21. Orange is a good colour for a Jeep. You're going to get it dirty anyway, right?

    1. one day soon, will get dirty..just not yet! :)


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