Monday, April 9, 2012

Truth be told..


Tomorrow I will be venturing off to that place called ‘work’..

I haven’t been there for seven weeks?…



a painful foot ailment..also known as plantar fasciitis..

seven weeks ago the pain was a 10/10 and now it is a 0/10..

My job entails walking and more walking..a constant ‘on your feet’ all day kind of job..

I had assumed that I would have been off for two weeks and then return to work..but that was not to be..two weeks turned into four and then four weeks turned into seven..

IMG_0134-1 what have I been doing for the past seven weeks..

not really too much…


lots of this….I embraced my new found hobby..


..finished a few projects…

and started some new ones..


..but now the reality of ‘working’  again has set in..

I am happy to get back to a routine of ‘heading off to work’…having a purpose…


..oh sure it will be a gradual return to work….four hours the first week..then six  hours the second week and then finally the third week I should be back to eight hours..

Now..if only I could remember my locker combination and my computer password?..oh geez…

……truth be told?…I need a vacation..Smile


  1. Good luck with your re-entry into the work force.

  2. Ah, I commented on your last post, since it turns out you were in the midst of writing this one.
    Good luck on your return to work. Being off for that reason isn't quite fair.
    My daughter has Plantar fasciitis, although I think she's been able to manage it with special shoes. She does her share of sitting, so maybe that's a factor. My wife had (a few years ago now) something call "Morton's neuroma", and had surgery to relieve that. Reports are that that one is starting to come back.
    Not fun stuff.
    People think these are made up names. Not so.

  3. We are glad your foot is doing better. You certainly kept busy with your projects. Trouble with sick leave is it's just not like a vacation where you are feeling good and going places. Have a GREAT WEEK!

  4. Hope all goes well for you Sue, it’s always good to have “purpose”! Your “projects” look very nice too; I like the patterns and colors.

    John and Ellen

  5. Not a fun way to have time off!

  6. Somehow I missed knowing that you were recuperating from surgery. :( Hope all goes well on your return to work.

  7. Us too, we didn't know you were laid, up. That heel spur ended my jogging Days on the PD. They are extremely painful.Glad to see you are getting better. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. Glad your foot is improving. Take it easy; don't want a relapse.

  9. I have heard that is very painful, I'm glad you've gotten it taken care of.

    Your knitting projects turned out very well, they look great! I've got to learn how to knit. It's something I really what to do. I had all the "stuff," but I sold it in my estate sale. Keep up the good work.

  10. Bless your heart (yes, I'm southern). I am so glad you are on the mend. Be sure and take care since you are heading back to work.

  11. I think you discovered your new hobby just in time for this, as well as knitting being a good hobby during the wet winter weather. Now that your foot feels better, spring is in the air and maybe spring will be in your step, too? ;)

  12. Glad that you are feeling better - that is a long time to have to be off your feet! Hope that your getting back to work process goes smoothly!! :)

  13. Don't have the surgery...I did...It was just OK, but still had pain...Then, I fell out of the camper and wrecked it all...Now BOTH of my feet hurt when I walk...Best of luck with your rehab...I hope it ends up better than I am...

  14. Did I miss a post where you mentioned you were home with this painful condition? Glad to hear it's better now.

  15. Sounds like you'll be dancing a jig in no time. It's been a long road, but hopefully the results will have been worth all the sitting and knitting!

  16. Glad your feeling better, even if you have to go to work. I had that condition and it was very painful!

  17. I hope you are having a good week at work. Take it easy and don't over do it. Your knitting projects are beautiful. And you just started? I wonder if I could ever do something like that? Hmmmm......

  18. Glad to hear you are feeling better, but back to work may not be too much fun...

  19. Sorry to hear about that foot problem. John has had that same problem and it was so hard to heal. Of course, he never really stopped long enough. So good for you for getting on top of it. Over the last two years on the road, I have found that I appreciate "working" for someone else because it takes me totally away from the world (sometimes small) that I create in my mind. It opens me up. Now I wouldn't have said that before our RV adventure! Take care and keep on the mend. Love your knitting! I have totally stayed with one stitch pattern. Using it as meditation practice. I now have about six or so scarves! (Going to share them with others when I get to Canada!)

  20. Glad that you are back on your feet. Sorry that it's back to work though, the vacation idea sounds much better. Certainly looks like you have been keeping yourself nice and busy though.

    Don't work too hard!

    Kevin and Ruth

  21. Glad to hear your foot is better. Both Al and I have had bouts with that and we can sure sympathize.

  22. Good luck being back to work tomorrow. You will be ready for a vacation by about 2 pm tomorrow for sure.


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