Thursday, May 17, 2012


It seems rather fitting that post number 600 is the beginning of our camping adventures for 2012..

I have hit the publish button 600 times..hard to believe that this little blog has a life of ‘it’s own..and that I have that much to say…

‘Bigdawg and Freeway’ has evolved into a ‘virtual scrapbook’…light weight and easy to pack..just the way I like it…

I have learned a few lessons over the past four years when it comes to blogging.. and I have made a few mistakes..

I have never been one to feel intimidated by the ‘agreeing to disagree…

My words…my thoughts..and  it is those words and  thoughts that can get me into trouble..

I have been in what, we in ‘blogville’ the ‘bear pit’ a few times…not a fun place to be…

So as we embark on our first camping adventure of 2012..along with all the other ‘campers’…

Reservations were  made in August the hopes that the weather would be nice…

We are heading south across the border to our favourite place..

We are hoping for some  sunny skies..and very little rain..

Sunsets, walks on the beach, campfires and some relaxation are on the agenda…

…we can hardly wait…

Have a great weekend, everyone!!





  1. You and Doug have a great weekend too!!! Looking forward to seeing you next week!!!

  2. Have a great time on your first trip of the season! :) I hope we will be doing the same.

  3. Hope you enjoy your trip! Weather in the east will be great!

  4. I wonder if there are any 'bears' in your favorite camping place?? :)

  5. Safe travels and happy adventures.

  6. Hope you have a great start to your camping season. Enjoy, relax, and we wish you both safe travels.

  7. Congratulations, Sue, on your 600th post!!
    I wonder where your travels will lead you on your first camping trip of the year!
    May the roads be smooth, the weather be sunny and there are NO Mosquitoes! :)

  8. Hah - I thought this was your favourite place to camp. But hey, no sunshine here, yet. Maybe later today. Absolutely full though.

    1. where you are is our favorite in BC..but we are heading south this afternoon!..have a great weekend, Toni!..don't work too hard!

  9. Yeah! Back to camping. We're hoping the weather offers sun and heat. We'll be riding on Saturday and golfing on Monday (unless it rains).

    Hoping you have speedy crossings into the USA and back.

  10. Now we all get to guess where you are camping! Good way to get us to come back and read your blog again (not that we wouldn't read it anyway!)

    I was just thinking about you guys and our tent trailer because we have seen more and more tent trailers out camping in this nice weather. May the season begin!!

  11. Yay!!! you are getting a vacation! Is the Oregon Coast calling you, Sue?

  12. Have a great weekend. I hope the weather is good.

  13. You've been waiting a long time for this trip so have a ball. We can't wait to read about it in post 601! ;c)

  14. Yea!!! A glass of Merlot by the campfire..I'm jealous!

  15. Enjoy the weekend and let the fun begin!

  16. Hope you and Doug and Tucker have a wonderful time and can't wait to read all about it. Congrats on 600 posts!

  17. Congrats on 600, we are at less than 300 but loving our virtual scrapbook.


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