Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blogging ‘Rules’


Quitting?..to cease, stop or discontinue..

Have you ever said ‘ I quit’?..

and when is it a good thing to say those two little words…

I quit smoking?

I quit  drinking?

I quit my job?


..in my opinion the first two ‘quits’ are a good thing..not that I have ever smoked…and I do still like a glass of wine, every now and then..

‘quit your job?’..well only if you have a better one lined up or it was bad for your health..

quitting FACEBOOK?..well to me that is kind of like running away from home..you almost always go back…I know I have ‘run away’ a couple of times..

Is it just looking for attention to see if anyone will notice if you are gone?


To quit blogging?…well that isn’t going to happen in my life time..

I have read a few posts/comments over the last couple of weeks  with regards to what some would deem their ‘ideal blogs’


not much to do with content..more to do with the blog being aesthetically pleasing to look at and read..

  • font size/colour
  • background post colour
  • how many pictures are too many?
  • too many topics in one post
  • music?
  • advertising?

now the latest one is what is deemed to be a ‘good number’ of words in one post?

I was told last year by a fellow blogger  not to worry about so much about ‘numbers’..be it comments, posts and now the latest numbers are  ‘words in a post?’..

What ever happened to blogging just being a fun hobby? ..never mind trying to fit a ‘square peg in a round hole’!


If all the blogs on the internet all looked the same, had the same amount of pictures and the same amount of words..what fun would that be?

I am all for constructive criticisms ..but geesh…I don’t want to be afraid to hit the publish button for fear I have broken a newly established ‘rule’…


..okay this post has three pictures…and 344 words…good to go!..no ‘rule’ has been broken..

May 23, 2012

..this post has since been edited some of the comments have been deleted..my blog will not be used as a platform for ‘name calling’..

if you have ‘problem’ with a fellow blogger please deal with it in private..do not use my blog to ‘air your grievances with fellow commenters’

I appreciate the constructive criticism and yes, reading between the lines can bring out thoughts and ideas that can be misconstrued…

It is my blog and my thoughts…nuff said!

..so in the name of ‘bloggin’…blog on peeps!

Cats ‘rule’ and dogs ‘drool!




  1. For most people, their blog is a diary of their journeys, daily life, jobs etc. Why would you have to fit it in to so many words or pictures!?

    My blog is to share my photos and I have sometimes posted upwards of 20 or more. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to look and the same if some one has written 20 or more paragraphs, no one is forced to read it.

    When it comes to numbers, I don't worry about comments or followers but no one is going to tell me how many words or photos I am going to post!

    I like my blog to look good for my own self and prefer a darker background as it sets off photos much better. I have been guilty though of having too light and too small of font so I am usually pretty careful to what little I do write, easy on the eyes.

    We are all individuals and our blogs should be as well...it's a reflection of our personalities!

    1. well said my friend..and I couldn't agree more..the number/comments/ don't matter..when I am done 'talking' I shut up!..I,too like the darker background!..I think the pictures look much better!..but that is the scrapbooker in me I guess!

    2. The dark back ground is the photographer in me and the having worked in a frame shop, you learn and use all kinds of tricks to make photo, prints etc, pop!

      See you soon!!

  2. You don't need to worry; you are fun to read, so that trumps everything else!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WELL said Sue (pardon my shouting!). Love it! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. When it comes down to it, the only "rule" there should be is whether or not you enjoy doing it. I think if I had wanted a job as any kind of writer, I would have pursued a different line of edumacation way back in the dark ages.
    All grammar and spelling mistakes are intentional.

  5. Good for you & I couldn't agree with you more. In a round about way my 'LAST PARAGRAPH' dealt with that 'number of words' issue last night which I feel had something to do with my Monday night post. Again, good for you in standing up & saying what you think....

    1. oh you two...so entertaining when you get together! :)

  6. Totally agree with you. Well said!!

  7. I totally agree with you, even to the point of having a dark background not only for photos, but it is easier on my eyes. There are some blogs out there that are almost impossible to read due to background color/patterns, minuscule font size, etc. I try to make mine easy for me and, hopefully, easy for others. Mainly it is a journal of our adventures and a way for family and friends to keep up with us. If others read, enjoy, follow, comment, etc. then that's groovy, too! Well said!

  8. When I start worrying about numbers, I'll quit blogging publicly. It's my blog, and I'm going to do it my way :-)))

    1. yup. ditto! My blog would look the same whether it was public or private.

  9. Thank you Sue!!! Very well said--it seems this week has been the week for fellow bloggers to voice their opinions about proper blog etiquette. If I don't like the way a blog is written--too wordy, music, offensive, etc.--I might read it one or two times then I never go back. Thank you again!!

  10. I like that pic with the three barrels. Now, what are your thoughts on content?? :)

  11. I've read those same posts and comments, and while I agree with some of what's been said, I regularly break the "rules" about numbers of pix, and mixing content, and a few other things. I enjoy getting comments, and if I get a lot of them I really enjoy that. If I get only a few, well, I enjoy those just as well. If I get none (as I have on occasion) I have to wonder why.

  12. In the second sentence of my post on What Makes A Blog Post Too Long, I said “I have a few ideas that work for me though and I’d like to share them to see what you think”. Ideas and suggestions are not rules, nor are they guidelines; they are simply what I said they are – “ideas and suggestions”.

    They do help me with my blog but every blogger is free to decide for themselves as I also said what’s “too short for one is too long for another.

    Unlike the 30 plus readers who left comments on my blog, you seem to have taken this ‘issue’ personally. That’s too bad as the readers who left comments had great substantive points and made them very well giving good solid reasons for why they agreed or disagreed.

    I have no control over what readers take away from what I write. Al seems to think it was “all about him”! That’s hilarious as I wrote this post on the weekend long before ever seeing Al’s Monday post.

    The “ideas and suggestions” I wrote about work well for me and that’s why I shared them and asked readers what they “thought about them”.

    At least now I know what you think and I thank you for that. I always appreciate feedback - good and bad.

    1. Rick,
      Use what "rules" that work well for you and when you read other lovely people's blogs, please be respectful of whatever "rules" they choose to follow - for it's their blog, not yours. If you don't like it then don't read it.Everyone has their own reasons for blogging and using the styles they use. It's just called consideration and kindness for others without prejudice and judgement. Thank you!

  13. Nice pictures! Well stated post as well.

    I write my blog to share my thoughts and I know for sure I go on too long sometimes. It's who I am and there are times when I can tell how my blog affects people because I'll lose some followers soon after posting. I'm ok with that.

    I have even gotten emails of people screaming at me for what I post as if they were forced somehow to go to my blog and read it and expect them to think like I do.

    People are funny like that, I guess its why people expect others to change instead of them changing the channel or not clicking on a blog that offends them.

    I like your blog plus you're funny and we all end up having a better day after reading your blog in my humble opinion. Without blogs, some of you wacky funny people would never have touched so many lives like you have and I for one could care less how many words or pictures you use to express your thoughts, I just hope you continue to do so. ;)

    Have a great week,


  14. The thing about those folks who write the "blogging rules" is...
    ...I don't read them anymore.

    (Of course, I'm hardly blogging these days. But, I haven't quit!)

  15. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on blog length, look, number of photos, etc. It is your blog - pure and simple!

  16. And the discussion continues...good blog post, Sue. Personally I prefer to be a free spirit and blog however I want, when I want. It's my color scheme, my photos, my spelling, my grammer, my blog length - short or long. People are free to make suggestions and give opinions. Sometimes the suggestions/opinions are good, other times they aren't something I want to use. I started my blog over 8 years ago as a way to have memories of our life. Many RV'ers started reading it and I've met some great people online (and in person). When blogging isn't fun to me, I'll stop.

  17. Amen, Sue. I couldn't agree more with what you wrote! Now, on to blogging about religion and politics... :)

  18. whose rules are these....what are we in contemporary writing class in school???? thought blogging was about our lives, our loves, our passions and whatever else we want to write about. Personally I love the pictures.
    your blog do it the way you want to and anyone who doesnt like it doesnt have to read it...

  19. You, my dear, have the most aesthetically please blog of all. And interesting too.

    Some people think less of you because you Facebook but think of all the wonderful things that have come to our lives because of it. I say, they know not of what they speak.

    1. modern technology is indeed a wonderful thing!..when I thing of all the 'friends' we have made through the wonders of the internet, I am most grateful!

  20. Good post Sue! A person's blog is their own post and thoughts and ideas. It needs to be you and what makes you tick. Rules are for games and law.

  21. Blogging rules?? I really need to keep up:)

  22. As for rules of blogging..excessive profanity is my only rule. As you know, I rarely follow ANY rules...All this talk of blogging's ups and downs has me heading for the Ibuprophen...YOWZA!..OK,...GROUP HUG....HEY, NOW I FEEL BETTER!

  23. Wow, you've hit on a sensitive note here. I recently thought that someone what referring to my blog in a post and "got my hackles up in a tizzy." (They weren't.)

    I write more than "my travels" on my blog (which the travel part will increase when I retire July 1st). For me, it's more of a diary - a place for me to see where I've been and to help me decide where I'm going (and not just geographically).

    Another reason for blogging is to keep family and friends "in the loop" of what I'm doing.

    However, the most "personal" reason is sometimes I'm trying to work through an issue and instead of letting it roll around in my head I write about it. The process works for me. Sometimes, I make the posts private, and other times password protected from the world at large. It's therapy...

    It seems that blogging gives birth to "little communities" that are inner connected. Sometimes, people find commonality within those communities. Sometimes not.

    Life at best is short - feel your own soul...


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