Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clean sweep…


With all the wonders of the computer is very easy with the click of a mouse to delete something that you don’t want anymore..

Sweep it into the ‘cyber dust-bin’ and say ‘adios amigos’

Be it a picture that didn’t turn out so well, or an email that didn’t sound quite right..or even a ‘blog-post’ or comment that has the wrong connotation…

No erasing the writing on the  piece of paper..just with  a quick click of the mouse..gone..into the area of my  computer I call  the ‘cyber dust-bin’


Makes me sad to think how things have changed over the years??

..’unfriending’ on Facebook is just as easy..another click and poof..say bye bye…

For us.. gone are the days of talking with the neighbour over the backyard fence ( maybe that is because we live in a condo)....or sitting in a friend’s kitchen over a cup of coffee and some fresh baked muffins..

Nowadays there is  Facebook chats, Msn messenger, texting, Blackberry messenger,  even teen-ager cyber bullying can be a problem…

So much for the good old face to face conversations..

 or  even the ‘meet you in the parking lot after school, buddy!’..

Even talking on the phone has gone by the wayside at our house…..instead there is Skype for our long distance friends….

Don’t get me wrong..I do love the wonders of the internet and all the advances that computers have brought into our lives but sometimes..

I miss the old days…where your voice was heard..and the words can’t be  misconstrued…

..onwards and upwards…it is time to carry on…


A sunny weekend is in the forecast so  I see a ‘topless’ day in our future.. ..…. time for  a picnic?

Mud on the tires?..maybe?…stay tuned…could be a wild ride! Smile









  1. Yeah for the great weather! FINALLY!

    We'll be out in it too....but we need get past today with a baby shower that Jeanette is hosting at our home.

  2. The internet and social media is a marvelous tool and it has been a great help in feeling connected to my friends and family since we moved last year...but it's still quite impersonal.

    Remember the "old" days when we wrote letters to our friends and then anxiously awaited one in return. I miss those days. I still talk on the phone a lot and so I am thankful for good long distance rates...cuz you know me and how I love to talk..LOL

    I will admit though, I do love the ability to delete things into cyber space....sometimes wish real life had a delete button.

    Have a fabulous day 'topless' in the sun. I'm heading out there 'sleeveless' ;-)

  3. Yes, remember the days of walking down the street to visit a neighbor? Do people do that anymore?

    One thing, though. People who are shy or don't make friends easily can do so with all the cyber possibilities. They don't have to "put themselves out there" and worry about being rebuffed face-to-face.

    It's easy to have lots of "friends." At this point, I have more people wanting to "friend" me on FB than I have in actual life. I don't do friending because I don't need another computer venue to spend time on.

  4. I have seen some of my grandkids sitting right next to each other texting instead of talking. I think it's sad but I guess it is the way of the world. Love my computer and all it offers but so wish we had more Face time instead of FaceBook time.

  5. Technology is great but it is so impersonal. I miss the old days too but the only way to keep up these days is to go with the flow.... :)

  6. I guess it 's living in a small town..We still know our neighbors on both sides, and sometimes have a cocktail by the campfire...And that goes for across the street too...I guess we are very fortunate to live in a small town..We still have actual conversations....and go to the graduations and all that stuff...I really never realized just how lucky we are!!


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