Thursday, May 3, 2012


The month of May has just begun…

It is a month filled with birthdays, mother’s day and anniversaries!

First off was Doug’s birthday on Thursday,  May 3rd…

Just a normal work day for us..dinner at home..birthday cake, cards, a balloon and chocolate..


..just because we are all getting older…doesn’t mean we don’t like to be remembered…

Have you ever looked to see who shares your birthday?

well…Doug shares his birthday with

Bing Crosby

Sugar Ray Leonard

Frankie Valli

James Brown

and Doug Henning..just to name a few…

Happy Birthday, Doug!!!..we have been together for ‘32’ May 3rds! is to many more!!


  1. Happy Birthday Doug! That birthday cake looks really good.

  2. That is a great cake. Did you share with Tucker?

  3. Happy Birthday Doug. Of course a cake is essential. Craig and I have Birthdays about a month apart. Mine is first and he always gets me a beautiful cake. So of course I get one for him too. Never to old!

  4. Happy Birthday, Doug. Hope you had a GREAT day.

  5. Happy birthday to Doug! :) Hope it was an awesome day!

  6. Tell Doug Happy Birthday, only 53 wow, Donna & I will have to wait for you guys at this rate, Rigg's says he doesn't know how to howl but Tucker can teach him when they meet up.Be safe out there. and yes summer is coming even up there in the wilds of the Dominion. Sam & Donna....

  7. Happy Birthday to Doug! Tucker looks like king of the castle at Doggy Daycare.

  8. Happy Birthday Doug! You two are youngsters. :)

  9. Well happy birthday to another May boy! But you are just youngsters for sure. Suzy and I have been together for 52 May 24s, and I'm about to hit my 74th year. Looking forward to a lot more Mays to share birthdays with you!

  10. Wait, what???...53!!!?? Aren't we all still just 21 sitting in the Brass Rail!?

    Hope you had a wonderful day...mine is coming ;-)

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you have at least 53 more!!

  12. Well, Happy Birthday! Sure seems like it was a really nice day. Frankie Valli! Love his music.

  13. You just gave me a chocolate craving after seeing that Toblerone ..... ooooh!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. I used to share with Nikita Kruschev. But he's gone

  15. Waaaay behind on my blog reading again. Got to get me an Orange Jeep to speed up my reading skills for sure. Love the color:)) Oh to be a young 53 once more.........

  16. Wow. He's. Old!

    *snort*! (says the guy who will be 56 in the fall)

    Sorry there Doug. Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one. And may you have many more.

  17. Missed Dougs Birthday post somehow. Our belated Happy Birthday wishes to you.


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