Saturday, May 12, 2012

Keeping up with the ‘jones’s?


What a difference almost two years makes?

Today we headed east towards the town of Hope..


..we seem to spend alot of weekends heading east..maybe it’s a sign?IMG_8054

this is our second visit to this area…We visited here in September 2010..


…yes I know the jeep colour has changed..but note the water and how close it is to the picnic table.. fast forward to today…

a beautiful sunny Saturday….it is a ‘mud on the tires’ kind of day…

..a 10 kilometer..gravel road..


with lots of twists and turns..a few potholes..and washboards..just enough to feel like a ‘bobble head doll’!

..the elevation is about 1200 meters…and there are some spectacular views of the mountains..


..and then….there it was …a mountain to climb…yes..snow in May!..who would have thought..

2012_05_12…sure it’s just a little ‘mountain’…but a mountain all the same..


..when we arrived at our picnic destination..we were a bit taken sure didn’t look the same as it did in 2010..


Why is the water so far away?..


..see the trucks down by the shoreline?…


..yes we drove on the beach..just like in Oregon!

Tucker, of course was in the water…


He leaps in!! ..not a care in the world..I am sure it was ice cold….just throw the ball again, please!!!


..We had our picnic lunch..egg sandwiches, of course..and then we ventured further up the gravel road towards the glacier…


..We wanted to get as close to the end of the lake as we could but the road ended with a washed out bridge..


.so we turned around and headed back towards the pavement but not before one more comparison photo….


There is a campground at the beginning of Jones Lake..and this was the boat launch area today…


quite the difference..almost like someone ‘pulled the plug’..

BC Hydro is waiting for Mother Nature to melt the snowpack…

We are sure that next time we venture to Jones Lake it will look different yet again!


  1. What a great outing! I love the way you two are so into your environment. Just like your doggy!(smiles) Anyway, its been a while and its good to read some of your posts. Almost all my connections are via electronics these days but I think that may change a bit once we're with family in Canada.

  2. Were those your orange chairs? Nice color! Great pictures today, Sue. I would have thought the water would have been higher today, but it makes sense that the snow hasn't melted yet. Our mountains all still have a lot of snow.

  3. Looks like the perfect day!

    Living in Alberta, snow is not uncommon in May....just keeping my fingers crossed that this year is an exception! ;-)

  4. Looks like Tucker is enjoying his day at the Lake too,I hope the snow melt is enough to fill the lake. Here in MO all the Lakes are full, we had a lot of rain this spring. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Been many years since I have been through Hope. 1973 I think. Coming from Vernon in the Okanagan I think we always called that the Hope-Princeton highway when heading for Vancouver. Week-end get-a-ways are sooooo important. Before we had our RV & had our week-ends free years ago we, like you, loved to head out on camping trips & excursions. It was always an uplifting experience to get away from home routines & work schedules for a few days. Always invigorating & always excitingly challenging. And, always a great way to keep things in perspective & keep our future dreams alive.....:))

  6. Nice get away and looks like Tucker had a ball no pun intended..

  7. What a great day... thanks for taking us along on your picnic!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Beautiful scenery even with the low water levels!

  9. Why do you suppose the sign says "Generation"?

    Changes, changes.

    And, by Arizona standards, that mountain is colossal!

  10. And that is what makes life an adventure!!!! Nothing(in nature) ever remains the same so returning is never boring!! What a fun day you all had....especially Tucker. Don't we wish "people" could understand happiness (and life) like Tucker....just run for the ball and jump right in and to make a Jeep happy....climb a hill!!!!

  11. I have to say it again. British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on earth...We hope to get there again someday...We even ventured to Hyder, Alaska from B.C...What a hoot that place is..and a great place to watch bears!!

  12. Now thats a reason to have a Jeep instead of a car!

  13. Nice day out in the wilderness. This province sure does offer a wide variety of places to explore. Nice photos.

  14. Hope, BC is in absolutely GORGEOUS country!
    I have even driven there back in '85 on a camping
    trip with the family. It was my turn to drive but
    then there was no pull outs to get over and change
    drivers, so I drove the whole day! My fingers were
    white knuckles the whole time through the mountains!
    Was I ever so glad to stop in Hope for the night!
    Which way to the hot tub?!!
    Sure hope when the snow melts it refills the lake!

  15. Our Dawg is much smaller, But as a houd-Dawg he still eats like a big Dawg!

  16. Happy Mothers Day Sue we send you our best wishes for a GREAT DAY!


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