Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kelly Kelly!!


Our day to day routine gets rather mundane by the end of the week….that 5:15 alarm gets annoying by Wednesday…

So to break up the monotony for our Tucker…he gets to go and visit his ‘peeps’ one day a week…


We  ask  him the night before if he ‘wants to go to daycare in the morning?’..the tail  wags and it is like he knows what we are saying?..

Now we say ‘ do you want to see Kelly Kelly??’..she is his favourite worker at Uptown Dawg..and he is crazy about her!!!


So the  one daycare day breaks  up the  weekly routine for everyone…Tucker has a play date…from 6 am till 430 is the best $26 we spend during the week! and we all know that a tired dog is a happy dog!!

..they play and play some more..


..there lots of dogs..from 2 pound poodles to 200 pound great Danes..



This is a booming business..the best doggy daycare  in Port Moody!..


That is our opinion but by the looks of all the dogs I would say we are not the only ones who think so..


..the socializing that happens  here has made Tucker the dog he is today…a well rounded boy..who has a new found passion  for putting other dog’s head’s in his mouth?


all in good fun…


…there is lots of time for cuddles  and scratches behind the ears and the good old proverbial bum scratch!!

the place is filled with unconditional love..and it is never sad to leave him there..


all of these photos are courtesy of Kelly Kelly @ Uptown Dawg..

560390_10151707161540096_232570370095_24701078_830715974_n my next life I want to come back as a dog!..


  1. What a great day care, all those dogs getting along so well.

  2. That's a LOT of dogs. You are so lucky to have this fantastic facility. What a great idea and so good for Tucker. I sure enjoyed the pictures of all those dogs.

  3. I love those photos! Especially the one where Tucker looks out from his hut or whatever it is.

  4. Wow, lots of dawgs... do they ever have problems with them there... it all looks so happy!

  5. What a great doggie day, Sue! What a good business this seems to be as well, although I can't imagine cleaning up all that poop!

  6. I thought for a moment I was watching "The Dog Whisperer"!!

  7. I too want to come back as a dog in my next life! One that lives with people like Sue and Doug or us!!

  8. I should probably have had my terrier-mix Cali socialized more. She's pretty good, but I have to keep an eye on here around dogs she doesn't know. She doesn't like to be "sniffed up" if you know what I mean... ;-)

  9. Such a great place for Tucker to play with his buddies!
    Kelly Kelly must be a very patient dog lover to be able to nurture so many sweet puppies!
    He's a Golden! Of course he knows what your saying! :)

  10. we have 3 doggie day cares just a stone throw away..booming biz here. amazing how they can all get along so well isnt it. boy w/ a different collar, would h ave thought Riggins was there.
    Riggs puts Sadie's whole head in his mouth too....first couple of times scared us us..he's 105 lbs shes 7 lb. not a real fair fight....but she's the one that beats up on him all the time..go figure

  11. Sure a nice daycare for Tucker. By the looks of the pictures we can see why he loves to go. Have a great weekend.

  12. Our 'hairy hooligans' just do not have the manners to have the pleasure to experience such a place. I wish they did so Bob and I could take longer day trips.

  13. How fun is that!! Our two obnoxious brats would totally ruin everybody else's fun.

  14. Well, Sue, when you are really old, you can go to Adult Daycare. But I bet it won't be nearly as much fun as your doggy day care.

  15. Cool!! What fun for Tucker. I could work there.


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