Monday, May 21, 2012

May Long Weekend 2012


The May long weekend is the first weekend of the camping season for most campers, us included..…

The border crossings and the ferries are very busy on this long weekend…everyone is in a hurry to get out of town…


All of us ‘diehard weekend warriors’ venture out into the provincial and state parks in the hopes of having a wonderful camping experience.

Planning ahead is a key component to a successful camping experience…


The Discover Camping website allows reservations to be made up to three months in advance..while the State Parks are nine months ahead of time…


The one thing that cannot be controlled is the weather…planning that far in advance is a great guarantee that you will have a campsite but whether or not the weather will co-operate is whole different thing.


Our choice for our first outing for 2012 was our favourite State Park…Birch Bay, Washington..


We have been coming here since 2002..and have many pleasant memories of camping and picnicking on the beach… photo taken circa 2002..with our first Golden Retriever..


Our campsite is #73….booked in August 2011..


..we call this one the Dead-man site…one year we were camped next door in #74 and the gentleman that was camped in #73..died down at the hence the name..


..Friday was a great day…all set up in no time..and then we headed to the beach…


Tucker enjoyed a game of keep-away with two Boxers..named Portia and Fenway..

2012_05_181 swimming for Tucker..just sit and admire the view..there is plenty of time to get wet!!


Saturday morning dawned with blue skies and warm temperatures!..perfect..


this is Murphy..the two year old beagle that belongs to our neighbours..he liked to come and visit Tucker..


We spotted this license plate and it reminded it of our friends, Gord and was attached to a 40 foot tag-axle motorhome..

We spent our morning shopping in Bellingham..meeting Carlie at the Cost Cutters..she had come down for a visit…


Tucker was happy to see her…the unconditional love of a golden....

We spent the afternoon on the beach..basking in the warm sunshine…


and of course, ‘you know who’ had to go for a swim..


family portrait front of our favourite piece of driftwood..


the sun was nice and warm..finally a beautiful day..


..yet another golden moment..


..please Dad..can I go swimming again??....


..we rounded out the day with Spaghetti Dinner..a sunset..


and a real campfire..


can we go to bed now??..I am so tired…


Sunday morning the weather changed dramatically….the skies opened up and the torrential rain began..


we sat under the awning trying to enjoy this change in the weather..


..but before long..we were inside the trailer..


knitting..reading and an afternoon nap filled our Sunday..


..Dinner was made by 5:00..

Barbequed Chicken, Potatoes and Cesar Salad..


nice and cozy eating inside..

It was after dinner that our plans took a turn…we had both decided that history was repeating itself…..rain out yet again…..

We packed up and headed home after dinner…It seems to us that the May long weekend may be the most popular but it is the most unpredictable when it comes to the weather…

Just once it would be nice if the weather man would be wrong in a good way…

So as the May long weekend comes to an end…we have one  thing to be thankful for…that we were not in a tent!!!


  1. Oh well. It's just water after all. Love the picture of Tucker waiting.

  2. Still, one perfect day is better than two so-so days, I think. It looks like you had a great time until the rain began. Great photos! :)

  3. Sounds a lot like our Memorial Days--coming up this weekend--campgrounds will be packed and it will probably rain and snow.

  4. I'm hoping to make it through next weekend, the US May Escape Weekend, by battening down the hatches. Perhaps you'll be able to do the same before too long. :)

  5. You can pretty much count on wet weather for the Victoria day didn't snow back home but it sure is raining here. At least Saturday was beautiful!!!

  6. Our Memorial Day weekend in the Northwest has the same reputation as your long weekend--there's always some rain involved and people camp anyway. It sounds like you enjoyed being in your tent trailer. Good thing you brought your knitting along. Hey, at least no one died next to you this year! I enjoyed reading about your long weekend.

  7. Looks like fun. Glad to see there were no hauntings:)

  8. Too bad about the rain shortening your weekend. I remember tent camping in the rain and mud with my daughter and a wet, stinky dog.

  9. To bad you had rain, but it looks like Sunday was a cozy day anyway.

  10. Sue, you have mastered the art of storytelling and the right mix of photos to give life to your remarks. Nice gift you have!

  11. Being slightly "contrary", my particular enjoyment of the May 2-4 weekend was enjoying the quietness of our neighbourhood after everyone else seemed to have left town. We always tried to "avoid the crowd" whenever possible which, in the Toronto area, can be a real challenge. I can see though why the State parks would be so enticing, they hold our provincial parks up to a rather harsh light I'm afraid.
    I don't want to sound like a "busy body", but judging by the first photo, 'somebody' appears to be a shadow of her former self. That's pretty awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.


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