Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smoke on the Water?…


Working every day and leaving our ‘boys’ to fend for themselves has never been a problem..

There is always that thought though..what if there was an emergency?..a fire?..and we weren’t home?..

We have a sign on our front door stating that we have a dog and cat..and the strata office is also aware of the animals in our condo..

Where is this going?..well, on Friday in the seems that there was a car fire in our condo  parkade…the street was engines and hoses had the entrance to our parkade blocked…

It seems that this new red car..had some electrical issues..


The driver  drove the car into the parkade and it burst into flames..

The sprinklers went off..there was smoke all through the underground..


..if that is our only excitement for the weekend we are happy..

Doug spent Friday evening washing the jeep..and I did riveting?.. I know..


…the weather forecast is for a sunny/warm  Saturday..time to take the roof off and head east to gas and Costco are on the agenda…

There was no photos taken of our Saturday have all seen the highway to Abbotsford numerous times….

Just skies, snow on Mount Baker.. lots of traffic and my hair blowing all over the place..why oh why didn’t I wear a hat!?

Sunday was cloudy in the morning…and the sun came out in the afternoon so we headed to the Village of Ioco and Buntzen Lake….only about a 15 minute drive from our condo....

IMG_8244 is yet another BC Hydro Recreation area..with a beach, picnic area, boat launch and numerous trails through the old growth forest..


there is a short trail to the lake..and there is also an off leash dog area…


Tucker, of course was in the water …IMG_8229


the last time were here that we can remember was on Tucker’s first birthday…


Tucker had a great time with all the other dogs…playing ‘keep away’ from my ball..


.this was ‘Diesel’ who would have loved to have a chance at the bright orange ball..but Tucker would have no part of that…



..a wet dog is a happy dog…at least in Tucker’s world…


so as yet another weekend comes to an end..we are happy that the sun was shining..


maybe the weather here on the west coast of British Columbia is actually beginning to improve..



  1. So glad the fire wasn't any worse. I worry about the girls every time we leave the RV. That Tucker enjoys water more than any dog I've ever known. Such a pretty boy.

  2. We have a wet, happy dog here and boys does she stink!
    Scary stuff with a fire in the parkade...thank goodness it wasn't any worse then it was!!!

  3. Fire has always been a fear of mine when we leave the dogs at home, or in the RV. This weather has been wonderful after such a long cold spring.

  4. Ya, sure looks like that car has issues! Good thing they got it out when they did!

  5. Certainly happy to hear that fire was nothing to cause alarm. Glad Tucker enjoyed himself in that cold water. He can sure swim, can't he? The Jeep looks good...all nice and shiny! Hope your hair is o.k. now that you're back from that trip with the top down. Wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your Jeep looks shiny and ready for adventure. I'm glad to hear that you find a little bit of adventure, even if was your hair blowing in the wind on the way to Costco. And a day where Tucker gets to go swimming is always a good day!

  7. We also worry about fire when we are not home.

    A wet dog is a happy dog..

  8. Well, if your weather is improving, maybe ours will too!

  9. Tucker is a beautiful dog...made me remember how much my black labs used to love the furry kids now. Thanks for sharing...

  10. It was a reasonably decent weekend - weather wise...and the hope is that the weather will continue to improve. It is about time.

    Sounds like yours was a productive drive into the Fraser Valley.

  11. Love those photos of Tucker in the water, and the idea that you are having fun as well!

  12. Our weather here in the Midwest is akin to a blast furnace ..the blast part being the high winds!! We have no A/C, so dust is an inch thick in our house..

  13. I'm just gald the fire was in that little red car and not your beautiful orange Jeep (have I said how much I LOVE that color, oops, sorry. Colour). ;c)

  14. Tucker looks a little woe-be-gone in that last photo. Perhaps he was hoping for just one more swim?? Glad the fire wasn't worse. I have a sticker in my window by the door but I still worry that something will happen while we're gone. Since we are retired, we take the dogs with us most everywhere we go.

  15. I can still remember the TV ad from the '80's:
    "Come join us in Super Natural British Columbia!"
    Your photos are a great promotion.
    May summer be in BC before you know it. :)

  16. Hope this is the start of many nice sunny summer trips for you both. Your vacation will be here before you know it. Hope we can say hi guy's sometime over the summer. Glad Tucker had a great time in the water.

  17. If we ever got Riggs and Tucker together they could have a swim meet and 'tucker' both of them out...
    always amuses me when we take him to the dog park w/ the lake how some dogs will get just the bottoms of their feet wet, but stand and wait to try to get toys from the swimmers.


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