Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wet and soggy…


Home from our maiden camping voyage..it wound up ending on a  a wet and soggy note…

The best part about coming home is the hot shower and the comfy bed..

The worst part?..is the cleaning up all the stuff..and the mountain  of laundry..

This time around since we had to pack up in the rain..that meant we needed to set up the trailer and get everything all dry…

We are very thankful that we are able to park the trailer in the underground parking at our condo and pop it up..we got a few strange looks..I think some people have never seen a tent trailer before?


The one bad thing about having a tent trailer is when you have to put it away wet…shove the sides in, close it up …and hope for the best..

Well..the best it wasn’t…..once we had a closer look..I noticed that the pillows, quilt, the cushions, and all the linen that was stored in one of the lower cabinets needed to be taken out….the condo is now full of all this wet stuff from the trailer…

Within a few days it will all be clean and dry…and we can load the trailer up again..

Just another ‘make-work’ project…all in the name of going camping!!


Our summer vacation is only two months away..and we have a dilemma we need to figure out..


The problem is that when the jeep and tent trailer are hitched together..we can’t open the back tailgate wide enough  to let Tucker in and out..


This is okay on a short trip but on a long one it is going to be a problem..


there could be few options..

  • remove the spare tire..but then what do we do with it?
  • move one of the propane tanks but then securing the other one could be an issue?
  • move both propane  tanks closer to the trailer and move the battery up to the front
  • purchase a longer receiver..but then will cables be long enough to reach?
  • the tire crank is also in the way?..

When we went on vacation last year we had Tucker riding up near the front seats..he didn’t like it at all..a long drive with a dog who won’t settle down is no fun…So we know that this option will not work..

..anyone else have an idea that might work..besides leaving the dog at home??




  1. Take the battery out and fabricate a new metalmount for the two tanks right up against the trailer/a piece of foam between them and the body.Then mount the battery on top of the propane tanks, if your lucky you can find a place that will fill them without taking them out. still moving a battery isn't bad. The jack can be moved but will take welding a plate withe the wholes in iy further back on the tongue. Still if you have a friend with a welder it could be done cheap. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Our 2 door Jeep Wrangler is configured differently than yours but Pheebs can easily step between the front seats & exit either passenger or driver's side doors. If it's just the two of us, Pheebs rides in the front passenger seat. When the 3 of us are in the Jeep Pheebs enters & exits through the back door & rides in the back. Of course we took our back seat out within days of buying the seat & had a storage platform made for the area which gives Pheebs some elevation to look out the windows.

  3. Sorry about the soggy-ending to your weekend; you are so lucky to be able to park your pop-up in the condo's garage. Just think if you had to haul all that stuff back and forth to a storage place ... see, there is a silver lining.

  4. I have no help to give you, but I do love the header picture thats a good one..

  5. So sorry that your maiden voyage ended on a wet note!! Hope you enjoyed it though.

  6. Unpacking is a pain and when everything is wet--yuk!!

  7. You're lucky to have a sheltered place to let the PUP dry out! All this hassle is one of the reasons we went from a PUP to a bumper pull prior to our full-timing days. Too much hassle for us for a weekend's worth of camping! Hope you get your door dilemma figured out!

  8. Nothing that somebody hasn't already said... But I am sure you'll be able to figure it out. Moving the tanks closer sounds good! I sure remember the days of breaking camp in the rain ~ not fun! But we had so many great weekends we didn't mind it at all!

  9. Sorry to hear the Victoria Day weekend ended on the wet side. But better camping days are coming soon.

  10. all wet stuff brings back memories of returning to port in the sailboat after a heavy weather trip. Unfortunately, we could not park it in a covered garage.

    I cannot see a way to solve Tucker's problem:( I do not think you would want to move the gas bottles inside the camper for the trip. Does the crank handle easily dismount? It looks like Tucker is going to have to get used to new traveling conditions:(

  11. Time to got kicking tires on a bigger rig? ;c)

    You have a number of good ideas, trial and error will bring out the best solution.

  12. I think Tucker will adjust. Jump over the seat into the back seat and out. Is the backseat down?

  13. You could leave Tucker with us!!
    Free puppy sitting! We even speak Canadian! LOL
    We know you really want a Crazy Norwegian Crab Melt! :)
    Hugs, Kathy & Grant

  14. You and your stuff were still drier in the tent trailer than if you were in a tent. The strange looks you got in the underground parking might have been that they thought maybe you were going to camp down there! Can't help you out with you dilemma but I will mention it too Kevin, sometimes he can come up with some great ideas.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Using a 12"-18" hitch extension or an extended length stinger will solve your clearance problems (Providing you have Class III or greater hitch with a 2" receiver on the rear).

    The cables should have enough length, if not, short premade extension cords can be purchased.

  16. With the trailer hitched up, is there not more room to open the tailgate with the jeep turned all the way to the right? In other words, with the angle between the jeep and the trailer at closer to 90 degrees, instead of straight on, wouldn't the rear door open up a lot more?

  17. HAHA - Love the comment from Donna Cave!! Seriously, it seems a longer hitch would be the easiest solution. Sorry you ended on a soggy note - summer is right around the corner. Great header picture.

  18. Oh I remember those days of drying out the heavy wet canvas on our popup camper. We didn't care what we were camping in, as long as we were camping! Oh what fun memories....

    Karen and Steve
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