Sunday, June 3, 2012

If you lead…we will follow?


Our Sunday ‘jeeping’ adventure took us along the beautiful sea to sky highway heading towards the Squamish/ Whistler area..

At the Furry Creek Golf Course is where we met our ‘tour guide’s for the day…Ryan and Chloe..(Doug works with Ryan)..

In behind the beautiful golf course with it’s gorgeous views of  Howe Sound is a forest service road…the Britannia Mine and Mount Sheer area..


..lots of hills, waterfalls, and large puddles…


Our first stop was a huge cement bunker structure..we had no idea what it was?..could have been a workshop or maybe the top of a large mine shaft?..


at this stop…the rain had arrived and Doug decided to ‘air down’…makes the ride much more comfortable..

We carried on a few more kilometers and over a few bridges…and we arrived at

a Generator Station…


..lots of old mining would have been fun to explore a bit more but the deluge of rain had begun..


‘please don’t take my picture…there are sticks to find!!’

..rather than taking the bridge like normal people we drove through the river..


..I was told..this is what Jeeps are made for?..anyone have a set of oars for sale?

IMG_8287 we climbed higher and  higher…

there was some snow on the side of the road..


..and a road block..



..lots of water flowing over the rocks…

…then there was the view from this vantage point..


a beautiful wooden deck in the middle of no where…a perfect place for a picnic ..if it wasn’t raining..


‘Ryan and Chloe’…they didn’t want their picture taken….tough cookies!!..’


just one more quick look…’can you see the highway in the middle of the picture?’


a few more twists and turns…one more dead end..a deer and a grouse…

2012_06_037 it lunchtime yet?..

this was the view at our picnic spot..perfection…


..egg sandwiches and grapes..and a view that was worth all the mud, gravel, boulders and pot holes…


..the bridge to no where?..

time to get back on the pavement and put some ‘air back in the tires’….


..most definitely no longer a ‘mall crawler or a pavement princess’..

…thanks Ryan and Chloe for a lovely tour of the Britannia Mines area…

if you lead we will follow…


  1. WOW...what an awesome ride. That is some beautiful country you two saw. Lots of different terrain all in one day. It looks a bit cold there though.

  2. More rigerous than we could do. Looks like a fun, but cold day!

  3. Egg sandwiches, again. Sounds like a fun day.

  4. Definitely broke in the pavement princess with this great trip. The coats and rain sure don't look very exciting though.

  5. I envy you this great day. The area looks beautiful even in the not so good weather.

  6. Wow, you sure get some good photos when you're out there in your neat Jeep! Even in the rain, there is fun to be had. That's our motto here, and we're having rain, too! Thanks for sharing.

  7. So what's the story on the deck. Who does it belong to and how did it get there? Is it part of a park or ??? Sure would have been a perfect day if it had not been raining. Such beautiful views. I don't think Tucker minded being wet!!

  8. Ah yes, after looking very carefully, I finally spotted the highway. Great pictures, Sue, despite the rainy weather. I would have probably taken the bridge, but maybe that's because I don't have a Jeep! Here's a question for you, since Tucker loves the water, does he also love rain? :)

    1. water is water to him..whether it is a lake, ocean or falling from the sky!!

  9. Looks like our kind of a Jeep day as well. I've never 'aired down' though because I always have too much trouble getting the air back in the darn tires again. I seem to have trouble even getting air into a bicycle tire. I just leave the Jeep tires alone & we bounce around inside like a couple manic ping pong balls.

  10. Thanks for taking us along enjoyed the trip, beautiful pictures. Glad you are having fun with the Jeep.

  11. Great adventure with the jeep. Now, I haven't been that high up there but I have graced the greens and fairways of the golf course below. Furry Creek GC is pretty darned nice too! The clubhouse is a nice lunch spot too.

    Nice day out and nice photos too!

  12. what a fun jeeping day :).....and yes thats what they are made for!!

  13. Spectacular scenery to be sure ... what a lovely place for lunch after a day of exploring.

  14. What a fun day for all you guys ~ looked like a lot of fun scary stuff... I would have loved it!

  15. Spectacular View after all of those tough miles!
    I hope the suspension on the Jeep is very good! LOL
    PS We must be having BC weather! :)

  16. I have never gone "4 wheeling" but the men have...I would love to experience some of the stories I've heard and I can only imagine the photo-ops!!!


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