Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ladies first?


When Doug and I started dating in 1979 ..we had always thought of ourselves as ‘Susan and Doug’..


As the years went on we became ‘Doug and Sue’..


What ever happened to ‘Ladies first?’…

Today as we were on our usual Saturday morning errands we were discussing this  interesting fact..

We started naming off couples that we know and began to realize how it seems to be the norm with most that the man’s name comes first..

is it the amount of syllables that make it sound better when you reverse it?..or is it just what we are use to?

My friend Robbie and her husband go with ‘Robbie and Bob’..Bob and Robbie..just sounds not normal...


Brenda and Ken on the other hand are a ‘ladies first’..sounds better to us..


Then there is Doug’s brother and his wife.. Ron and Karen…switch it around and it sounds funny…


Even my sister ….’Dan and Sabine’ sounds much better than ‘Sabine and Dan’..


Now onto blogville couples..

Gordon and Juanita would be Juanita and Gordon?..that one is definitely not right..


Paul and Mary ..Mary and Paul?..not right either…


Rick and Paulette would be Paulette and Rick? that just sounds weird…


..even Sam and Donna..or Al and Kelly would sound funny to us if the names were reversed..

‘Mom and Dad’ sound better than ‘Dad and Mom’..

Pictures8 as the list goes on it seems that it is the ‘man’s name first seems to be the norm…

..then there is Allen and Lolita..Lolita and Allen?..nope doesn’t work for us..either..


..I even went through the list of bloggers we  have met and out of the 14..half are ‘man’s name  first’….

like Russ and Donna….theirs too could go either way..


then there is ‘Toni and Doug’..’Doug and Toni’ sounds fine too…


I really think it has to do with the amount of syllables in the names that makes it sound better one way rather than the other…

I am just most grateful to be a ‘half of a whole’..

IMG_7640 (2)

as I am sure all  of the couples mentioned in this post are…

so no matter if it is the lady or the man’s name long as the two are linked together..

..Can you tell it was a long drive to Abbotsford this morning?..

I know!..where do I come up with stuff’ head is full of useless thoughts’..I have to share otherwise it would explode..

we had some fun with this one….is it Ladies first for you and yours or Man first?


  1. We've been "Paul and Mary" for as long as I (Mary) can remember. And, I have no idea why. But, y'all are definitely Sue and Doug!!!

  2. I always say "Diane and Karl" for my daughter. And I signed cards "Teri and Stump" a nickname that is part of our last name(my husbands first name was Jan). I had several tax clients where the women wanted their name first on the tax return. I used to drive my husband crazy talking about things like this while we drove cross country to visit our daughter in Colorado.

  3. Always Jim and Sandie. I think in our case it's usually me (Sandie) doing all the talking and I refer to Jim first and then me. But this was certainly a fun post. I'm going to have to think about everybody. But Toni and Doug can't be Doug and Toni. Doesn't work for me.

  4. My mom always refers to us as Rob and Bob..I am her daughter so I must come's brother and his wife have always been Ken and Kathy. I think it has to do with the sound of when we named Steve, I wanted Stephen and Bob wanted Daniel but neither of us liked the sound of Daniel Stephen so he got Stephen Daniel! Weird the way the brain works sometimes!

  5. We do alright with Da Godfadda and Da Missus!

    Your friends Jua and Gord

  6. Russ doesn't care how you call him as long as you call him in time for dinner! We've always been Russ and Donna I guess - it does sound strange the other way around.

  7. You do come up with unusual ideas for blogs, Sue. Then there was my aunt who had a son named Bill, whose wife's name was Karen. Instead of calling them Bill and Karen or Karen and Bill, she always called them Bills', as in, Bills' are coming to visit. Kind of unusual, I think, but we all knew who she was talking about. Maybe I'm biased, but I think Carol and Dave sounds just as good as Dave and Carol! :)

  8. I found your post to be very interesting and fun. My wife says that my brain contains a lot of this kind of information as well. It seems as though she and I are often referred to as Sonny and Karen, though I had never thought much about it. Now that I do, Karen and Sonny just doesn't sound right to me.

  9. Haha - now that I'm trying to concentrate on it, I'm not sure which way we say it more often. My name comes first on the blog signature, but in "real" life, I think I do usually say Harry's name first. LOL That must have been one long trip with time to think lots of random thoughts! :)

  10. We've always been Mike and Janna I guess or Michael and Janna--never thought much about this I guess! :))

  11. Fun post, Sue!
    I think you're right about the syllables.
    We are: Grant and Kathy
    So how far IS it to Abbotsford? LOL

    1. about 40 kilometers!..enought time to create a blog in my head! :)

  12. Thanks for remembering us , Donna has never seemed to mind not having her name first on Marquee, As long as I answer with "yes Dear" things are always going smooth here. Anyway I'd have to change the name of the blog if we reversed the order. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  13. THANK YOU! If you could know how many times I've been through this exercise, too. We were Nancy and Rich. I think, personally, that it's syllables. Then, again, sometimes I think it might be who you meet first or how you see it the first time.

    In the names in my family, (I just ran through them in my head), my children's names came first before their spouses and didn't follow the syllable rule. Same for my sister and brother. On the other hand, I'm sure that their spouses family reversed the order.

    So this doesn't swim around in my head all day, I decided to google. Fun topic! This is what I found. and some other sites.

    You started my morning off with a laugh as I thought only my brain came up with these kinds of things--now I can come out of the closet. LOL

  14. Thanks for including us. For years Doug was known as "Toni's husband"!

  15. It seems like our names have been shortened.Kenneth Or Kenny became Ken and Janice became Jan. So, since we both have one syllable names, it doesn't seem to matter...Ken and Jan or Jan and Ken. Love the blog. Putting down some of our non-sensical thoughts can be quite intriguing.

  16. I think the sound feels right if you hear it for so long, the other way around doesn't fit. As you say, the beauty is the being together.

  17. No, no you've got it all wrong. It's Tucker and his staff! ;c)

  18. Something to think about we both enjoyed the post.

  19. You sure got me thinking we always seem to do the Elaine and Rick thing...

  20. We are just "D and D"...seems fair enough, right?

  21. You always make every post of yours interesting. As for us I think it could work either way. Kevin and Ruth or Ruth and Kevin but seeing he is the one that started our blog I guess he figured his name should go first!

    Kevin and Ruth or should that be Ruth and Kevin?

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