Saturday, June 2, 2012

Re-inventing the wheel?


The older I get  the more I realize how important it is to spend quality time with  the ones you love…

This past week…we had yet another visitor from out of town..this time it was my dear friend, Brenda..from Nelson…

We haven’t seen each other since last it was nice to be able to spend some time with her…


Brenda came for dinner on Thursday night…we had wine,  barbequed hamburgers, potato salad and strawberry shortcake….it is hard on a work night to create a dinner fit for company…..

We had a lovely visit..chatting about family, kids, parents and mutual friends..I was sad to see her leave but we will be visiting Brenda and her husband Ken, in Nelson  in August…so less than two months from now we will all be together again…

Friday night rolled around..and it was our cooking dinner night…a quiet evening at home…


and a 1 o’clock in the morning  phone call from our need of a ride….I love being a ‘mom’!!

So when Saturday morning came I had but a few hours sleep…

We had an appointment to get the tent trailer’s jack/wheel we headed out just after 8..arrived at 9..and dropped the trailer off...


We had a couple of hours to ‘kill’ so we went out for breakfast at White Spot and then to Costco for some groceries..

We were back home by 1…with our fancy new jack/wheel combination..and a new extension for the trailer hitch..


We are hoping that this will solve the problem of the getting the back door of the Jeep open when we are hitched to the trailer..that and parking at a bit of right angle we should be able to get Tucker out with little or no trouble..

After all it is all about the ‘dawg’!!

..Saturday seems to be going by very quickly..a thunder and lightning storm rolled through followed by a cloud burst…

..and then the sun came out?..

Since cooking dinner through the work week tends to be a quick meal…I spent some time in the kitchen creating a ‘meal fit for Saturday night’..


We had…

chicken breast with cream cheese, bacon and rosemary….potatoes and salad.


and homemade strawberry short cakes..

..I love it when a meal comes together and actually tastes good and looks ‘picture perfect’ too.

IMG_8258 nice to have the time to create a ‘gourmet dinner’…

IMG_8259 as half the weekend is now done….

Sunday morning we are packing a picnic..loading Tucker in the back of the jeep and we will be   off on a ‘jeeping’ adventure..I see some  more mud on the tires in our future…









  1. So nice to see friends that you don't get to see very often - and hamburgers and potato salad sounds like a fine meal. And that meal you cooked today - oh yum. I love the biscuit type shortcake - that's how I make it too. Have fun on your Jeep tour tomorrow. And tell Tucker he needs to share the remote...especially if he's sleeping anyway.

  2. What do you pack for a picnic? I am trying to et some good, easy ideas.

  3. It all sounds fine, very fine!! :)

  4. Love the pics of Tucker ~ so darn cute!!! I am sure he'll appreciate your effoets with the back door. Dinner looked really yummy... I hate cooking after we are out all day ~ Have fun on your jeep adventure!

  5. It's not the food; it's the company that makes a get together with old friends.

  6. I agree it's great to see old friends, your Saturday night dinner looks good.

  7. Thanks for visiting our blog yesterday. Glad you did; I have enjoyed reading yours.

    We know how nice it is to meet up with friends. We got to meet Russ and Donna for the first time yesterday. Wonderful people!

    It is only 9:10 am here and I am now starving. Thanks for helping my diet along...hehe

  8. Dinner looked delish but I'm not surprised as you always fix up the tastiest, most eye appealing things!!!!
    I came a week too early, or maybe Brenda came a week too late...would have love to have seen her as well!

  9. Yum! that looks beautiful, Sue. Yes, daughters are a delight even when they need us for something, or especially when they need us for something. good to read how your life is going along.


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