Tuesday, June 19, 2012



What does the word ‘saunter mean?’

saunter is "to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner."

It's a happy stroll that is both casual and hip. It is slow and sometimes aimless.


It's a way of stopping to smell the roses without actually stopping.

Do you saunter?

  • walk slowly
  • admire the view
  • window shop
  • drink coffee slowly
  • read the newspaper or do the crossword/suduko  at your leisure?


Are you deemed one who saunters?… Do you have all the time in the world to stroll down the sidewalk arm in arm… or peruse the grocery store aisles without being on a time schedule?


If you are one of those kind of people I envy you…my life is a ‘mach six  with my hair on fire’  at least five  days a week..…


 There is not enough time to get everything done that needs doing..and then add a full time job into the mix  and you have a day filled with an endless list of to do items…


Then along comes the weekend and the ‘brakes’ are applied and we sit back and relax…and we turn into ‘ones who saunter’…

One day I know our life will be filled with time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ ..but until then it will be a ‘rush to the finish’..


We do slow down to admire the view and this blog is filled with those days.. and one day  we know that every day will be a day to ‘saunter’..

..Today was World Sauntering Day..did that change my ‘mach six with my hair on fire day?..no..but it should have..wish I would have known that this morning?



  1. I have never heard of this day. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Since it did rain all day, I think Paul and I were ‘ones who saunter’ also. We took a nice drive to the near town and walked in the rain around the lake and town center. There weren't any roses to smell but we did enjoy the smell of very green grass.

  2. I saunter a lot. I feel no great pressure to clen the house or rush anywhere. I often just wander. But i envey peoplewho are always "on fire.". sii dust, I make a design. I am often overwhelmed by thgs I am supposed to do. You rre proably happier. You have a Golden Boy.

  3. I really should not use the iPad to write comments!

  4. I saunter a lot...wait, maybe it's procrastinate...lol....your turn will be here soon!!!

  5. Aah those Mach 6 days ... oh yes; can't wait to leave them behind. We are 'saunterers' ... especially when we're out exploring. Which is why we prefer to travel on our own.

  6. My Daddy used that word a lot when he was alive--and he was a saunterer in spite of the fact he had a full time job and worked his butt off at home too. He was the true southern gentleman and southern gentlemen saunter!

  7. I am definitely a saunterer. Even when I worked, I sauntered. But I was really good at it and it kept people happy. Now I can saunter for my own enjoyment.

  8. I find I am going from saunter to shuffle the older I get..

  9. Saunter? We've been known to do that, and it is very enjoyable. But still, that doesn't happen every day, or even once each week. Like Billy Crystal in City Slickers, I've been known to mosey or amble, but I try not to sashay.

  10. Hey, now the Weavers are following you. If they come this way, you will have to come up. By the way, this morning is absolutely glorious. Not a cloud in the sky.

  11. Sauntering must be important if it has a National Day to celebrate. Oh, too bad I missed the day. I'll have to saunter along until next year when I can officially celebrate. :)

  12. wish I had time to saunter...humm maybe I should practise thats how I learned to drink wine..lots of practise...seems I do everything thing at 50 mi an hr..even tho we're retired

  13. Who has time to saunter? Now that we've retired, we getting lots of use out of our day clock, no numbers, just days, so we know what part of the week we're in. We have to write things in a planner to keep track. Supposedly you're not as busy after you retire and hit the road. Obviously we didn't get the messege... ;c)

  14. Yes, I saunter. I usually have my camera in hand, so sauntering is required! One day you'll be able to saunter 7 days a week too!

  15. Yes, to saunter is a good thing, from time to time. I don't get to do it nearly as often as I wish I could.

  16. When you two get to retire, I'm sure you've heard:
    You will wonder how you had time for a job, a home, and family!
    Because you will be doing so many things, but thankfully at a slower pace! :)
    My maiden name was SAUNDERS. Does that count?
    I always wondered about it's origin. LOL

  17. Yes and no, I like to saunter but Kevin likes to move a little quicker than that. Although a lot of the time we do move pretty fast when we are walking we are constantly looking around and catching the sights and "smelling the roses".

    Kevin and Ruth

  18. I want to be a fulltime saunterer!!!!!


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