Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to British Columbia..

We were up early this morning once again..this time we were able to see the sun come up over the mountain..


we were packed up and popped down by 7:00 mountain time..


ready to travel…next destination is Nelson, BC.. 250 miles from Kalispell..

Fullscreen capture 30-Jul-2012 220507

..this had to be one of our best travel days..very light traffic..single lane road..and the views were so amazing..


..the time seemed to pass very quickly..although it did help that we gained an hour..


..we crossed into Idaho..the lowest elevation in Montana at 1854 feet..

..a quick stop in the town of Bonner’s Ferry..


and before we knew it we were heading towards the border at Porthall..


.welcome back to Beautiful British Columbia..

The Salmo/Creston Summit was our next almost 5900 feet…


the rest area was one of the prettiest and most scenic ones we have stopped at on this road trip..


..there was a lake for Tucker..


and even Bart ventured out of the jeep to watch the show that Tucker puts on..


a warming hut for hikers..such a pretty setting..


just another 100 miles or so..and there it was..


..we have now settled in at our friend’s lovely home..


..the jeep and the tent trailer are safely parked in the driveway..


..we with a lovely meal and drinks..’Make yourself at home’..this is our room for the next few days..


and as you can see, Tucker has taken the ‘make yourself at home’, literally..

IMG_9471 as we say good night from Nelson, British Columbia..more adventures to come..


  1. We traveled that stretch of Highway 2 for the first time last year. We loved the scenery! Have a great time with your friends in Nelson!

  2. Think I might have been through Nelson in the early 70's one time but the memory is pretty hazy. Always nice to be back across the border into Canada. We heave a big sigh of relief when we make any of those border crossings going either way without any problems. Oh how I wish we were out there seeing all that great scenery you are driving through,

  3. What a wonderful, safe, beautiful day you had.
    Enjoy your friends. Make lots of memories!

  4. The Rocky Mountains never fail to take my breath away. They are so majestic. I wish I was there with you guys. It has been a few years since I was through Nelson but I still remember the spectacular scenery. Have a great visit with your friends and continued safe travels.

  5. You had a lovely trip and now have a lovely time with your friends. It looks like Tucker definitely plans to!

  6. nice that you had such a great trip with not a lot of traffic..enjoy your stay with your friends...looks like a great spot...go tucker go...!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful scenery and no problems getting there. Best ever. Have a great time with your friends and don't let them spoil you too much. Give Tucker a love for me.

  8. What a beautiful setting with that warming hut. You're in gorgeous country and the weather looks gorgeous to boot.

  9. Glad you posted that picture of you all packed up and ready to go at 7am. Since I've retired, I've forgotten what 7am looks like. :c)

  10. Nice to see Tucker making himself at home. Enjoy your time there, and thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

  11. Love Nelson and the Kootney area. Haven't been there in years and would love to go back.
    Brenda and Ken are looking good....say hi to them for us and have a great visit!!

  12. Nice trip you two are having. You offer some pretty nice photos from your journey. Very nice indeed. Welcome back to Canada.

  13. I've said it before...British Columbia is one of my fav's .....soooo scenic...When you go farther North, it becomes totem pole country..

  14. Enjoyed the pictures of your drive. Enjoy your visit with your friends. Nice to see Tucker is enjoying himself to. Have a great Tuesday.


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