Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crawford Bay Artisans


We woke up this morning to sunshine once again..


..a swing on the deck with our tea and coffee this morning..and then a lovely breakfast of bacon,eggs, hash browns and toast..


We had made plans today to head to Crawford Bay..


arriving early enough at the ferry dock, there was time for a few photos and a swim for Tucker..


yet another lake added to his ever growing list.. 

To get to Crawford Bay you have to take   the Longest Free Ferry Ride in the world, a 40-minute scenic crossing of Kootenay Lake, from nearby Kootenay Bay to Balfour on the lake's west arm.


..the breeze on the lake was very welcoming as the temperature was nearing 30 degrees celcius..



..and a lovely photo of our hosts..Brenda and Ken..


..after the forty minute ferry ride..we drove the three miles to Crawford Bay..home a few Artisan Shops..

our first stop was the Northwoven  Broom shop..they are famous for making the brooms for Bewitched and Harry Potter..


..Ken checking out the ‘bats in the belfry’..


..next stop was the Barefoot Handweaving..the shop is in a building made of straw..


..right next door is a  glass blowing shop..


and then Brenda’s favourite shop..Kootenay Forge..


..even Bart liked this one..


one more sign photo..this one was jeep related..see if you are paying attention..


..another ferry ride back..


and within an hour we were back at Brenda and Ken’s..drinking and enjoying the great company..2012_07_315

so basically our day consisted of

  • eating
  • drinking
  • shopping
  • ferry ride
  • more drinking
  • and more eating..

tomorrow will be a repeat of most activities..with a trip to Baker Street just for fun..

stay tuned and thanks for riding along with us..


  1. I had forgotten all about Orange Crush. Haven't had one in years. Probably just as well. Think it was good for me?

  2. Crush under crush! ;-)

    Between Kootney Forge and the glass shop, I'd go broke there!

  3. Sure a beautiful looking day, and it had the perfect start and ending. Enjoyed the pictures.

  4. Beautiful header photo.
    What a wonderful day. I can't believe that the ferry ride is free. I wonder how they can do that?
    Great job on the pictures.

  5. I'm reading this in the early morning, and that breakfast is making me hungry. :)

  6. Great looking shops . . . I would love the Forge, as well! Sounds like a fun day!

  7. Sounds like a GREAT DAY! All my favorites--eating and drinking and browsing cool shops AND a ferry ride!

  8. What great friends...and I like the way they roll.. Margaritas all around! OH YEAH...

  9. Looks like it was a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Can't believe a ferry ride that long is free, but I guess it balances out with the bump the economy gets from the visitors. Looks like a fun place to spend a day.

  11. Orange Crush--the official drink of Sue and Doug's Jeep? It sounds like you had another wonderful day. I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourselves!

  12. I can only imagine living in the paradise you live in. Love ferries.

  13. Free is good! And you probably could get an advertising agreement for your Jeep from Orange Crush... ;c)

  14. I used to love Orange Crush - my very favorite for years. I would have loved that ferry ride. Probably would have slept through it after that wonderful breakfast.

  15. My memory has faded over the last 40 years but I still remember the beauty of the Kootenay area the one time I was through there. Remember crossing on a ferry but Idon't think it was the long one you guys were on. If we were about 20 years younger with about 20 more dollars in our pockets we would definately consider a move to somewhere in that southern BC area for sure. Looks & sounds like you guys are having a blast:))


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