Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dam Bears and Bison


Tuesday, we left our campsite on the Flathead River for the day..we were busy being tourists..

Our route encompassed a drive around Flathead lake, the largest lake west of the Mississippi River..

Fullscreen capture 26-Jul-2012 170324

Our first stop this morning was the Bearpaws Store on Highway 93..home of those beautifully made small black bears that I collect.


We spent some time perusing the store..

2012_07_252 many bear statues to choose from…


..there was even some that were in the process of being made..


but the best part of this first stop was the fact the creator of these fine pieces of art was in actual fact at the store..Jeff Fleming.


I did manage to purchase three more to add to my collection and Jeff even signed the bottom of them..


Tucker even was allowed to  go  into the store and get his photo taken..


..there is also the workshop  beside the gallery..

2012_07_255 new additions to my collection are packed away in the I will share them when we get home..

..Next stop..the town of Big Fork..


a small little town on the shore of Flathead Lake..

this mansion we spotted..wonder who lives here?


..first swimming stop for Tucker..the Big Fork Lagoon..


..we continued onward..driving along the shore of the Flathead  lake..cherry orchards aplenty..


..we even purchased some is always good to support the local growers..


a stop at Finley Point State park..the campsites were in a parking lot complete with the white lines?


..then it was time for another swim at Ducharme..a bug infested spot on the lake..we didn’t last too  long here..


..lunch time in Polson…


..after we finished eating we headed south towards the National Bison Refuge..


we paid our $5 admission fee and headed up the mountain..19 miles of a  one way gravel road..


the views were amazing..


..there were two Bison  after we climbed the first was busy rolling around in the dust..either he was itchy or trying to find a cool place to lay down..


..we stopped at the Bitteroot Trail… and there was a ‘bear near the sign..


..oh wait it was just Bart…

a 1/4 mile long trail and view was incredible..



.the silence and vastness of the valley is just breathtaking..

made us feel very small in the whole grand scheme of things..


at this elevation, 15,000 years ago we would have been standing on a small island in the middle of a glacial lake that would have filled the entire valley…

..time for a potty break..have you? almost 5000 feet?


..this was the summit and now we had to head back down..


..we have only seen two bison?…where are they all?

IMG_9032IMG_9035 we proceeded down the backside of the mountain..this was blocking our path…


2012_07_2520 they all are..hanging around the road…big as life..

..only a few more miles till the exit and we spotted elk and a coyote..


..and then some more  Bison..just at the exit..


..this being our first ever National Bison Refuge tour..we were very happy with the whole experience..worth doing if you are ever in the neighbourhood..


..Tucker had been so patient.. he got to have a run at the rest area..another great grass area..

Our last touristy stop today was the Kerr Dam..where the Flathead lake meets the Flathead River…


Doug hiked down the stairs and back up again..all in the name of taking some great pictures..


..our day is almost done..almost a 200 mile tour..

but you know there is always one more opportunity for Tucker..a swim at the dog park..


and a token Flying Wallenda shot..


we finally arrived back at our campsite at 8:00..tired but happy that we had such a great day..

we had a visitor come by on the river..Jeff Fleming..out for an evening kayak ride..


..well if you made it all the way to the end of this very long post..Kudos to you..if your eyes have glazed over?..mine too…what a day!!! ended with a quick dinner and a real campfire in the hopes of keeping the mosquitoes at bay..



  1. How wonderful to get Jeff's signature and then to see him in a kayak...amazing.
    What a day you two had and Tucker. Really beautiful scenery!
    AAAHHH a campfire.

  2. Wow. What amazing pictures. You guys are really seeing some great spots. Keep those pictures coming!

  3. What a great day you Guys had... Great views and lots to do.

  4. Of course I made it all the way to the end. Enjoyed every word and picture!! Tucker was such a gentleman to go inside the shop to get his picture taken. He sure is a lucky Dawg to be traveling with you two.

  5. Better make sure you get a model release and contract signed for Bart before someone else steals him away from you. It's so nice to have your very own model for when you need/want them in a photo. Tucker is so attached, you don't have to worry about him. Hope you brought enough towels.

  6. It's so amazing that we see such different things when we drive the same roads. Most of our time was spent on the west side of the lake and so we just kind of gave the east side a lick and a promise. So it was really fun to see your pictures of everything we missed.

  7. Lots of bison here too and they are huge beasts for sure.
    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.

  8. Busy day, pretty lucky to get that bear to stand still for the picture!

  9. A long day! And you still had the energy to put up a post. Tucker looks like he had a good time too.

  10. What a great day you had! I enjoyed reading all about it and seeing your pictures. Isn't it funny how you look and look for the bison and then all of a sudden, near the end of the road, there they are--all in a herd. That same thing happened to us in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

  11. It seems bulls have a tendency to be angered by red. Good thing those Buffalo love the color Orange. Nice touring day for sure. How great to be out of the city & traffic eh:))

  12. I would say you had one heck of a busy day but sounds like a fun one. Just think you have many more days ahead of you and lots more sites to see. Keep enjoying it.

  13. Thanks for the pics of the National Bison Range. I have thought of possibly volunteering there one of these days. :)

  14. Amazing tour, a long day but well worth it, even for Tucker. He surely enjoyed all those swims.

    Buffalo are fun to look at but sometimes they smell pretty bad. That keeps me from getting too close. Of course, they probably think I smell pretty bad, too. :c)

  15. A full day for sure; have not been to this part of the US so thanks for the free trip.


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