Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dawg Gone 2012


Dawg gone?..yes it is…and yes we are…

Over the past couple of weeks we came to the realization that our 20 year old tent trailer had seen much better days..

  • the cable was frayed, very costly to repair.
  • every time we cranked it up or down?..we thought is this the last time?
  • the foams were flat as pancakes.
  • the fridge?..well it  worked when it wanted to
  • the velcro was not sticking like it should
  • the curtains were falling down

Sure we had fun with it this past year but..

will it last another five years? probably not..and since our dream of retirement in 2014 seems to be going down the ‘tubes’..

yes, the dream of ‘freedom 55'’ is not looking like it is going to happen, sure we know it is still a couple of years off ...

We made some decisions and have come to the realization that we could just be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

We love to go ‘camping’ as you all if we want to continue doing what we love to do..we made a decision…’our’ ‘decision’ after much deliberation on both our parts..should we or shouldn’t we…

The conversations went back and forth for more than two weeks..

“you decide'” “you decide'”..

Sure it would be great if all the things in our life would align the way we want but it is what it is..

At first I wasn’t going to write about this..just was going to post pictures and see if anyone noticed?..but I decided it was worth sharing our ‘journey’ to this decision.


and so it begins….the realization that we need to enjoy our vacations and those precious weekends....the time away just for us..this is what we have for now, we are going to savour every moment..

We can’t live our lives waiting for our ‘dream’ to become a reality..

We are embracing this new found realization…we have good jobs, food on the table, a nice place to live, good health and the ability to travel and experience new sights and sounds..

Fullscreen capture 08082011 110151 AM

We are leaving home and work behind, for two weeks, anyway...heading on a road trip and we are going to enjoy the views  out the windshield on highways we have yet to travel..

We have spent the last three summer vacations  on the Oregon coast.


The views were amazing and the memories very special but it is time to see something new..

The mountains and lakes and rivers are beckoning us…


We are packed up and heading south…and then east…

first day 724 kilometers 724 kilometers from home, is our first stop…

 You are welcome to come along! So sit back, buckle up, no whining, {if you are lucky there will be ‘potty breaks’}, and enjoy the journey.


  1. Good,for you! Our itinerary has us in Coeur D'Alene in a week or so ... Who knows?

  2. Could Yellowstone be in your future? Sometimes it's best to live in the 'now'. Who knows what will happen down the road? Enjoy!

  3. Donna & I will be right along with you keep a few High Life Lights in the cooler, is that a new popup I see in your future? Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Way to Go!!!! Be safe out there...enjoy!! you never know what tomorrow will bring...

  5. I wouldn't miss going along. Safe travels. Enjoy your two weeks of nonstop fun and adventure!

  6. So I think that is a new camper behind your truck??? If so, then congratulations on your new home away from home. Enjoy your trip...and be safe out there.

  7. Enjoy your trip, keep in touch if you are traveling near us in Montana.

  8. I'll be right along with you and enjoying every mile. You deserve it. We are given a beautiful earth to enjoy so go enjoy it.

  9. Congratulations on your decision! Savor every moment with your partner whether that be an ordinary day, a vacation, or retirement.

    I loved northern and central Idaho. The lakes are and rivers are incredible. Have a great time!

  10. We're along for the ride, too! We certainly know what you're feeling and it's a good choice you've made. Life is short, enjoy every day you have, but don't give up on dreams. They really do come true, and just at the right time.

    Have a great vacation, you've earned it! :c)

  11. Sounds like a great plan, I'm coming along for the ride, too!!

  12. Nice trailer!!!We loved our Dutchman when we had it...provided lots of sleeping space for us, the four boys and the dog.

    Have a great time and don't rush through life, it's too damn short!! Your dream will happen, maybe not as planned but aren't plans meant to be changed!!??

  13. Good old I-90--been there done that--didn't get the teeshirt. I hope you have a wonderful camping trip, Sue and Doug. Maybe the temperatures have cooled down a bit now? And I think most of the fires are out. I look forward to reading about your adventures in the U.S.A!

  14. My sister just sent of pics of her visit to Yellowstone. Whoa! Have to see that some day.
    She rode on the back of a Harley for SEVERAL THOUSAND kilometres through several states a while back. Seems she's turned into a bit of a "Biker Chick".
    A "mid life crisis" would have been a while back, sure we're not sure what's up with that.
    Enjoy your time.
    And to quote that LEO guy in the mid-west, "Be safe out there".

  15. Oh, I meant, "retired LEO", but you might know whom I mean...

  16. Hear, hear for your decision! Now get out there and have a smashing good time! Safe travels with that good lookin' combo of tow vehicle and popup. Glad you're going to share your travels with us. :)

  17. When we were on our recent trip we met several couples who had pop ups. They seem quite functional! The important thing is that you enjoy where you are going. May the miles be smooth and the campgrounds level!

    Acceptance is hard some days. A nice trip now wil be something to savor in the winter.

  18. We'll definitely be following along on your trip. Be safe out there and have a great time.

  19. Count us in on your trip.Annie wants to ride in the back with Tucker. Life is to short so just do it!!!

  20. All the best with your plans guys & I know exactly what your saying.......

  21. Wishing you a great trip. Wishing you great weather too....not to hot...not too cool....!

  22. Don't ever give up dreams...The only thing we can be sure of in life is that things WILL change..Like you said, enjoy the here and now...We didn't even own an RV until Dennis was 61 years old..every year is a plus for us...Sometimes those weekenders are the best trips ever!! Make sure you have your "happy pants", wine and laptop(so we can follow)...

  23. Enjoy your new camper and your vacation. I'll be following along as this is somewhere I want to go. We all have to do things "our" way, I wish I could just travel around without working, but I'm too young not to be making some money. My savings would not last if I did not work for awhile. So, I, like you - make the best of the time I do have to travel.

  24. Making the best of the moment at hand -- an important lesson that we all need to keep in mind. Have fun!

  25. I think your new rig is very nice. I like the silver on the sides. That always makes for good therapy. Enjoy your vacation trip. It's going to be good to follow along. Are we there yet?

  26. Russ is bugging me...he touched me...he's on my side....he took my Kindle...make him stop...can I ride in the front now...I need to go potty....gee aren't you glad we're riding along??


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